Best Birthday Present Ever!

Jenni Jwoww Farley - Birthday Card from Meilani

Thank You For All The Birthday Love!

I just wanted to thank you all so much for all the sweet birthday messages you guys have been sending me!! It has made this day that much more special for me and I feel so loved right now! I’m so lucky to have all of you be a part of my life and your support means the world to me! Thank you boos! Here are some of my favorite messages so far! Keep sending them to me and I’ll share! XOXO

The Face Of An Angel Baby!

jwoww - new pic of meilani alexandra mathews face of angel baby
So lucky I get to wake up to this face everyday!

I Lost Two Inches Off My Waist!

I have been Waist Training with my Girly Curves LLC Waist Cincher for almost a month and I absolutely LOVE my results! I lost 2 inches off my waist so far!

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Answering Your Questions…

Jenni jwoww farley - post baby weight loss progress <a href=
After seeing my weight loss transformation post-baby, a lot of people have been asking about 310 Nutrition and how they can try a 310 Shake before buying it. You can get a free ‪#‎310Shake‬ sample and shaker cup at There is a small shipping fee but it’s worth it because it’s helped me get back to THIS!

What do you think about my progress!?