Pets Interviewing Their Stars!

People Magazine just released their 2015 “Most Beautiful” issue! The cover is Sandra Bullock, go girl!

This year, they have this section where the celebs posed with their pets which I love since I’m a huge animal lover. But then it got even better. During the photo shoot, they had the stars do interviews with their pets… like, their pets asked the questions. So funny!

I’m gonna admit I’ve definitely had conversations with my pets LOL. I know all you other pet owners know what I’m talking about!

All Star Monday: Kettle Bell Butt Blaster

My workouts to get wedding-ready continues! I know it can be tough to get going on Mondays, but you got to think about your goals. I just think about how hot I want to look when I walk down the aisle!

This routine is going to help me get my perfect tush! It’s a workout for sure but the results will make everything worth it.

Let me know what your goals and inspirations are!

Perfect Teeth For The Bride!

Jenni jwoww farley - express smile atlanta teeth whitening

The results from my @expresssmileatlanta teeth whitening kit have been unbelievable! I’ve touched up my teeth gradually and they’re perfectly white! Ahhhh the big day is almost here!

Daddy Blog: Perfect Nights With Meilani

Jenni Jwoww Farley with Roger and Meilani Mathews

From Roger: Momma likes to sneak pics when Baby Bear and Poppa Bear are sleeping.

(It’s true, I do! Every night is like this and it’s perfect.)

Flashback Friday: Cribmates

I was just rewatching the finale of Cribmates and was smiling the whole time lol.

Even in cartoon form, seeing the front of Karma brought back some good and crazy memories.
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