First Personal Picture of Meilani!!!

JWOWW - First Picture of Baby Meilani Alexandra Mathews

I cannot put down my little nugget! She makes the best faces… this is her “I’m pooping, ma!” face! All I want to do everyday is just play with her and hold her in my arms!! The sweetest angel that ever existed!!! More picture coming soon!!! xoxo


  1. Chasity 

    She is so beautiful. Congrats 2 u n Roger.

    August 7 at 9:30am  / Reply
    • ellezanxz 

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      August 7 at 5:44pm  / Reply
  2. Grace 

    So cute.

    August 7 at 9:31am  / Reply
  3. mayra 

    She is so adorable God bless her

    August 7 at 9:32am  / Reply
  4. Brittany 

    Meilani is so cute jenni she is so precious

    August 7 at 9:32am  / Reply
  5. Danielle 


    August 7 at 9:32am  / Reply
  6. Amber sherman 

    She is a beautiful little princess I wish mine could be that little still but she is going to be 2 December 1st and I am very big fan of you and snooki you guys are my idols

    August 7 at 9:34am  / Reply
  7. Whitney Elaine Hunter 

    She looks just like her daddy! :) She’s gorgeous!

    August 7 at 9:35am  / Reply
  8. Kelsie Easley 

    She is adorable

    August 7 at 9:36am  / Reply
  9. Beth 

    She is so beautiful! Welcome to the mommy club! Lol enjoy her so little they grow up so fast. Congrats on your little family! <3<3<3

    August 7 at 9:37am  / Reply
  10. imene 


    August 7 at 9:38am  / Reply
  11. Emilee 

    she’s absolutely beautiful!!! congrats

    August 7 at 9:38am  / Reply
  12. jocelyn torres 

    she is just so cute!!!!!!!!!! So tiny <3 congrats jwoww god bless hee and your family

    August 7 at 9:41am  / Reply
  13. Rose Van Haren 

    she is beautiful just like her mommy :)

    August 7 at 9:53am  / Reply
  14. Jo N Kris 

    Oh gosh she is beautiful Jenni!!!! Congrats again on becoming a mommy girl… and for just having her, you look AMAZING!!! I have one question for you though.. How do you pronounce your daughter’s name? Is it like, “May Lonni” or ” Milan E”?

    August 7 at 9:53am  / Reply
  15. Sheila 

    Jenni you are gonne be an amazing mom! Meilani is so beautiful. Lots of love to you and roger stay strong! I adore you

    August 7 at 10:00am  / Reply
  16. jake 

    congrats jenni shes adorable

    August 7 at 10:02am  / Reply
  17. tina 

    She is beautiful just like you .So precious!!!!

    August 7 at 10:05am  / Reply
  18. hazel Wylie 

    She is so cute!!!

    August 7 at 10:06am  / Reply
  19. Terra 

    She is beautiful! Congratulations to you and Roger… I think she looks like her daddy.

    August 7 at 10:07am  / Reply
  20. Suzanne Eubanks 

    Congratulations on the beautiful baby girl… She is so perfect in every way take lotz of pic they grow so fast……

    August 7 at 10:14am  / Reply
  21. Miranda Kuipers 

    What a beautiful little girl! Congrats to you and roger! She looks just like her daddy :D
    Greetings from The Netherland

    August 7 at 10:29am  / Reply
  22. Stephanie 

    She’s so cute! :-)

    August 7 at 10:30am  / Reply
  23. ashley 

    I think she’s ugly

    August 7 at 10:38am  / Reply
    • Mindy.V 

      Whow says that about a baby? Do you have a soul?

      August 7 at 11:17am  / Reply
    • Candace 

      She was taking a poop…babies make face when they poop. I bet u aren’t so hot yourself. To talk about a baby is just messed up…get a life.

      August 7 at 11:22am  / Reply
    • wise up 

      You’re ugly on the inside..and that’s the worst kind of ugly.

      August 7 at 11:35am  / Reply
    • KateRose 

      Wow calling a baby ugly…ur a real winner. Take ur shit elsewhere…cus No one needs ur kind of negativity. Smdh ppl like u make me sick

      August 7 at 11:36am  / Reply
    • Danelle 

      Wow Ashley what a bitch you are!! You are the type of person that dosnt deserve to have any children. That baby is so precious she’s adorable!!!

      August 7 at 11:36am  / Reply
    • rachel 

      Ashley! get a like if you can’t say nothing good about someone get off facebook! we see you don’t have any pictures on facebook because you are to ugly to show your self! leave jwwow and her family alone get a life your nasty! and that is just a baby and she is beautiful! just like her mom and dad!

