My One and Done Bronzer Is in Cosmo Italy!

Ahhh I have exciting news to share with you guys! My One and Done Bronzer has been featured in Cosmopolitan in Italy! It’s a part of their Beauty Bible! I’m a big fan of Cosmo and to make it into Italy’s version is a big honor!

The spread is beautiful and even with all those other products, I think One and Done stands out! ;)

I’m super proud of my product and I know it will be perfect for the summer if you haven’t gotten your tan on yet but still want to look hot at the beach! Plus, it includes Vitamin E, shea butter, and luxurious oils to keep your skin young, moisturized, and beautiful!
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Wedding Wednesday: Centerpieces

I’m looking at centerpieces for this Wedding Wednesday even though I feel like I have to finalize my decor first so I can coordinate everything. But I’m thinking maybe if I have an idea for the perfect centerpiece then I might be able to design my decor around it!

Or maybe I just want to look at centerpieces LOL. I’ve heard some people don’t even use centerpieces, but I feel like it would feel really bare.

Plus, the centerpiece is another chance for the couple to show off their personality. I think the centerpieces with Legos is so cute, I feel like I totally know the couple just from that. Also, I was getting some Beauty and the Beast vibes from one of the centerpieces (can you spot which one?) which is giving me some ideas! And what about those centerpieces working with the Tangled lights?! (You’ll know what I’m talking about when you see it in the gallery.) People are so creative!
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Tuesday Tips with Carly: Changing Diapers

Jenni Jwoww Farley Changing Diapers Tuesday Tips with Carly
I hope everyone enjoyed Memorial Day Weekend!! I spent my weekend surrounded by my family celebrating the Baptism of our newest little member!

My 9-year-old cousin reminds me so much of myself. She loves lending a helping hand with the little ones and she’s such a natural already! I mean, how can you not be when you grow up surrounded by 22 cousins!

I decided to put my little helper to work this time since she is getting old enough and taught her how to change her first diaper! She was a little scared at first because she didn’t want to hurt little man but I assured her that everything would be okay!

Before we started I was chatting with her about how it is important to change them or at least check them regularly because you never want a baby sitting in a dirty diaper for too long.

We talked about the importance of never leaving a baby unattended, especially while changing them. I also told her that if she notices red marks on the baby’s thighs or around the diaper area, that she may have put it on too tight and to make a note for the next diaper change.

There are probably 15 different ways people change diapers nowadays but we kept it simple and mess free!
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Love Pearly Whites

Jenni Jwoww Farley Teeth Whitening System Memorial Day
Had a great Memorial Day weekend with family. Now it’s time to get to my morning beauty ritual with my @expresssmileatlanta teeth whitening kit! Can’t get enough of the results! #prettyteeth

Memorial Day Weekend