Meilani Is My Little Cheerleader!

Jenni JWOWW Farley - little cheerleader Meilani Mathews

My little nugget is already a cheerleader! She’s got the touchdown pose down!

Daddy Blog: My Angel Baby

Roger Mathews - staying home with Baby Meilani

From Roger: “Seriously considering selling my business to stay home with her all day.”

My Sleeping Beauty…

JWOWW - Meilani Alexandra Mathews IS MY Sleeping Beauty

From the moment they placed her into my arms, she snuggled right into my heart. Being a mother is one of the hardest jobs in the world but it’s also the most rewarding and I’m so grateful I have my nugget to remind me of how truly blessed I am!

My Weight Loss Challenge for Sexy Legs!

JWOWW - Baby Weight Loss 310 nutrition

Hey lovers!

Who wants to do this 30 Day Sexy Leg Challenge with me! It’s only 15 minutes a day and the moves are super basic. I bet if we make sure we stick to this and drink 2 310 shake a day, we’re gonna have super hot legs in no time! xoxo

Snuggling With My Baby!

Jenni JWOWW Farley - Cuddling with Baby Meilani Mathews

We will be snuggling all day and night! I’m the luckiest mommy in the world to have such an angel as a daughter! XOXO