Family Vaca All Over Cali

All Star Mondays: 200 Rep Challenge

Hey guys! It’s All Star Monday! Are you ready to start off your week right?

Something that I have to admit is that sometimes I start off the week strong but then by the end of it, I’m just like, give me chocolate LOL.

We all need to get into beast mode and stay that way! That’s why I’m challenging you all to these 200 reps.

And I’m going to challenge myself to keep doing them throughout the week.

Let me know how you guys do on the challenge!

Flashback Friday: How Well Do Nicole and I Know Each Other?

Earlier this year, Nicole and I did a fun Q&A game of “Who’s More Likely…?” to see how well we know each other and ourselves.

Of course, we passed with flying colors!

We matched up for pretty much on all of them.

She got mad at me for saying that she’s more likely to have a minivan, since she hates minivans. But I hate minivans too so it sure wasn’t going to be me! I am not rolling up to school in a minivan. So default answer had to be her LOL.

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Family Vacation to SF

Throwback Thursday: 2013 MTV Movie Awards

This was such a fun night! It’s always exciting to dress up for a red carpet and MTV always knows how to put on a party.

This dress was EVERYTHING. It had lace, beading, texture and the color was gorgeous. I felt like a princess!

I also loved getting glam for this. We decided on a more natural look for my makeup and put my hair up.
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