The Perfect Fall Drink!

JWOWW - 310 nutrition peanut butter oatmeal cookie

Hey boos! I am proud to say I have never had a pumpkin spice latte! They are filled with sugar and tons of ingredients I just don’t want in my body. But I feel all you out there who want to have a healthy fall drink and enjoy the season! That’s why I have to share this 310 nutrition recipe with you that has been my go-to drink this season! So easy to make with natural ingredients you already have in your kitchen and it tastes like heaven!! Perfect for that energy drink in the morning or if you want a sweet treat after dinner! Tastes like a cookie in a shake… move over PSL, there is a new drink in town and it’s not for the basics! Time to step up your game with something that makes you look good and tastes good at the same time! Enjoy lovers! xoxo

Breast Cancer Awareness Month!

JWOWW - wearing pink in honor of breast cancer awareness month

In honor of breast cancer awareness month, I’m rocking my beret from Iconic Clothing Inc.

Roger Loves His Little Chunk!

I am obsessed with this post that MTV did about “12 Times Roger Mathews Kvelled Over His Baby Girl On Twitter” LOL! It is so cute and I can’t even begin to describe how he is the best daddy ever to our baby girl!! Check out the adorable pics he posted on twitter and what he has to say about our little nugget of love!!

What Happens When Roger Dresses Meilani…

JWOWW - Roger Mathews Dresses Baby Meilani

Good effort Roger LMAO! Love the outfit you picked out! :)

Season 4 of Snooki and JWOWW Trailer!!!

You ready!??? This time around I’m pregnant too and you’ll see me and Snooki living life prego style! So happy I had my BFF pregnant with me to be my support and give me advice through this time!! Check out the preview above and make sure you tune in to watch the season premiere on November 5th on MTV!!! SO FREAKING EXCITED!