All Star Mondays: Core and Cardio

I’m here with my trainer, Brian Blue, of All Star Sports Academy in New Jersey and he is going to kick our butts today with core and cardio. It’s the new year and now you have no excuse to get in shape and feel fabulous! So throw on some workout clothes and follow along to my workout routine!!! XOXO


  1. Travisa00 

    Love u jenny

    January 6 at 12:24pm  / Reply
  2. tara 

    Should u b doing core workout pregnant

    January 6 at 2:09pm  / Reply
  3. Tina 

    Don’t you think.You need to be careful you are pregnant.

    January 6 at 4:08pm  / Reply
  4. Rosa 

    I don’t think that the exercise u are doing is good for your baby but I believe how she is always working out on a regular she knows her limits

    January 6 at 6:27pm  / Reply

    Working out while pregnant is fine as long as it’s what she’s used to doing on a regular basis! Pink did all her stage dancing & hire wire flying while preggers to.

    January 6 at 11:19pm  / Reply
  6. Mama Luca 

    She wasn’t pregnant here you half wits I mean come on… think she’s that air headed…..

    January 7 at 5:56am  / Reply
  7. Stacylee 

    You are great I need ur help need to lose
    30 lbs help

    January 7 at 8:29am  / Reply
  8. hi 

    you should do a fitness video for pregnancy stages. Most of the ones out there are very outdated

    January 7 at 11:19am  / Reply
  9. Raven 

    People who think that you exercise while pregnant are the ones who get fat and can’t shake their baby weight.

    January 13 at 4:19pm  / Reply


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