My Fairy Princess!!!

JWOWW - Baby Meilani as Fairy Princess for Halloween

So of course, I am still trying to figure out Meilani’s costume for Halloween! It’s been so hard because she looks so freaking adorable in everything! I mean first she tried on the bumblebee costume which made me want to just squeeze my chunk in my arms!! Then I was thinking maybe she should be a Disney princess, so I had her try on Snow White, which she also rocked!! I was more confused then ever about what she should be because I’m so bad at just picking one! Then I thought how about fairy princess and OMG… I DIE FOR THIS PICTURE. She looks so angelic and beautiful!! So now I need your help!

Can you boos tell me which one your favorite is!?
1. Bumblebee
2. Snow White
3. Fairy Princess

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Taking The Ab Challenge with Gretchen and Kim!

Jenni jwoww farley - 310 nutrition ab challenge with gretchen rossi and kim zolciak

Hi boos!!!

You know I’ve been working hard trying to get back to having a fit body again! Well my girls Kim Zolciak and Gretchen Rossi thought it would exciting to take this ab challenge together and work on our fitness goals as a team! It’s always easier when you have a support system and you have friends doing it with you because you can push each other to make sure that you don’t give up and keep working towards your dream body! My goal for the month of November is to lose 10 lbs! So I’ll be taking this challenge, eating clean, drinking my 310 nutrition shake and getting back to where I want to be! I’ll be updating you guys with progress pics and posts about how it’s going that week! I really want all of us to do this together and help motivated each other to be the best us! Here is to a #NoExcusesNovember! Who is with me!?

To help you guys on this challenge, here is a special $10 Gift Card Code “HQP73” . You can use it at on checkout and get the shakes I’ll be drinking so that you can get that beautiful body you want and deserve!!! Good luck booboos!

Meilani As Snow White…

Jenni jwoww farley - Meilani as snow white

Y’all know how special picking your baby’s first Halloween costume is, that’s why it is so hard for me to figure out the perfect costume for my baby girl, Meilani! Yesterday I showed you her in the bumblebee costume, which is so freaking cute! My little chunkmonster is just killing it with her fall photo game! LMAO Did you see this pic of her flicking me off yesterday in the mini pumpkin patch… I mean. The cutest little angel in the world! So I also dressed her up in this Snow White costume and now I’m not sure what my favorite is! She just looks adorable in EVERYTHING… #mommyproblems. What do you guys think?

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Snooki’s Baby Giovanna Is Beautiful!!!

snooki - first picture of Giovanna Marie Lavalle

Seriously obsessed with Giovanna Marie!!! She is such a cute baby and I love this pic of her and Nicole!!! <3 Love you mama!

Meilani Tries On Her Halloween Costumes!

jwoww - baby meilani's first halloween costume Bumblebee

For all my mommy’s out there, you know how hard it is to pick that first Halloween costume for your baby! Literally I wanted Meilani to try on a million costumes because she just looked so freaking cute in everything! I couldn’t decided on just one! Here she is as a bumblebee! What do you guys think? Should this be her Halloween costume this year? I’m gonna post another one tomorrow and I want you guys to help me decide!!! This is so hard, I just CAN’T! LMAO

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