      August 7 at 11:47am  / Reply
    • jen 

      Who the hell calls a baby ugly? Your a bitch!!!! Why do haters even follow if your just going to be an ass. If you don’t like her mother so be it. Takes somebody will little class to talk about an innocent BEAUTIFUL baby.

      August 8 at 11:51pm  / Reply
    • B Sanchez 

      Whys everyone getting so mad babies can be ugly.

      August 9 at 12:31am  / Reply
  24. Christine 

    Wow Ashley….is there a reason why you don’t have a profile pic up..if you have nothing nice to say then don’t say anything at all….she’s beautiful just like her momma….

    August 7 at 10:52am  / Reply
  25. jiojowellmommy 

    Who says that about a baby seriously grow up!!!

    August 7 at 11:07am  / Reply
  26. Nicole Perdikakis 

    To Ashley the only ugly thing here is you what kind of person calls a baby ugly are you kidding me who shit in your skittles Someone is jealous!!!!! your going to hell sweetheart you must have had a pretty pathetic life to take it out on a baby that you don’t even know Or any child for that matter your a waste of air I’m thinking your mother should have swallowed get a life

    August 7 at 11:14am  / Reply
    • Candace 

      Lol…it takes a really sad person to talk bad about a sweet little baby!

      August 7 at 11:19am  / Reply
  27. Candace 

    She is so adorable…but I do believe she is gonna be one spoiled little girl lol. Congrats Jenni and Roger!

    August 7 at 11:17am  / Reply
  28. Celia 

    Gorgeous baby. She’s growing so fast.

    August 7 at 11:17am  / Reply
  29. Bryon Nagle 

    roger needs to work more now baby need milk and diapers

    August 7 at 11:26am  / Reply
  30. KateRose 

    So cute <3 God bless

    August 7 at 11:32am  / Reply
  31. emeraldowlgal 

    I love this! I miss my kids being babies so much. Also, I freaking LOVE your hair like that! Glad to hear you and Roger have your own little lady.

    And girrrrrrl, I wish I could send you a little lace crown that I make. Would be so cute on her for photos.

    August 7 at 11:36am  / Reply
    • Soumaya 

      Anyone replying to this ashly girl shouldnt lol shes probably a 13 year old brat or looking for attention that u all are giving her just ignore stupid people like her

      August 7 at 12:23pm  / Reply
  32. amanda 

    Beautiful baby girl! Now just wait till you get the teething face its a joy!!

    August 7 at 12:31pm  / Reply
  33. Ileana LA Bory avile 

    Wow Congratz Jenni And Roger

    August 7 at 12:33pm  / Reply
  34. lez 

    Very pretty looks just like daddy :-)

    August 7 at 1:11pm  / Reply
  35. Sandi Raposo 

    She is so beautiful, just like her mommy!! Enjoy every precious moment !!!

    August 7 at 3:28pm  / Reply
  36. mariapua 

    She looks so much like roger!!! Omg…soo freeking cute!

    August 7 at 3:37pm  / Reply
  37. Kathy 

    She really is very cute! As I’m sure you heard 1 million times they grow up so fast. I have a 23 year old and it seems like just yesterday he was born. You’re looking pretty good too. Are you doing a daily exercise routine?

    August 7 at 3:48pm  / Reply
  38. Adra Denise Darnell 

    She is precious….congrats to you both…God Bless.

    August 7 at 4:40pm  / Reply
  39. mariah 

    That is so cute

    August 7 at 7:21pm  / Reply
  40. fran 

    she is so cute i have 3 kids and seeing her make me want to have another one

    August 7 at 7:52pm  / Reply
  41. sunspotbaby2U 

    she’s a doll baby.. soo happy for you and Roger..!

    August 7 at 10:04pm  / Reply
  42. Sherhaydusty 

    She is so cute. She looks so much like her daddy. God Bless your little family

    August 8 at 7:13am  / Reply
  43. amanda sellars 

    So freakin adorable congrats!!!!!! She is so gorges!!!!!! :) :P :) :P :) :P

    August 8 at 9:03am  / Reply
  44. Kerri-Tanya Bird 

    she so adorable jwwow im so happy for you and your lil fam jam congrats cant wait to see pics of snookie’s new baby

    August 8 at 7:50pm  / Reply
  45. lucero lopez 

    Congrats jwwow….she’s so adorable loooks exactly like u:)

    August 11 at 3:54pm  / Reply
  46. Victoria knight 

    Congrats jwwow and roger she so cutie

    August 11 at 7:55pm  / Reply


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