Another Meilani Modeling Moment!

JWOWW - Meilani photoshoot

As you know, my amazing girlfriend Nicole Yannelli specializes in newborn and children’s portraits and she took these AMAZING portraits of my baby Meilani when she was two weeks old! Last week I shared a pic of  Meilani in her daddy’s favorite motorcycle helmet!

This week I am sharing this SUPER PRECIOUS PIC of my nugget!!! I am obsessed with this pic and want to hang it all over my house!!! She is an angel!!!

For more really cute pics you need to check out her instagram and Facebook!!!

If you’re interested in having her shoot your baby or a special event coming up, you can hit her up by emailing her:! She is such a rockstar!!! XOXO


  1. DAR 

    photoshopped? with the hands? most babies can’t hold up their own heads, never mind their hands&heads

    August 19 at 2:41pm  / Reply
    • dar 

      cute none the less. jus saying

      August 19 at 2:42pm  / Reply
      • Janna Elizabeth Gamble 

        If you couldn’t tell she’s asleep and it is super easy to position a baby onto these poses while sleeping..don’t believe its real Google it

        August 19 at 4:41pm
      • TLR 

        Wow are you serious? The hands and arms are positioned so that they hold her head up. The baby is sleeping. Ignorance really is bliss isn’t it?

        August 19 at 5:06pm
      • agettyunvb 

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        August 19 at 6:20pm
    • Tami Jennelle Refaat 

      babies have been photgraphed like this for ages. sometimes you even prop them up with your hand in the back and they either hide it well with correct positioning or shop it out. like for real.

      August 19 at 2:47pm  / Reply
    • Ashlie 

      It’s a composite of two photos layered together. Babies can’t typically hold them selves in this position so in the first pic an assistant will hold the top of the head and in the second pic the assistant will hold the hands in place and then the photog will edit the images together and remove the hands. They also use this process for other poses that may put a baby in danger such as hanging the baby in a blanket wrap for ex. It’s very common.

      August 21 at 7:29am  / Reply
      • Tina 

        The baby is leaning forward so it is easier to prop the head up n easier cause the baby is asleep n won’t move it isn’t two positions can position a newborn baby n baby into any position when they r sleeping I’ve had it done w my son but it’s cute no matter how they do it

        August 21 at 3:23pm
    • Nicole Hyde 

      U serious let babies be babies the head band would b as light as a feather it’s a lovely pic most ppl I no with girls do the exact same thing so back of

      August 21 at 8:03pm  / Reply
  2. Yolanda 

    She looks just like her daddy roger

    August 19 at 2:49pm  / Reply
  3. SKK 


    August 19 at 2:52pm  / Reply
  4. Michele 

    What a beautiful little angel !

    August 19 at 4:17pm  / Reply
  5. hassna 

    Hey !! my nams is hassna and i’m from maroco and i love u so mush u ar so cute and beautifull and i love your litle baby shi is so cute and you ar a cute family i love u by <3

    August 19 at 4:24pm  / Reply
  6. simz26uk 

    Photo is beautiful… Wow..

    August 19 at 4:24pm  / Reply
  7. Melissa 

    Where did you get the headband?! Sooooo adorable! God bless!

    August 19 at 5:31pm  / Reply
  8. jan 

    So beautiful

    August 19 at 7:14pm  / Reply
  9. JUL 

    She’s gorgeous but it’s definitely Photoshopped. The arm and foot was duplicated and flipped floor the opposite side. Every wrinkle, shadow and highlight is exactly the same on both sides. There’s no way a baby that young could stay in that position for more than a second or two.

    August 20 at 6:15am  / Reply
  10. Shelly 

    Oh my goodness people, it was not photoshopped. You can prop babies in all sorts of positions for the newborn photoshoots. They’re flexible. She is beautiful!

    August 20 at 8:55am  / Reply
    • Jaclynn Benson 

      It’s a composite.

      August 20 at 11:33am  / Reply
  11. Kaylyn Bell 

    I feel bad for that little girl.. get that heavy ass stupid looking bow off her head… stop using kids for your own benefit. Let babies be babies, kids be kids. Can’t they just be beautiful babies without having to be MODELS…? Damn, this irritates me.

    August 21 at 11:17am  / Reply
    • Heather 

      so because she had professional pics of her daughter done she’s using her? Really? There is nothing wrong with her putting headbands, etc on her, in case you didn’t notice the baby is a girl. Girls wear things like that.

      August 21 at 12:03pm  / Reply
    • BrittanyTheBoss 

      You maam are about as ignorant as they get….smdh

      August 21 at 4:44pm  / Reply
    • Meghan A 

      Sounds like you are jealous or have some kind of complex. Do not post negative things about Jenni or her family but especially her precious daughter. That photo is completely adorable and precious!!! If you think this photo is bad i would love to see your thoughts on my maternity and my newborn pics of my child. Capturing these precious moments are all part of being a good parent. Jenni and Roger are doing great just as I knew they would. Leave them alone!!! I can’t stand ignorant, jealous people who have nothing better to do with their time than bash people who do NOT deserve it. Kerp your dumb thoughts to yourself!

      August 22 at 12:13am  / Reply
  12. Ruby 

    It doesn’t matter how the picture was taken photo shopped or not its all baby Meilani. N Jenni is a proud mother showing her baby off to the world.

    August 21 at 12:46pm  / Reply
  13. bianca 

    cutie xx

    August 21 at 4:23pm  / Reply
  14. Traci 

    Oh my freakin stinkin cuteness!!!!!!

    August 21 at 8:08pm  / Reply
  15. jada 


    January 7 at 8:13pm  / Reply


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