Looking & Feeling Sexy in my GirlyCurves Waist Cincher!

As You Can See I’m Looking & Feeling Sexy In My @GirlyCurves_ Waist Cincher
It’s Amazing I Started My Journey Few Months Ago At a Size Large Now I’m Fitting Size Small
Thanks @Girlycurves_ For Helping Me Out. They Are Having A Sale
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Daddy Blog: July 4th Weekend

From Roger: Hey guys, Roger here again. Hope everyone had a great week and has some fun plans for the July 4th weekend!

One of the best things about having our angel baby Meilani is being able to celebrate holidays with her and see it all through her eyes.

I’m super excited to be celebrating our first July 4th with her. I’m hoping she’ll really enjoy the fireworks!

She’s been a total little boss lately, I cannot believe how big she has gotten before my eyes. Plus, the more she grows up, the more I see Jenni in her. Her mother’s mini! I’m blessed!

Throwback Thursday: Spilling Wedding Plans on Bethenny!

Hey guys! Happy Throwback Thursday!

This week I wanted to throw it back to my appearance on Bethenny’s talk show in 2013 when I was sharing all my initial wedding plans and ideas.

A lot has happened since then! I hadn’t even announced that I was pregnant with Meilani yet!

It’s been a long engagement but it’s only made me more excited to marry Roger!

So let’s look back on what I wanted for our wedding in the beginning…
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Brightened My Day!

Jenni Jwoww Farley Flowers

Had an amazing day with @illuminationpr … To top it off @westchesterfloral gave me this to brighten up my day even more

Wedding Wednesday: Favors

Hey guys! It’s Wedding Wednesday!

So if you’ve been following my Wedding Wednesdays for the past couple of weeks, I have been really thinking of my guests and how to make them feel appreciated and important! 

And really, what’s the best way to show that besides wedding favors!
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