No Thanksgiving Bloat This Year!

Jwoww - tiny waist from 310 nutrition cleanse

Hey boos!

It’s the holiday season and I know how we all end up packing on the pounds because of all the yummy treats out there… especially in our midsection! Not a sexy look if you ask me, LOL! But that’s not going to be me this year! Yeah I had a baby four months ago, but can you tell?? 310 Nutrition cleanse is my secret weapon! I dropped all the junk in my tummy so quickly and I’m feeling better than ever! It’s definitely going to be my go-to after Thanksgiving dinner this year… and Christmas… and New Years! Let’s just say there is gonna be no bloated mama here as long as I’m concerned! Gotta stay fit for my baby girl and looking good for my man too! Keep staying strong and grab yourself some of the 310 Nutrition cleanse to make sure you stick to those goals! We can do this together! XOXO


Snooki’s Rehearsal Dinner!

I had so much fun at Nicole aka Snooki’s rehearsal dinner!!! I loved catching up with my Jersey Shore roomies and celebrating together! Check out the pics from our night! Loved my 1920s inspired gown and headpiece… oh yeah and my super hot date! ;)

What do you think of my outfit!?

Our New Tattoos of Meilani Alexandra!

Hey boos!

Roger and I went and got tattoos of our baby girl Meilani’s footprints and it was such a special experience for the both of us to share with each other. This tattoo is my sixth one but definitely my most meaningful one and I think it’ll forever be my favorite because it’s of our first born! I’ve always wanted my first child’s prints on me and the stencil that was used for this tattoo is a copy of her first footprint from the delivery room when she was born. It was something the both of us had talked about for a while and we finally did it! I love how it’s a permanent reminder of the commitment we have to love and protect our baby angel and to provide the most amazing life we possibly can for her. That bond Roger and I have with our chunk is unlike any bond I’ve ever had and these tattoos symbolize that connection that will forever hold us together as a family. She is our everything and we are so blessed to have the most perfect baby girl we could ever ask for! Guess we’re officially corny cute parents! xoxo


Flashback Friday: Meilani’s Arrival

Hey loves!

If you saw this week’s Snooki and JWOWW, you saw me give birth to my precious daughter Meilani! If you missed it, you can watch the full episode HERE! I seriously cannot believe it’s been over four months since her birth! I thought I would do a gallery of my chunk from her first pics to now… isn’t she just the cutest baby ever! As she gets older I can’t tell who she looks more like, me or Roger!

Click through the pics and tell me who you think she looks most like!

Meilani Arrives on Snooki and JWOWW!

This was a very special and emotional episode because it was the one where I gave birth to my precious angel Meilani! As you can see labor was NOT easy or PAINLESS but it was all worth it because my chunk arrived healthy and beautiful as can be! Watch it to see what I went through and how Roger was the perfect support system for me in my time of need! xoxo