All Star Mondays: Kettle Bell Shoulders

I’m here with my trainer, Brian Blue, of All Star Sports Academy in New Jersey and today it’s all about working out our shoulders using kettle bells. Brian’s going to show you some different exercises to do in circuit fashion. Remember to exercise safely! Some of these moves can be a little risky. Enjoy and good luck!! xoxo


  1. lucy 

    arnt u pregnant?

    February 10 at 1:17pm  / Reply
    • Destiny 

      No shes not lol she had her baby awhile ago :p if you watched the show lmao

      February 17 at 9:07pm  / Reply
  2. janine 

    damn you look like shit

    February 10 at 1:18pm  / Reply
    • Chloe 

      You’re the one that has no picture. I bet she’s way prettier that you. Stupid bitch.

      February 17 at 9:06pm  / Reply
  3. Maris Goebel 

    she looks wonderful,dont say negative shit about a woman that is pregnant and staying healthy and fit…….grow up and have some damn respect…..

    February 10 at 2:04pm  / Reply
  4. jessica 

    this is NOT healthy!!! she does look like SHITTT!!! at 5 months you should have some fat on you, that poor baby.

    February 10 at 2:29pm  / Reply
  5. Jessica 

    Yes she is pregnant, but I guarantee you that her trainer wouldn’t be showing her those exercises if it was unhealthy for the baby!!! Being pregnant is no excuse to just sit and stuff your face! When I was pregnant I got my exercise and ate healthy too!

    February 10 at 3:04pm  / Reply
    • Jessica 

      PS: Jenni you look amazing! And I give extra props to the pregnant ladies that undergo all the judgement and pressure from the public!!! Keep up the good work Mama!

      February 10 at 3:05pm  / Reply
  6. RACHYL 

    Congratulations Jenni !!!! Hope all is well! You look great and keep being fabulous!

    February 10 at 3:22pm  / Reply
  7. Cora 

    You looking great jenni! Well done for still wanting to stay fit and healthy through your pregnancy! And for the ass-holes out there, there is nothing wrong with working out while pregnant ! If Anything it’s better for you! Her body will be better off for it!

    February 10 at 3:33pm  / Reply
    • Jaxon 

      Glad I’ve finally found soinmhteg I agree with!

      August 16 at 6:38am  / Reply
  8. yeni 

    I love the way u look girl and keep it up not all dumb asses know what it takes to be pregnant and healthy

    February 10 at 4:08pm  / Reply
  9. Saff 

    Look amazing as always x

    February 10 at 5:11pm  / Reply
  10. Alma 

    I was 5 months pregnant and could barelly show any belly , why, because i was built that way, not all pregnancies are the same and excercising is a great way to stay in shape.. Not all pregnant women tirn themselfes onto dish disposal

    February 10 at 5:18pm  / Reply
    • Lola 

      This is your first maternity shoot? These iamegs are better than many other photographers who specialise in maternity! It is challenging to make a small space work with such variety of showing poses but you have done a fabulous job to pull this off! I think the mother looks radiant and pretty. I like so many but #6, #13 & second last are my favourites x

      August 16 at 8:16pm  / Reply
  11. Ashley H. 

    I don’t see anything wrong with her exercising during pregnancy. She does look great. However, her face looks terrible. Stop getting work done!!!

    February 10 at 6:01pm  / Reply
  12. Tracey 

    She eats clean and healthy, add her prenatal vitamin and I’m sure she’s far healthier than most, the same for her baby. No doctor would tell a fit active person to stop because of pregnancy unless there were some complication. You can do almost anything as long as you were capable of doing it before pregnancy. She will likely have an easier pregnancy and delivery being that she is in shape and staying that way… not to be confused with dieting or exercising for weight loss.

    February 10 at 6:44pm  / Reply
  13. Jo 

    I didnt knew I was pregnant up to 4 months and it didnt show untill six months and I deliverd him at 8 months healthy and well. and I was back 2 my old figure in a week. after I deliverd him my belly was just GONE. the skin got back to normal and I was a VERY HAPPY fresh new mom of a beautifull son..

    February 10 at 7:04pm  / Reply
  14. Samantha 

    You look great! People you should really get a life how would you like it if you were judged by the whole world.

    February 11 at 2:48pm  / Reply
  15. jemarie 

    You are my favorite and snookie girl u look fab and god bless u roger and precious daughter u both have :) :) :) :)

    March 1 at 12:04am  / Reply
  16. petra 

    It’s almost funny to see all these negative comments about her. She is healthy and fit and the only reason you bash her is because you’re unhealthier and less fit than her. Jealousy at its finest… I myself did modified insanity and weightlifting until 8 months pregnant and my little girl is 7 months and is as healthy and happy as can be. Exercise and clean eating is great for pregnant women and can make the birth process much easier and smoother. You look amazing Jenni! Good job!

    April 1 at 1:47pm  / Reply
  17. Nicole 

    Jenni don’t listen 2 wat anyone says I think u look amazing.U r a really cool person and I was the same way wen I was pregnant wit my son and my daughter and they both came out very healthy and I instantly went back 2 my regular size so fuck all u haters y’all need all fall back cause y’all ain’t nothing but a bunch of haters!!!!

    April 1 at 8:04pm  / Reply
    • Tomoko 

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      August 16 at 1:29pm  / Reply
  18. Coralyn 

    Holy Toodle, so glad I clicked on this site first!

    August 15 at 9:28am  / Reply
  19. Chloe 

    She’s not pregnant idiots.

    February 17 at 9:07pm  / Reply
  20. Shan 

    She’s not even pregnant right now you fuckin morons. She just had her daughter a few months back and her and roger are TRYING for another one…. So stupid

    February 17 at 9:29pm  / Reply
  21. Jodi Youmans 

    Use it works.

    February 17 at 9:59pm  / Reply
  22. herrerakae1 

    Jenni is so gorgeous I wish my body looked like yours!!!!!

    February 18 at 7:22am  / Reply
  23. cassi 

    SHE IS NOT PREGNANT. Lol she already had her baby so read before you post ignorant comments.

    February 18 at 7:00pm  / Reply


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