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19 Dogs Who DGAF

Hey guys, happy Friday! I just came across this Buzzfeed article about dogs not giving a fuck and it made me smile so I wanted to share it with you guys!

These dogs are the realest, you can totally tell what some of them are thinking based on their cute little faces.

Sometimes you have to have these dogs’ attitudes in life! If someone tells you you can’t do something, ignore it and prove them wrong just like these adorable pups. Just do you! 

The captions made me laugh too, so make sure to click through the gallery to read them! Remember, DGAF this weekend! (As long as it’s safe) LOL

Which one is your favorite? Have your pets ever pulled a DGAF moment on you? Let me know!

Daddy Blog: Daddy-Daughter Adventures!

From Roger:

Our angel baby is getting so big now, I can’t believe she’s going to be a year old in July. Time has passed by so quick, but I have been thankful for every moment!

She makes everything better. Even when she’s being a #FOMO (Fear of Missing Out) Baby and refusing to sleep on a long 6-hour flight to Cali. And even when she is snoring like her Daddy and somehow taking up 90% of the bed like her mommy, even though she’s still a small Chunk.

I never forget how blessed I am to have her. Meilani and I take a lot of Daddy-Daughter days out because I think that’s important. She loves exploring and never complains when we’re out on an adventure. We don’t call her Angel Baby for nothing!

If she was all we had, Jenni and I would still need nothing else. (Well, maybe a toothbrush and some water but that’s it.)

Roger is totally hands-on with Meilani and is always sneaking all the pictures of her. Whenever they go out on their Daddy-Daughter days he always comes back with a ton of pictures and it makes my heart melt! The last time Roger got sick he was more upset about not being able to cuddle with her than about actually being sick! I am definitely blessed with the best baby daddy!

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