Best Date Night Idea!!!

JWOWW - Jenni Farley and Roger Mathews Date Night

Need an amazing date night idea!?? Horror movies are the best way to get closer with your hunni and I’ve got the perfect one for you! Jersey Shore Massacre is now playing in theaters!!!! If you live in NY or LA, you gotta go!!

It’s playing in the following theaters:

Cobble Hill Cinema in Brooklyn NY
Laemmle Theater in North Hollywood CA

If you don’t live in those areas, you can snuggle up with your boo and watch on demand exclusively on Direct TV!!!


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JWOWW - radar online response

Very flattered radar online that u think I had all that work done but I’m just a plain jane mom with wrinkles without makeup… But kudos to u and ur site. Awesome material… Very riveting.

Join Me On My Weight Loss Journey!

JWOWW - Post Pregnancy Weight loss with 310nutrition

Hey boos!!!

You know how hard it is to lose that last bit of post pregnancy weight! I want to lose 15lbs and my girlfriend Gretchen who was on Marriage Bootcamp with me gave me the info of 310 Nutrition!

It has helped her so much, so I had to try it for myself! She seriously looks FLAWLESS and has the best body so I knew this would help me reach my goal for my post pregnancy bod!

I’ll be eating clean and working out to really make sure this works for me since all mommies know how tough it is to lose the weight! I’m so excited to go on this journey and get back my fab body again. Make sure to check my site for updates on my progress because I really want to show you how I’m losing the weight! Us mommies have to stick together!

Join me on my weight loss journey by following along! Go to to learn about meal replacement shakes. For me the 310 shake was exactly what I needed! So yummy and healthy!!!

And just for you guys, you can get free samples and a shaker cup at It’s a great way to control or lose weight and it’s super healthy! #310shake #310nutrition #jennijwoww

Let’s do THIS! xoxo

Jersey Shore Massacre Premiere Pics!

Hey boos!!!

I had such a blast at the New York premiere of “Jersey Shore Massacre” last night!!!

For my outfit, I went with a black and white jacket, black pants and these super sexy and fun geometric patterned stilettos!! I’m a shoe girl so I always try to step up my game when it comes to wearing something show-stopping on my feet! ;)

It was so fun being around my friends and amazing cast! Even got to have a mini Jersey Shore reunion with Ronnie!!!

Loved the movie!! It’s been too long since there has been a comedy-horror flick and this one is PERFECT! I am obsessed with horror movies, but I don’t even really think of this that way. It just reminds me of me and my roommates. And fans can watch it and remember the show!!!

Watching it really brought me back to my Jersey Shore days when I wanted to kill my roomies LMAO!! I wanted to choke out my roommates half the time! That’s why we made such good TV. We’re all Type A personalities, and as much as we love each other, there’s that passion, those extremes. So yeah, sure, sometimes I wanted to kill them. This movie is my way of doing it! BAHHAH! jk… love you guys!!!

Check out the gallery of pics from last night’s event! xoxo

Another Meilani Modeling Moment!

JWOWW - Meilani photoshoot

As you know, my amazing girlfriend Nicole Yannelli specializes in newborn and children’s portraits and she took these AMAZING portraits of my baby Meilani when she was two weeks old! Last week I shared a pic of  Meilani in her daddy’s favorite motorcycle helmet!

This week I am sharing this SUPER PRECIOUS PIC of my nugget!!! I am obsessed with this pic and want to hang it all over my house!!! She is an angel!!!

For more really cute pics you need to check out her instagram and Facebook!!!

If you’re interested in having her shoot your baby or a special event coming up, you can hit her up by emailing her:! She is such a rockstar!!! XOXO