Basement is Finally Finished!

 JWOWW - Basement is finished in home re design

Basement is finally finished. Hardwood floors are done… Now on to painting the Nursery!!!


  1. christina 

    i’m jealous! that looks like the perfect basement!!

    March 13 at 11:12am  / Reply
  2. samiilyn 


    March 13 at 11:23am  / Reply
  3. chelsea 

    Can I come tanning at your place? My husband says I don’t need to go tanning because I live in St. George, but I have three kids and no time to lay outside…

    March 13 at 11:27am  / Reply
  4. Diana 

    wowwww that is so cool. congrat s ;)

    March 13 at 11:36am  / Reply
  5. Blanche Field 

    You can come do ours! Please and thank you! :)

    March 13 at 2:01pm  / Reply
  6. Whitney Elaine Hunter 

    Hehe you’re so nesting! :) Nice job!

    March 13 at 2:38pm  / Reply
  7. 'Ιωαννα Τζαφάι' 

    so awesome! i love you!

    March 13 at 2:52pm  / Reply
  8. Theia Lisa Marianino 

    really great job Jenny

    March 13 at 4:33pm  / Reply
  9. Rosanne krisanda 

    What is the black thing?

    March 14 at 4:30am  / Reply
  10. Heather Mitchell 

    I’d really love to know what the black thing is too. lol

    March 15 at 4:45pm  / Reply
  11. Evelyn 

    Nice good job !!

    March 17 at 3:23pm  / Reply
  12. andrea 

    We’re is that baby bump :)

    March 17 at 7:36pm  / Reply
  13. Krystal Green 

    Black thing looks like a steam massage bed maybe?

    March 19 at 1:11pm  / Reply


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