Snuggling With My Baby!

Jenni JWOWW Farley - Cuddling with Baby Meilani Mathews

We will be snuggling all day and night! I’m the luckiest mommy in the world to have such an angel as a daughter! XOXO

Are You Going Strong!?

JWOWW - 310 nutrition shakes

I’m addicted! These shakes are so goooood!!! I’m drinking like 3 a day!

I’ve been going strong on my weight loss journey and I just wanted to check on you booboos to make sure you’ve been going strong too! Go to to learn about meal replacement shakes. The 310 shake is so freaking yummy and healthy, I can’t stop!!!

On Sept 15th, will have free samples and a shaker cup again for you to try out the amazingness for yourself. It’s a great way to control or lose weight and it’s super healthy! XOXO

Good luck mamas!

We Will Always Remember

JWOWW - Never Froget September 11

Roger Fell Asleep On The Job…

JWOWW - Roger Mathews With Baby Meilani

Meilani Chilling With Her Girlfriend!

JWOWW - Baby Meilani Hanging out with girlfriend

Meilani’s girlfriend Molly stopped by to hang out and chat! My daughter is pretty popular! LOL