Can’t Stop Staring…

JWOWW - Baby meilani: when my baby is sleeping thats when think wow i made that


  1. Roxy 

    Show a picture already god ” rolling my eyes “

    July 16 at 5:12pm  / Reply
    • Alexis 

      There’s probably going to be an issue in a magazine coming out soon with the babies face, she cant post the baby until that happens

      July 16 at 5:57pm  / Reply
    • Ronda L Barnhardt 

      Don’t you realize she CAN’T . She has to wait till the SNOOKI & JWOWW show on MTV . It’s part of the contract .

      July 16 at 6:04pm  / Reply
    • knowerxda 

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      July 17 at 7:37am  / Reply
    • Anna 

      they are waiting for a perfect offer that pays the most for the pics… that’s Hollywood for you!

      July 17 at 10:00am  / Reply
  2. Lisa 

    show us the baby!

    July 16 at 5:13pm  / Reply
    • Candice 

      Lol I agree I love seeing newborns they’re so stinking cute but I do applaud her for not being like all these other women selling pictures to the highest bidder babies deserve more privacy at least for the first month lol

      July 16 at 5:57pm  / Reply
      • you can 

        Yeah.. Not yet. She’s going to wait about 2 more weeks to sell her Babys “first” pictures to some magazine . lol.

        July 16 at 8:15pm
  3. amber sheldon 

    Exactly how I am! :) I love my baby girl!!
    Had her the same day you did!
    Such an amazing gift

    July 16 at 5:13pm  / Reply
  4. Kerry 

    Congrats to you both !!!!
    Can’t wait to see a pic !!
    I think all your fans are waiting patiently

    July 16 at 5:15pm  / Reply
  5. المصيبة اوبغصون 

    I want to seee ur baby giiiirl <3

    July 16 at 5:16pm  / Reply
  6. Jennifer DeLuca 

    aw with that title it made me think that you had posted a picture of the baby darn it you’ve got to be real soon we’re all waiting lots of love from Bakersfield

    July 16 at 5:17pm  / Reply
  7. Rebekah 

    People need to calm down. Maybe Roger doesn’t want his kid plastered all over the internet. Ever think of that?

    July 16 at 5:17pm  / Reply
    • Deandre 

      Superbly illmninatiug data here, thanks!

      August 16 at 9:33pm  / Reply
  8. coco 

    No God forever reigns did that lmao

    July 16 at 5:20pm  / Reply
  9. Chantal 

    I feel you on this one. When my little girl was born I could not stop staring or taking pictures. I posted so many pictures that all my fb friends probably felt like they where right in my home watching her grow in person. They grow SO fast! I couldn’t risk missing a single breathe, I had to capture every moment before it slipped away :) enjoy! Babies are such a blessing! Congratulations!

    July 16 at 5:21pm  / Reply
  10. Dise 


    July 16 at 5:22pm  / Reply
  11. Stephanie 

    Congrats!! Enjoy every moment!

    July 16 at 5:23pm  / Reply
  12. Julianna 


    July 16 at 5:24pm  / Reply
  13. Julianna 

    No pictures

    July 16 at 5:24pm  / Reply
  14. Tanya Bass 

    Congratulations on the baby hope to see pictures of mommy daddy and the beautiful little angel

    July 16 at 5:25pm  / Reply
  15. wandy love 

    God bless both family’s! Im excited for all of you!

    July 16 at 5:29pm  / Reply
  16. cindy 

    where is the baby looking to see how sweet baby that come from love and gods child amen to a healthy one

    July 16 at 5:33pm  / Reply
  17. karla 

    Congrats u guys finally make it hit me up when ever u need

    July 16 at 5:38pm  / Reply
  18. Whitney Elaine Hunter 

    Enjoy the Lil precious one. Don’t be in any hurry to show her to the world. We will see her soon enough :) Congrats Jenni & Roger <3

    July 16 at 5:46pm  / Reply
  19. Alley 

    Show the beautiful baby girl already!!!

    July 16 at 5:51pm  / Reply
  20. Lisa 

    Enjoy every minute of that precious baby girl, before you know it she’ll be a toddler and you’ll wonder how the first year went by so fast! And don’t post a single picture until you are ready to share her cuteness with the rest of the world! This is yalls special private time with her. Congratulations to all three of you!

    July 16 at 5:52pm  / Reply
  21. Heather 

    If I were u and I could sell my baby’s first picture I would do it ….you’ve got a college tuition to fund now! God bless and congrats to you and roger

    July 16 at 6:01pm  / Reply
  22. Yakeline 

    Love you Jenny, but if you want to keep Roger around you gotta quit the reality shit…I don’t think he’s going to want his little girl exposed to the media… Congratulations to you both. , May God bless your baby. I hope you guys can stay together.

    July 16 at 6:02pm  / Reply
    • Katie 

      Lol—I’m sure she a going to take your relationship advice. Pretty sure she knows what she’s doing.

      July 17 at 9:35am  / Reply
  23. Wendy KassandrasMama Rios 

    She is probably waiting til the show airs

    July 16 at 6:02pm  / Reply
  24. fadwa 

    I wanna see ur baby girl !! Wher Is the pict

    July 16 at 6:29pm  / Reply
  25. Emma 

    post a picture i wanna see the cutie.!!

    July 16 at 6:51pm  / Reply
  26. Brittney Nicole 

    I want to see her!!!!!!!!

    July 16 at 7:04pm  / Reply
  27. Missgina68 

    I am so happy for you and Roger. I am 44 years and God never blessed me with children and I always thought I would be a great mother. Please always remember how much of a blessing it is to be a mother and a father!!

    July 16 at 7:27pm  / Reply
  28. Sammy Sosa 

    When do we get to see pics!!! I can’t wait to see her. Congrats Jenni and Roger!

    July 16 at 8:32pm  / Reply
  29. kendra 

    For crying out loud she just had her little angel!!! Let her and her loved ones enjoy the moments and memories they are having kept private she doesn’t need to show pics she’s still a normal person trying to experience a normal thing and if and when she puts pics in a magazine SO WHAT! LET THEM PAY!!! The paparazzi are horrible people! Sometimes they put crap in there magazines anyways so beat them to it and get paid college fund! Congrats jwoww there still fans out there that are satisfied with just knowing your doing good and happy love kendra

    July 16 at 11:01pm  / Reply
  30. Nancy 

    I truly admire the respect and love you have for your baby girls privacy…. what a great mother you are! Your daughter is very bless to have you! Many best wishes and blessings to you all. CONTINUATIONS :)

    July 17 at 12:06am  / Reply
  31. Joy 

    I want a picture !

    July 17 at 12:08am  / Reply
  32. Nancy 

    Congratulations! ! Sorry didn’t double check ahahahaha

    July 17 at 12:08am  / Reply
  33. Justine 

    Congrats to you both I’m sure she is absolutely beautiful . I’m sure your dad is very proud of you jenny and rogers mum and dad too xxxxx much love

    July 17 at 2:26am  / Reply
  34. Tina 

    So you are just waiting to get Money for the Pictures of the baby? In a Magazine?

    July 20 at 1:10pm  / Reply
  35. Osman 

    - I love the composition and fanimrg of each shot! But I think 4th one down and the black and white one are my faves! Seriously amazing work keep it up, hot stuff!

    August 16 at 8:11pm  / Reply


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