The 25 All-Too-Real Stages Of Going From Hungry To Hangry

I saw this Buzzfeed article the other day and I was like, “This is so me!”

The 25 stages of going from hungry from hangry… you don’t mess with hangry people you just go get them a burger. Roger knows this all too well LOL! I have been watching what I eat (with occasional cheat days… or maybe cheat weekends if your girlfriend is getting married in Mexico) so sometimes I just have a strong craving for something bad! So I know all about these stages too well.

Plus, how cute is it that they are all Disney? I fell in love with the article right away so I had to share with you guys.

Click through the gallery to see all the funny captions!

Do you guys relate? And how do you or other people around you deal when you’re hangry?

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Flashback Friday: Self’s Rocks the Summer Event

Flashback Friday to 2013 when Nicole and I rocked the carpet at Self Magazine Rocks the Summer Event in New York City!

We both loved being at the event because we were working for and loving our bodies and Self is a magazine all about that! Posing and showing off my biceps was my favorite!

Plus, it’s always the best when I get to walk a red carpet with my booboo. It’s still funny sometimes to see pics of Nicole and I standing together because of our height difference. I don’t even notice it anymore but you can’t deny it in pictures LOL. The night was super fun and I loved accessorizing my black-and-white look with red. I feel like it livened up the whole look!

Throwback Thursday: Family Vacation in Mexico

OK, so this didn’t happen that long ago but I miss it so much! There has been a lot of hate around photos from this vacation but I was having such a good time that it doesn’t matter at all. I’ve already talked about all the hate enough, so no need to bring it all up again. Let’s concentrate on the good stuff which is that Roger, Meilani, Carly and I went to Mexico this past week and enjoyed life with all our friends!

We came in for Joei D Fox’s beautiful wedding and hung around for the adventure and fun! I did a bunch of exploring of the beautiful country with friends. We checked out the Mayan ruins in Tulum the other day and we had a blast!

Thank goodness my angel baby loves traveling too! She was all smiles and laughs all trip long, probably because so many people have been loving on her! She was the center of everyone’s attention!
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Getting Back On The Grind

jenni jwoww farley girlycurves waist cincher memorial day
If I can count on anything I know I can count on my @girlycurves waist cincher! Every mom can use that extra help! Thanks @girlycurves! Go to to get yours! They are having a 15% OFF Memorial Day Sale! Use Code: Memorial.

I gained some weight from my all-inclusive vaca in Mexico because I had a good time drinking and eating a lot like everyone should on vacation. But now it’s time to get back on the grind and really work out for a better body and a better self. Even though I’m happy with how I look I do want to achieve better results.