Baby Meilani In Her Christmas Best…

Jenni jwoww farley - Meilani in her Christmas Party Outfit

Just stretching in my secret Santa outfit from Icon Clothing Inc.

And The Winner of My Wedding Bronzer Is…

JWOWW - Signed Bottle Wedding White Bronzer

Congrats to Natalie Cruz! You win one of my last bottles of Wedding White Bronzer!

Loved your response, it was SO SWEET:
“Hey Jenni, to be honest my favorite JWOWW moment was on “Snooki and JWOWW” when you were in labor because I thought it was such a beautiful moment between mother and daughter. I myself have a daughter, she was born on July 4th, 2014! So it reminded me of how much a woman’s life can change when they have kids. I have seen you and Snooki all throughout “Jersey Shore” and it’s so awesome to see how much a life can change someone because both of you have become soo extraordinary! You guys were all so awesome before but noww even better haha! Well yea that was my favorite moment because the look on your face after giving birth was a face so in love! Love you JWOWW!”

Thank you to everyone who entered – I loved reading your comments and it was so hard to pick just one winner! Don’t worry I’ll have more giveaways on my blog in January! Happy Holidays! xoxo

Baby Meilani Meets Santa…

Jenni jwoww farley - meilani meets santa claus with Roger Mathews

Thank you Toms river fireman dept Santa! Meilani is pulling his hair lol!

Meilani’s Baby Problems…

jwoww - baby meilani trying to plank push up like Roger

Our baby is taking after her daddy and trying to do push-ups… but she ended up kinda just planking.

Lorenzo Meets Our Baby Meilani!

Looking back on the past five years, I have no idea how we went from bunk beds and roommates at the Jersey Shore, sleeping with vodka bottles, and fighting… to now both having amazing families and little babies. It’s so crazy! Check out this clip of Snooki’s baby Lorenzo meeting our baby Meilani for the first time. He’s shy around her which is so cute!!!