Happy Birthday Joey!

jwoww - happy birthday joey killeen

Happy birthday to my partner in crime for the last 10 years!!!! Joey Killeen I love u more than u will ever know! XOXO

Last Day To Vote!!!

JWOWW - Industry Choice Awards

Hey booboos!!! It’s the last day to vote for your favorite lotions! Vote for my tanning lotions HERE: VOTING BALLOT!!

It’s like the Oscars for Indoor Tanning so I really wanna win!! Let’s do this! XOXO

Make sure you check out all my tanning products and stock up for the cold fall and winter seasons: MY TANNING PRODUCTS

Meilani and Lorenzo Are BFFS!!!

JWOWW - Lorenzo LaValle and Meilani Mathews playdate

OMG Meilani is getting so big so fast!!!

Congrats To Snooki On Her Baby Girl!

JWOWW - Congrats to snooki on second child Giovanna

My best friend gave birth to a gorgeous baby girl …. Giovanna is a stunning 6.7lb perfect angel!

The Perfect Late Night Snack!

JWOWW - Peanut Butter Banana Shake 310 nutrition

Let’s have a moment of realness, mommies!!! Why is it that when ur super tired u can’t sleep!?? I end up surfing the internet and looking for something yummy to eat to satisfy my late night cravings! So on nights when I just need to fill up on something healthy and delicious, my go-to is this 310 nutrition peanut butter banana shake! Seriously it is a DREAM! As soon as I have it I feel all happy and filled-up and pass out like my baby Meilani, LMAO!! It’s also the best dessert EVER!

Try out the recipe and let me know what you think boos!!! XOXO