Behind The Scenes of my WE tv Shoot!

jwoww - behind the scenes WE TV with Roger Mathews


  1. Amber Fultz 

    UGH YOU LOOK GREAT!! i look like i swallowed a basketball most days

    March 5 at 3:30pm  / Reply
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      March 10 at 12:48am  / Reply
  2. Megan Crowell 

    So adorable

    March 5 at 3:31pm  / Reply
  3. brynne 

    You look good. Can’t even tell your pregnant

    March 5 at 3:31pm  / Reply
  4. Ange Dugay 

    You look great!!

    March 5 at 3:31pm  / Reply
  5. Lynette Garcia 

    I see nk bump take a side shot

    March 5 at 3:32pm  / Reply
  6. salena 

    you are so pretty

    March 5 at 3:32pm  / Reply
  7. Brooke Ladisic 

    u guys r a great couple,! ive been routing for Roger since the jersey shore,! im so happy for u Jenny ur a beautiful woman and im sure you guys will be great parents! hopefully u will share the experience with ur fans,!!! I am team Jenny and Roger wishing you health and happiness for years to come.

    March 5 at 3:33pm  / Reply
  8. Geovanna Cantu 

    Excited for u pretty!
    Ur daughter is gonna be as pretty as you!
    I love you Jenni!♥♥♥

    March 5 at 3:33pm  / Reply
  9. Tracey 

    What baby bump??? lol .. Girl, You don’t have one.. You must be carrying more towards you’re back..

    March 5 at 3:34pm  / Reply
  10. Alicia 

    Wish Jersey shore was still on I loved you guys. Especially Sam and Ron

    March 5 at 3:34pm  / Reply
  11. alisha 

    I enjoy watching ur shows ur so pretty.. when does ur show start?

    March 5 at 3:35pm  / Reply
  12. Vanessa 


    March 5 at 3:37pm  / Reply
  13. Stéphanie Lorrain 

    We don’t even see your belly :(

    March 5 at 3:42pm  / Reply
  14. mony chavez 


    March 5 at 3:42pm  / Reply
  15. Tina a 

    So happy for you!!! you guys will be great parents!!!

    March 5 at 3:43pm  / Reply
  16. mony chavez 

    Cute and gr8 couple :)

    March 5 at 3:43pm  / Reply
  17. Tina Briles Mcdonald 

    smile an hug!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! congrats……….

    March 5 at 3:46pm  / Reply
  18. katia 

    where do you see a baby bump???

    March 5 at 3:51pm  / Reply
  19. Sherri 

    Jenni, where is the baby bump. Your so tiny. Love you and roger and your going to make great parents.

    March 5 at 3:57pm  / Reply
  20. Tiffany Nichole Griffin-Grace 


    March 5 at 4:00pm  / Reply
  21. Catherine monteiro 

    I see a bit of baby bump. You look amazing.

    March 5 at 4:03pm  / Reply
  22. Trent 

    I can’t wait snooki’s son date to jwoww’s daughter :)

    March 5 at 4:04pm  / Reply
  23. Kristal 

    Where is your bump?

    March 5 at 4:07pm  / Reply
  24. Kimberly Cherico 

    You look stunning! The pregnancy glow is showing! You’re gonna be great parents!

    March 5 at 4:07pm  / Reply
  25. Julie Maarie 

    omg you look amazing :)
    hope the pregnancy goes well for you.

    p.s walk a lot it will be helpful with labour ;)

    March 5 at 4:11pm  / Reply
  26. Nancy Gonzalez 

    what baby bump???

    March 5 at 4:17pm  / Reply
  27. Connie Hebert 

    Beautiful, as always

    March 5 at 4:20pm  / Reply
  28. Tina D 

    Some women never show till they deliver. You are absolutely stunning regardless.

    March 5 at 5:33pm  / Reply
  29. Kina 

    I don’t see a bump, BUT, I do see that instead of growing a bump your hips are getting wider. You look amazing though.. Best of luck to You Roger and your lil one.

    March 5 at 7:20pm  / Reply
  30. Michelle 

    U guys look so good together maybe u should look at each other I no you are happy let the world no it

    March 5 at 7:55pm  / Reply
  31. Maria 

    Hey jwoww u look amazing ✨ but one tip please do not use heals

    March 5 at 8:17pm  / Reply
  32. Lina 

    I Love you babe!!
    Good Luck with all the good that will come to you when your baby arrives. May God bless your baby and love forvever.

    Much Love from The Netherlands

    March 5 at 11:34pm  / Reply
  33. nicole mooney 

    Side shot plz. Can’t see no bump :-)

    March 5 at 11:52pm  / Reply
  34. Marissa Mendez 

    Wow how cute do you guys look? Wow I’m jelous you don’t even look pregnant at all I wish I was like that when I wad pregnant with all my kids t looked like I had a basketball under my shirt LOL congratulations on the baby girl now little Lorenzo has his girlfriend and best friend like his mom and her best friend.

    March 6 at 12:08am  / Reply
  35. Tracey Failla 

    Roger looks like a fag with that sleeveless hoodie on. What a juice head he was luck he could knock her up.

    March 6 at 4:46am  / Reply
  36. Taysmilesxo 

    Dawww so cute! Girls are amazing their so much fun to dress up and make her your little Diva! Just keep her out of the eye for as long as you can trust me its better to keep people guessing, let you and Roger have her all to yourself! Very happy for you guys! Keep looking beautiful as always =]]

    March 6 at 9:12am  / Reply
  37. kathy 

    I want to see a picture that you actually look pregnant lol

    March 6 at 9:49am  / Reply
  38. Realitystars1 

    Proud Papa right there!! :)

    March 6 at 10:38am  / Reply
  39. Dadi Vain 

    i love you guys but sorry i have to say it roger what the hell is that shoes and oh my god the pants even worse no no no and fraking no roger lol it’s a fashion crime !! jenny you look WOWW

    March 6 at 11:17am  / Reply
  40. Hallie 

    Don’t look pregnant at all and your still lifting weights like you did before kinda has me wondering if you really are pregnant js

    March 6 at 3:35pm  / Reply
  41. Donna 

    Omg you look amazing. Your going to be a great mother . And Roger your a lucky man. Congratulations on the baby and wedding

    March 6 at 9:17pm  / Reply
  42. Naomi 

    you look so beutiful with your pregnancy girll;)!! your belly is so cte!! you give me baby fever!!:)

    March 10 at 8:32pm  / Reply
  43. Katie Allinson 


    March 12 at 6:09pm  / Reply
  44. Jill Suddarth 

    So happy for you and Roger!You two are funny and sweet,will be great parents!

    March 21 at 7:46pm  / Reply
  45. Kristina 

    Since when is it a good thing to be that far along and not even have a tiny bump working out 2 times everyday when pregnant isn’t even really safe and definitely not recommended in pregnancy wow I’d rather have a healthy baby then be starving my baby and by starving her now your setting her up to be an overweight child do your research depriving the baby now make the baby hang on to every calorie in childhood I don’t know you just make me sick

    March 28 at 9:53am  / Reply
  46. Shannon L 

    She looks great and she’s wearing heals I’m pregnant and I’m lucky if I can walk in any thing other than slippers she must be super woman walking in heals looking that great and pregnant

    April 2 at 7:28pm  / Reply
  47. Liugi 

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