Maaaaaa I’m over all the kisses…

Jenni JWoww Farley with Meilani Mathews and Nicole Snooki Polizzi Instagram

Love of My Life Bronzer Contest Winner!

Congrats to Mollie Bowman for winning my Love of my Life™ White Bronzer! Here was her winning comment:

The love of my life is my husband Ryan. After an awful abusive first marriage he made me see what a beautiful and kind hearted person I am and most of all worthy of the best love. We have been married for 1.5 years! I am using your new lotion now! I love it and would love another bottle. Your brand is the only one I use! Congrats!

I loved reading that your husband sees that you are beautiful and worthy of the best love. Never forget that! I also love that you are already using my lotion and that it’s the only brand you use! Love it girl!!! Read more…

Tuesday Tips with Carly: Be Yourself!

JWOWW - Tuesday Baby Sitting Tips with Carly Taylor
Hey guys!

Carly here again to share some more of my babysitting tools and tips! I’ve been taking you through the interview process with everything from the interview outfit to my pre-interview prep strategies! But the most important part of the whole interview is to stay calm and be yourself! Read more…

Impromptu Sushi KiKi!

jenni jwoww farley - sushi with snooki and joey
Had meetings all day in the city with my boo Snooki… anyone down for more Snooki and Jwoww?

Loving Mommy Life!

Jenni jwoww farley - loving mom life with baby meilani
Me and baby Meilani at Giovanna’s baptism!