Daddy Blog: Blessed With An Angel

JWOWW - Roger Mathews with Baby Meilani

Thought I wanted a boy. Instead I was blessed with an angel. Best thing to ever happen to me. #Daddydaughterposes ~ Roger


  1. kayla 

    Enjoy it, the grow fast

    August 8 at 2:06pm  / Reply
    • undidautoa 

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  2. Cheryl Soliz-Sisson 

    She is absolutely beautiful…..I think she looks like you… and Roger will be great parents! Congrats!

    August 8 at 2:18pm  / Reply
  3. Amy 

    Aww that is so cute!!

    August 8 at 2:27pm  / Reply
  4. sarai 

    She is the cutest baby girl I have seen she going to have the best mom anyone Would ever want. Y’all make a great family.

    August 8 at 2:45pm  / Reply
  5. Chris J 

    Congrats to you both ! She Is adorable. God bless you & your family.

    August 8 at 3:04pm  / Reply
  6. Stephanie 

    Congratulations to you both you’ve been Blessed with a beautiful Princess.

    August 8 at 3:08pm  / Reply
  7. Schezel Elizabeth 

    She’s so cute!! She looks so small beside daddy!!

    August 8 at 3:10pm  / Reply
  8. Kyile 

    I’m a big fan of u and the show.. Congrates to u both on having such a cute little angel..

    August 8 at 4:07pm  / Reply
  9. Jenny 

    Omg what a beautiful picture! She’s so cute. I love you and jwoww. Congrats. Enjoy every minute, it goes by fast.

    August 8 at 4:41pm  / Reply
    • Gatsy 

      At last! Someone with real exsetripe gives us the answer. Thanks!

      August 15 at 4:58pm  / Reply
  10. Heather 

    She’s a perfect lil angel!

    August 8 at 5:16pm  / Reply
    • Anaka 

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      August 16 at 12:44pm  / Reply
  11. Ashley 

    You have such a beautiful little girl,y’all are going to be such amazing parents. She’s so lucky to have such loving parents.

    August 8 at 8:46pm  / Reply
  12. ashley 

    Awe she’s so cute so happy for you two being a parent is the beat thing ever and the best thing that can happen to a person cherish it all cause sooner then later they will be talking back and giving u there peice of mind I love your show by the way watched jersey shore and and snooki hopefully we see more of you guys stay good and live life just cause your parents doesn’t mean u can’t have fun :)

    August 9 at 12:03am  / Reply
  13. Michelle Peat 

    I am So So Happy For you Both <3 As you both brought A Beautiful Angel Your World…Roger and Your-self will be great :) Parents and wonderful friends <3 <3 Your have a Wonderful support team as well,which every-body needs…. <3 Love You Guy`s :) :)

    August 9 at 2:36pm  / Reply
  14. Mely Mtz 

    Congratulations, but the way you have the baby positioned in that pillow is dangerous, please remove it as soon as possible, God bless

    August 9 at 11:36pm  / Reply
  15. Jenaya 

    There’s a secret about your post. ICKHTTIYBTY

    August 15 at 11:51am  / Reply


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