All Star Mondays: Upper Body Tabata

I’m here with my trainer, Brian Blue, of All Star Sports Academy in New Jersey and we are doing an upper body circuit with TRX! We are going to do six different upper body exercises! It’s so hard but it’s so worth it! Keep doing these amazing exercises and you will see fantastic results!! Let’s get those bodies looking super sick for Spring!!


  1. Carole-anne 

    Thank you so much ! It’s excellent training for me. Carole-anne your fan from montréal xoxo

    January 13 at 5:45pm  / Reply
  2. Amanda 

    I REALLY like the videos and the TRX system looks like a great change from free weights (boring). However if possible could you slow the pace of the video down and ad some side shots so that you can see where your feet are positioned and how far you are leaning forward or back.

    January 13 at 6:28pm  / Reply
  3. JJ. 


    January 14 at 6:37pm  / Reply
  4. Jwoww12 

    Hi Jwoww my naomi is naomi and I wish I can come and meet you your going to be a good mom i’m from australia and i love your the best

    January 14 at 9:47pm  / Reply


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