Shake It Up…

JWOWW - Post Pregnancy Weight loss 310 nutrition

So you know being a mom is a full-time job and between that and filming Snooki & JWOWW and working on my other products, this momma has no time to cook up meals. But at the same time, I want to make sure I only put the right foods in my body because I’m trying to get my fit body back and I also want to have enough energy to give my baby the best me! That’s why I love making 310 shakes and there are so many amazingly yummy recipes that you’ll never get bored!! Not only does it give me the energy that I need, it’s quick and easy at the same time and soooo good for getting that pre-baby body back! Some of my favorite recipes have been a peanut butter oatmeal cookie shake which tastes like heaven in a drink and the very berry shake which is perfect for a morning pick-me-up!

You can even make healthy pancakes!!! I know, you’re probably thinking is she crazy? How are pancakes healthy??! Well this recipe I use with the 310 nutrition vanilla protein powder will seriously make your mouth water and satisfy every dessert craving you have!!

If we mommies stick together and keep eating healthy, I know we are all gonna be hot ass fit moms! So let’s do this boos!! Love you! xoxo

Just Chillin!

jwoww - baby meilani just chillin in cute top

Dying over this Avenue.G shirt Meilani is wearing! LMAO

Happy Friday!

JWOWW - Happy Friday
Hope you booboos have an amazing day today!

JSM Wins Best Horror/Thriller…

JWOWW - Jersey Shore Massacre Wins Best Horror Thriller at Melbourne Independent Film Festival

So excited to share that Jersey Shore Massacre won for “Best Horror/Thriller” last weekend at the Melbourne Independent Film Festival.

Congratulations to Writer/Director Paul Tarnopol and the entire cast and crew of “Jersey Shore Massacre” for winning “Best Horror/Thriller” at the Melbourne Independent Film Festival. Thanks to all of my boos for supporting, sharing and retweeting this great horror comedy classic. Jersey Shore Massacre will be available on demand through Halloween on Comcast, Time Warner, Direct TV, iTunes, Xbox, Play Station and GooglePlay. The DVD and Blu-ray are on sale this week at Kmart, Frys, Fye or on and

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The Perfect Fall Drink!

JWOWW - 310 nutrition peanut butter oatmeal cookie

Hey boos! I am proud to say I have never had a pumpkin spice latte! They are filled with sugar and tons of ingredients I just don’t want in my body. But I feel all you out there who want to have a healthy fall drink and enjoy the season! That’s why I have to share this 310 nutrition recipe with you that has been my go-to drink this season! So easy to make with natural ingredients you already have in your kitchen and it tastes like heaven!! Perfect for that energy drink in the morning or if you want a sweet treat after dinner! Tastes like a cookie in a shake… move over PSL, there is a new drink in town and it’s not for the basics! Time to step up your game with something that makes you look good and tastes good at the same time! Enjoy lovers! xoxo