First Sonogram Pics Of The Baby Are In!!

JWOWW - First Sonogram pics of the baby are in

LOL! Just kidding, but this is kind of perfect!


  1. Misty Ann Kough 

    What the heck and here I was so excited.. Make a baby already lol!!

    January 21 at 3:55pm  / Reply
    • Vee897 

      She IS pregnant… this is just a joke though

      January 21 at 6:17pm  / Reply
  2. morgan 

    Wait is that the baby

    January 21 at 3:55pm  / Reply
  3. lidia silva 


    January 21 at 3:56pm  / Reply
  4. Carmen Cotto 

    oh mann!! I was all excited and everything, but that is cute!!

    January 21 at 3:56pm  / Reply
  5. elaine 

    lol good one..

    January 21 at 3:57pm  / Reply
  6. Christopher Davis 

    The tanning will be strong in this one! Congrats!

    January 21 at 3:57pm  / Reply
  7. Gal Amar 

    u should put the real pics

    January 21 at 3:58pm  / Reply
  8. isabell5023 


    January 21 at 3:58pm  / Reply
  9. Chilenita28 

    Lol….just like dad….

    January 21 at 3:59pm  / Reply
  10. Kendra 

    lol that is so cute. I Can’t wait to see your babys sonogram pic :)

    January 21 at 3:59pm  / Reply
  11. Amanda 

    Lol super cute

    January 21 at 3:59pm  / Reply
  12. Kenyia 

    This is perfect lol

    January 21 at 4:01pm  / Reply
  13. Audrea Matthews 

    Oh man…I was super excited to see, but you tricked us….its still cute though..

    January 21 at 4:01pm  / Reply
  14. Alejandra 

    Lol good one

    January 21 at 4:02pm  / Reply
  15. ashley 

    omg i didn’t know that jwow is prego

    January 21 at 4:03pm  / Reply
  16. Daven 

    Congrats jenni and that’s an epic sonogram (:

    January 21 at 4:11pm  / Reply
  17. Heatherbaby 

    Congrats lady!

    January 21 at 4:27pm  / Reply
  18. Jolanda borek 

    What you having boy or girl

    January 21 at 6:06pm  / Reply
  19. Manu kilo 

    Congrats jenny

    January 21 at 6:24pm  / Reply
  20. Anna 

    Sooo adorable lol!

    January 21 at 7:08pm  / Reply
  21. irina 

    Did u get this off facebook??????

    January 21 at 7:11pm  / Reply
  22. Cindy Sykes 

    Gonna be a big one. Lol

    January 21 at 7:50pm  / Reply
  23. Tess 

    So cute lol!!!!

    January 21 at 8:17pm  / Reply
  24. Amanda 

    Omg!! I was getting excited!!

    January 22 at 5:17am  / Reply
  25. Trisha 

    LOL.. you had us all going.. but when do you find out the sex of your baby ? Do you have any motherly instincts on what it may be, I know I did when I was pregnant, and was right! Wish you guys the best! :)

    January 22 at 7:15am  / Reply
  26. Sammy 

    She is having a girl!!!!!!!!

    January 22 at 10:04am  / Reply
  27. jessica 

    Awww yay u having a baby girl!!! Congratulations :)

    January 22 at 10:27am  / Reply
  28. Shakira Eldridge 


    January 22 at 11:17am  / Reply
  29. francesmartinez 

    Congrats jenni ur gna be great mommy to ur baby girl..

    January 22 at 12:39pm  / Reply
  30. Alma Lagunas 

    Lol how cool

    January 22 at 1:54pm  / Reply
  31. countrygirl 

    awe how cute lol… such a big fan of you,nicole,roger and jionni you are so freaking beautiful and funny. cant wait to see the real pictures of the sonagram(:

    January 22 at 2:43pm  / Reply


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