Win A Signed Bottle of My Wedding Bronzer!

JWOWW - Signed Bottle Wedding White Bronzer

My Wedding White Bronzer was an instant hit among my fans, and people still ask me how they can get another bottle! Well, I have one left and I’m giving it away to one special fan for the holidays. Did I mention it’s signed?! To enter, comment below and tell me your favorite JWOWW moment from Jersey Shore or Snooki & JWOWW. My favorite answer will win! I will announce the winner on my blog Monday! Make sure you include your email when you comment so I can email you if you are the winner!

Good luck! Xoxo

Daddy Blog: Roger’s Cute Captions

You all probably know how in love Roger is with our baby Meilani but his captions on his photos of her are probably the cutest things you will ever read. Check out this gallery and see some of the super adorable things he writes about her and when he pretends to post from Meilani! Get ready to have your heart melt! xoxo

My Seasonal Indulgence This Year…

Jwoww - Minty Wonderland Shake from 310 Nutrition

During the holidays I wanna eat everything sweet and delicious, it’s soooo freaking hard to be healthy!! Thank god for the Minty Wonderland Shake from 310 Nutrition!! It’s tastes like a peppermint mocha frap and makes me feel like I’m indulging without being a total fat ass this year! LMAO!

This season is all about giving, so if you go to you can get a FREE sample and shaker cup to help you keep that tummy tight this year! Start those resolutions NOW! XOXO

Obsessed With These Wedding Ring Tattoos

I saw this on Buzzfeed and had to share! You know I love tattoos and these wedding ring tattoos that couples have gotten to show their love for one another just melts my heart. Roger and I got matching tattoos of our baby Meilani’s first footprint from the delivery room when she was born. I love how tattoos are a permanent reminder of the commitment you have to one another and the people you love. Check out these tattoo wedding rings and comment with your favorite! xoxo

How We Get Baby Meilani to Giggle!

OMG, I just can’t with how cute her laughs are! We seriously have the most perfect angel baby in the world!