Announcing Snooki and JWOWW Season 4!!!

Snooki - Snooki and Jwoww Season 4 announcement

So freaking excited to announce that Snooki and I will be doing another season of Snooki and JWOWW this summer! It’s going to be so crazy because we both will be pregnant this time so you will see how Snooki is dealing with her second pregnancy while planning her wedding and what I go through for my first pregnancy!!! Can’t wait to reveal more info but Season 4 is going to be a huge roller coaster ride!! Can’t wait share this amazing part of my life with you guys!!! xoxoxoox


  1. Melissa 


    April 24 at 3:01pm  / Reply
  2. Katie 

    WOOHOO!!!!!! I cannot wait for season 4. And the new babies!!! So happy for you both.

    April 24 at 3:09pm  / Reply
    • Misty 

      So excited!! I have been waiting for this, it seems like forever! So excited to see both of your journeys having babies! Jenny you are going to be a great new mom and Snooki is going to be a great mom for the second time!! WOOHOO did I mention I was excited!! Cant wait to find out when it starts!!!

      April 28 at 7:31am  / Reply
  3. Sara Amos 

    So excited love u guys cant wait to watch so happy for the both of u xoxo

    April 24 at 3:17pm  / Reply
  4. savannah 

    I am so excited to I am your biggest fans XOXOX

    April 24 at 4:37pm  / Reply
  5. manda 

    Pleaseee don’t stop making snooki nd jwoww seasons. I miss jersey shore. I love you guys!!

    April 24 at 6:10pm  / Reply
  6. Danielle 

    Yay :) spool excited.!

    April 24 at 6:13pm  / Reply
  7. Laurie J Mille 

    i love your show im a dedacated person when your show is on.i love to see how far you to have come from seson one.

    April 24 at 6:17pm  / Reply
  8. Katie 

    Woohoo. Can’t wait to watch the Tv Show and see more of ur baby bump and Snooki’s also :-) Yalls show is awesome!! When is it airing do u know??

    April 24 at 6:26pm  / Reply
  9. dsr 

    like give a sheet…waste of time

    April 24 at 6:45pm  / Reply
  10. Sweetandsour 

    1. Learn some grammar and correct English please.
    2. If you do not care, then why are you wasting your time commenting on her page?
    3. Really, I don’t care about your answer to that question as it obviously would be really complicated for your brain.
    P.S. I do not think she wants your sheet and you should get the fuck over it.


    Congratulations ladies! I look forward to the new season and the baby bumps! :)

    April 24 at 7:22pm  / Reply
  11. lindsey 

    So excited love the show! <3

    April 24 at 7:25pm  / Reply
  12. Kayla 

    Yesssssss!!! Been waiting for this! :’)

    April 24 at 7:57pm  / Reply
  13. Jenn Lehman Sawchyn 

    I. Can’t wait when is it coming back on

    April 24 at 8:04pm  / Reply
  14. Mike Nd Laurie Amaro 

    OMG!!! I can hardly wait to see the new season… So exciting because you are both prego….so happy for you both

    April 24 at 8:22pm  / Reply
  15. Jessie Montgomery 

    Awesome!! Love watching the show and so happy it’s on for a 4th season, let there be many more!

    April 24 at 8:58pm  / Reply
  16. Porsha 

    Excited(: when??

    April 24 at 9:02pm  / Reply
  17. MantarR 

    This is the reason why 3/4′s of North America is retarded watching shit like this or equivalent.

    April 25 at 4:18am  / Reply
  18. Kimberly 

    So EXCITED!!! But season three haven’t end in Sweden:) the last episode was when you where at the dude ranch! A BIG HUG!❤ From a girl in Sweden…❤

    April 25 at 4:55am  / Reply
  19. Yarenis 


    April 25 at 5:52am  / Reply
  20. Kris10 

    Yay!!! I’m looking forward to it!!

    April 25 at 3:46pm  / Reply
  21. desiree 

    Omg yes yes can’t wait mi I u crazy girls

    April 25 at 4:22pm  / Reply
  22. carrie 

    Yayyyyyyyy!!! Congrats. Cant wait to watch.

    April 25 at 7:41pm  / Reply
  23. Misty 

    Woohoo that is great news to my hear!! Been waiting on this! I am such a dedicated fan…been watching ever since the first Jersey Shore came on and haven’t missed a episode yet!! When will it be airing? So excited!!! :) )

    April 28 at 7:34am  / Reply
    • misty 

      sorry meant to write great news to hear, lol

      April 28 at 7:35am  / Reply
  24. Annie.R 

    Im so excited!!! :) Too shitty I live in Sweden and Im gonna have to wait quiet awhile before it hits MTV here..but it will be sooo worth it! :)

    Love from Sweden! xox

    April 29 at 9:46am  / Reply
  25. Linda H. Hebert 

    When is the new season coming on? What is snooki having a boy or girl?

    April 29 at 3:53pm  / Reply
  26. jennicoolsnookislut 

    Congrats Jenni Always love your attitude and class Foeget that slut dirty whore beside you She shouldn’t be around a classy woman like you she’s a dirty nasty hoe bag who doesn’t know who the father of her kid is But your a classy bitch Good luck to you and the family

    April 30 at 10:33pm  / Reply
  27. Nicky 

    Hey :) I love your Show sooo sooo much!
    You’re the Best! Can’t wait to see the Babies!

    Xoxo from Germany!

    May 13 at 9:15am  / Reply


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