Six Months And Perfect… Mommy Is a Mess But I’ve Always Been LMAO

Jenni JWOWW Farley - Pregnancy 6 Months Update


Pregnancy and me don’t mix. I keep saying to myself “how can women enjoy this shit?!” I’m always on edge because every appointment I find something else that’s crazy and unexpected. So let me try and explain how crazy life has been since the last picture of my daughter I posted. AKA the picture ABOVE!

That gorgeous pic of my daughter would set in motion a bunch of crazy ass specialist appointments that I was not prepared for. One day I was putting my basement back together and get a call from my Obgyn. He begins to tell me “now don’t panic.” Ummmm right there I’m panicking. “Jenni we came across a small issue on your last ultra sound picture and I would like to send you to a specialist”


“Your daughter seems to have a small cyst on her brain… I see this every so often and you..” At this point I honestly can’t tell u what he’s saying because I go numb and tears are just flowing. I can’t even begin to try and stop the tears. So after about another 5 minutes of explanations my dr asks me to call a specialist he knows and get a second opinion. The second I get off the phone I hysterically call Roger. I don’t think he even understood one thing I said. Literally hysterical to the point where I was hyperventilating thinking omg I did something so horrible to my daughter?

I call the specialist and beggggggg for them to see me the following day. They said they can fit me in because they wouldn’t want any mother to have to wait (when I mean these people were sweet… They were SUPER sweet!!!!) So the following day I go and Rogers with me trying to keep my nerves down. They tell me this happens to about 1-2% of pregnancies. It’s called choroid plexus cyst and over time the cyst should go away. Honestly I was happy but still my heart felt heavy. And even though I know I did nothing to cause it I felt guilty and so helpless. Such a horrible feeling….

So as the doctor is finishing up he notices something else… Ummm are you serious?! He says it looks like you have a low lying placenta and we need to be cautious until the next visit so no bleeding occurs… Okay?! What do you mean by cautious… “Well no sex” he says. I literally burst out laughing hysterically. Roger swears I paid him to say lmao. So now no sex for a Month!!!

Fast forward to this checkup which brings me to 25 weeks aka six months. My daughters cyst went away!!!!!! Also my placenta is higher so I’m no longer at risk (don’t tell roger)… And here is my beautiful angel!


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Hiking with Snooki!

JWOWW - Hiking with Snooki in Los Angeles

I am so out of shape… Snooki had to push me when we went on our hike at Runyon Canyon in Hollywood.

Bloopers from My Cooking Show with Joey!

Literally dying at my bloopers with Joey for our cooking segment. Don’t mind my asshole dog screaming!! LOL… don’t they know I’m trying to film!! :P

Help These Dogs Find A Home!!!

JWOWW -  Pet Adoption Day
Hi boos!

I wanted to tell you about a cause and upcoming event that is very important to me! This Friday Google & Yahoo are teaming up with the ASPCA for a “google hangout” with a bunch of other shelters throughout the nation to promote some dogs for adoption!!! The event is Friday the 11th at 1pm and I really want to get some dogs homes!!!

Check out my BFF Joey introducing his favorite dogs for adoption from the ASPCA THIS FRIDAY and help these dogs find a home!!!

What Jenni Wore Wednesday: Baby Bump Look

I love writing for Jenni’s site every week, and share with all of you why I dressed Jenni a certain way for a certain event and so on. Many times I do read the comments that are left and I see you all want some baby bump. Well here it is, in all its glory, perfect and round, Jennis daughters “first appearance” if you will. I dress a lot of women, A LOT. Not many have looked this small at almost 7 months pregnant!! She wears her bump well, and she wears her bump proud. And yes, those jeans, are maternity jeans, big ole stretch waistband (yes I giggled the first time I saw her in them) but none the less Jenni looks amazing in her jeans white tee and jacket, rockin a pair of maroon pumps. I think it is important for pregnant women to keep a bit of their signature look into their pregnancies. Whatever that may be for you. Big Bold earrings, fun chunky bracelets, scarves are always a great go to, and naturally shoes. ‘Til next time fashion divas!


Cat Hutton