Congrats To Snooki On Her Second Pregnancy!!!!

JWOWW - Snooki Announces Second Pregnancy Congrats Post

I can finally say my best friend is pregnant!!!!!!!! Nikky Polizzi aka Snooki and I can now get fat together and talk shit about how awful pregnancy is in the summer. I couldn’t be happier for her and Jionni LaValle!!

I have seriously always wanted to be pregnant with Nicole because she has done it before and has been so good about giving me advice and helping me through my journey so far!!!

To all those haters who think she’s trying to outshine me, you are crazy!!! This honestly couldn’t have come at a better time and I am beyond excited to experience this all with my best friend!!! We will always support each other no matter what!! She is like a sister to me and I am so lucky to have her in my life as a positive force, best friend, and a huge part of my growing family!! Love you to a million pieces and I can’t wait for our kids to have playdates with one another in the future!!! XOXO


  1. jenni 

    Congratulations Jenni!! So happy for you both!! Prayers for you both to have healthy pregnancies and babies! Nicole is already an amazing mom and I know you will be too!!

    April 4 at 9:04am  / Reply
  2. Ashley Lyn Stone 

    Congrats to Nicole!!!!

    April 4 at 9:04am  / Reply
  3. Nakiah 

    Omg thats soo great I have waited for so long and its finally happened you two being pregnant at the same time!! And what makes it better is im also having a baby all the best girls you will be amazing mummies!

    April 4 at 9:06am  / Reply
    • kiwana 

      Congrats to u its fun n great especially when u have a beautiful child ib ur arms greeat luck to u on it pregna cy as well

      April 4 at 9:12am  / Reply
  4. alexis s reyes 

    You both are the cutest and gorgeous. Best Mommys

    April 4 at 9:06am  / Reply
  5. Kiki L Sherlin 


    That’s the most amazing thing to experience with your best friend. I’ve been there with my sister too, and I don’t have to tell you how full your heart feels. I’m so glad that you’re both happy in life & remember, BEST FRIENDS are more like Sister’s! (They are RARE!)

    ♡ YAZ DOLL!

    April 4 at 9:06am  / Reply
  6. Ashley Lyn Stone 

    Oh Jenni you look fabulous being pregnant, best wishes to you both thru this amazing journey. :) xoxo

    April 4 at 9:06am  / Reply
  7. kiwana 

    Love u guys i have two beautiful kids of my own a boy n a girl

    April 4 at 9:07am  / Reply
  8. Patricia Parker 

    That’s awesome, but we already knew Snooki was pregnant, its been in the news for a while. But congrats!!!

    April 4 at 9:11am  / Reply
  9. Alyssa Peterson 

    Wait Snooki is pregnant again?????????????

    April 4 at 9:11am  / Reply
  10. leyla 

    So what are you doing bitch fuck up

    April 4 at 9:12am  / Reply
  11. Dorka Ant Bella Gonzalez 


    April 4 at 9:14am  / Reply
  12. Nicole 

    Congrats to the both of you !!! It has been amazing watching you both grow in to two very beautiful women !!

    April 4 at 9:16am  / Reply
  13. Tara 

    Congrats to you both. The best thing is to have ur best friend by ur side for the most amazing thing in the world.

    April 4 at 9:17am  / Reply
  14. Misty Dalton Dugan 

    congrats to u both. U both are going to be wonderful parents Snooki u already are. I hope u all have happy healthy babies. I’m pregnant with my 3rd child. I’m due on July 1st and I’m having another boy. this makes my 3rd son. Anyways wishing u both a happy pregnancy and life

    April 4 at 10:10am  / Reply
  15. Marisol 

    Congrats to both of you!!! I love the real friendship you have!!!

    April 4 at 10:19am  / Reply
  16. lidia 

    oh wow nice that’s its so amazing :) :) :)

    April 4 at 10:25am  / Reply
  17. Jenny Gianettino 

    Jenni I know how amazing it is to experience this with your best friend! When I was pregnant all 22 of my girl friends were too!

    April 4 at 11:08am  / Reply
  18. Lola m 

    My best friend and I were due the same day and I thank god she was pregnant with me because it’s easier to go trough something like this when you are not alone!!

    April 4 at 11:17am  / Reply
  19. Candace Talbert 

    True besties right there. Lol pregnant together.

    April 4 at 11:31am  / Reply
  20. Norma Miller 

    Congrats to both of you love ya both

    April 4 at 1:43pm  / Reply
  21. Eva 

    Jenni, I would like to send you and Nicole some of my handmade baby items!! How could I do that? I won’t advertise the company name here but, I would love for you to see what I make. Congrats to you both, so very exciting!!

    April 4 at 1:45pm  / Reply
  22. gg 

    I loved the both of u since jersey shore you both reminded me of me and my bestie you both are beautiful smart woman from the inside out good luck with the babies. :)

    April 4 at 3:31pm  / Reply
  23. Kat Hutchison 

    Conrats to both of you! I see an arranged marriage in the future! <3

    April 4 at 4:44pm  / Reply
  24. Anthony B. 

    Congratulations Jenni….still my favorite 700cc out there!!!! lol….can you breast feed with implants or no?

    April 4 at 5:01pm  / Reply
  25. Lovelyy Mizz erica 

    How far along is she??

    April 4 at 9:15pm  / Reply
  26. mariSol 

    Congrats!! How far along are yall? What are you having?

    April 5 at 7:25am  / Reply
  27. Jessica Molina 

    I’m excited for the both of you! :D

    April 7 at 12:09pm  / Reply
  28. Sarah Shoemaker 

    Congrats to you both. My sister and I were pregnant at the same time and it was an awesome experience, such fun memories were made. Our little ones are 3 months apart and are the best of friends. You will have fun. :-)

    April 9 at 1:40am  / Reply
  29. Domin123 

    I am so excited for the both of you. I think it’s so cute to experience pregnancy with your B.F.F. love you guys♡♡

    April 9 at 12:51pm  / Reply
  30. Ashley Gabriel Flores 

    Congrats to both of yall on yall pregnancy wish yall both the best with yall kids.! =) <3

    April 17 at 4:49pm  / Reply
  31. millan 

    Congrats to you two boo boos

    April 21 at 7:59pm  / Reply
  32. KiKi 

    Congrats to both of you! My older sister and I were pregnant together and both had boys! It was so much fun and now they are best friends they’re 8 months apart and are constantly asking to see each other! Its just the sweetest thing chase my nephew always cries and begs to see “his Dylan” his “best friend” and makes my sister let him call me just to talk to Dylan they’re both 3 years old now and chase will be 4 this Aug but its just too adorable to see them and how much they love each other. You guys are lucky to be prego at the same time and just think if you guys both have the same sex they’ll be best buddies but if not you could end up being each others child’s in laws which would be neat too! Good luck to both of you so excited for you guys!

    April 29 at 9:31pm  / Reply


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