Throwback Thursday: My Maxim Shoot

Happy Throwback Thursday!

I’m loving my pregnancy bump right now but that doesn’t mean I can’t throw it back to when I had my sick body for this Maxim shoot! During the shoot they had asked me what my secret skill is. Well in case you didn’t know, I used to be a computer programmer, so I can create code…even though all the languages I was taught are dead. Bet you didn’t know that little fact, did ya! LOL!

Marriage Boot Camp: Reality Stars Season 1

Hey boos!!! I had to keep this project secret for a while but now I can finally share with you my latest show premiering on WeTV on Friday, May 30th at 9|8c. Roger and I are going to be on Marriage Boot Camp: Reality Stars!! If you couldn’t tell by the preview above, things get a little dramatic while we all try to figure out our relationship! Both Roger and I are really stubborn so working through the issues ain’t easy! Tune in to see what we go through and our journey as we go through marriage boot camp!! XOXO

What Jenni Wore Wednesday: Boots for Summer

JWOWW - Summer Style Boots for Summer with Roger Mathews

Boots, I love them, riding, military, sexy thigh high stilettos,cowboy, ankle booties, and so on! Too many to list but you catch my drift!  With summer around the corner, and fashionistas getting ready to put their winter wear away along with their winter blues, think before you put your boots away. Thinking summer is only for sandals and that you can’t wear boots in the summer time is like saying you can only eat chocolate on Easter! So get your summer wear out, and keep your boots, of all colors, front and center and ready to wear thru the summer.  Boots look great with shorts and skirts and they look fabulous and funky with leggings and jeans! Pair a cute romper with a pair of ankle booties or wear your cowboys boots with a flowy short skirt. Check out this photo of Jenni from last summer in her NEW York City Glitz off the shoulder black blouse, beige leggings and her fabulous boots (not to mention that handsome accessory by her side)! Get creative. Have Fun. Be Bold. Kiss your man in public, and wear your boots! Til Next Week!


Cat Hutton

Six Months And Perfect… Mommy Is a Mess But I’ve Always Been LMAO

Jenni JWOWW Farley - Pregnancy 6 Months Update


Pregnancy and me don’t mix. I keep saying to myself “how can women enjoy this shit?!” I’m always on edge because every appointment I find something else that’s crazy and unexpected. So let me try and explain how crazy life has been since the last picture of my daughter I posted. AKA the picture ABOVE!

That gorgeous pic of my daughter would set in motion a bunch of crazy ass specialist appointments that I was not prepared for. One day I was putting my basement back together and get a call from my Obgyn. He begins to tell me “now don’t panic.” Ummmm right there I’m panicking. “Jenni we came across a small issue on your last ultra sound picture and I would like to send you to a specialist”


“Your daughter seems to have a small cyst on her brain… I see this every so often and you..” At this point I honestly can’t tell u what he’s saying because I go numb and tears are just flowing. I can’t even begin to try and stop the tears. So after about another 5 minutes of explanations my dr asks me to call a specialist he knows and get a second opinion. The second I get off the phone I hysterically call Roger. I don’t think he even understood one thing I said. Literally hysterical to the point where I was hyperventilating thinking omg I did something so horrible to my daughter?

I call the specialist and beggggggg for them to see me the following day. They said they can fit me in because they wouldn’t want any mother to have to wait (when I mean these people were sweet… They were SUPER sweet!!!!) So the following day I go and Rogers with me trying to keep my nerves down. They tell me this happens to about 1-2% of pregnancies. It’s called choroid plexus cyst and over time the cyst should go away. Honestly I was happy but still my heart felt heavy. And even though I know I did nothing to cause it I felt guilty and so helpless. Such a horrible feeling….

So as the doctor is finishing up he notices something else… Ummm are you serious?! He says it looks like you have a low lying placenta and we need to be cautious until the next visit so no bleeding occurs… Okay?! What do you mean by cautious… “Well no sex” he says. I literally burst out laughing hysterically. Roger swears I paid him to say lmao. So now no sex for a Month!!!

Fast forward to this checkup which brings me to 25 weeks aka six months. My daughters cyst went away!!!!!! Also my placenta is higher so I’m no longer at risk (don’t tell roger)… And here is my beautiful angel!


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Hiking with Snooki!

JWOWW - Hiking with Snooki in Los Angeles

I am so out of shape… Snooki had to push me when we went on our hike at Runyon Canyon in Hollywood.