BTS Marriage Boot Camp: Reality Stars

Hey boos!!

Check out the behind the scenes video from our photoshoot for Marriage Boot Camp: Reality Stars! It’s definitely going to be a crazy season! Apparently Roger and I have a slew of problems we need to work out! LOL! Check out the video and get ready for the premiere of the show May 30th at 9/8c on WeTV! XOXOXO


  1. Sean w 

    Although I feel like you are mostly a good person one thing I noticed from watching your show is that you are very selfish in your relationship, no relationship will last if one person gives 100% and the other is only giving 30%! Roger sacrifices and does a lot for you but all I see from you is that you still want to do whatever you want to do and if that is how you want to live then a relationship is the last thing you need to be in bit it is a little late now that you are prego now you will learn what it means to sacrifice for another person good luck!!

    April 21 at 3:12pm  / Reply
    • Lulu Williams 

      Shut up Sean W Who every you are .Ppl learn as being in a relationship if you should already know that boo boo!!

      April 21 at 10:09pm  / Reply
      • Marina Maciel Cx 

        Shut up lulu he’s right she won’t know how to sacrifice things until she has the baby

        April 21 at 11:12pm
  2. Angela Lenae Steinmetz-Deer 

    I am so excited for this show! I hope everyone gets their issues worked out, because Lord knows every relationship has issues! But sometimes you have to ask for help, or get help thrown at you. Good luck to you and everyone else (did I mention I LOVE Tanisha? That is my girl!), much love!

    April 21 at 3:32pm  / Reply
  3. Estella 

    I love this couple they are so funny they keep me entertained I am so excited about the show so let’s get ready. And good for you for asking for help if you needed .

    April 22 at 3:01am  / Reply
  4. Lulu Williams 

    You shut the f…… up how old are you any way if you should already know about relationship like I said to Sean W . I GUESS I HAVE TO SCHOOL YOU!!!!

    April 22 at 8:40pm  / Reply
    • Olga 

      Maybe you should go back to school and learn how to write properly before actually trying to school someone.

      April 22 at 9:04pm  / Reply
  5. Lulu Williams 

    Sweety I’ve been schooled if you may know I’m a certified relationship counselor if you may know.Went to USC.Olga

    April 23 at 7:21pm  / Reply
    • Olga 

      Lulu, I believe the phrase is, “If you must know” not, “If you may know”, and it’s only said once. Interesting thing is, what’s an “educated” person doing cursing at strangers and telling them to shut up for having an opinion? If you were truly a counselor of any emphasis, you’d know that was the absolute worst approach.

      April 24 at 8:23am  / Reply
  6. sylvia 

    All of you are dumb stop judging other people idiots

    May 17 at 1:39pm  / Reply
  7. Valerie R 

    jenni i loved you and snooki since day 1 ❤️❤️

    May 30 at 2:34pm  / Reply


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