Flashback Friday: Harper’s Bazaar 2010 Shoot

 JWOWW - Marchesa Wedding Gown with Snooki and Sammi Sweetheart

Love this shoot and the Marchesa gown I was put in for this Harper’s Bazaar spread with Snooki and Sammi!


  1. Emilie 

    You look beautiful!
    I’d love to see your daughter!

    May 16 at 12:17pm  / Reply
  2. Wendy 

    I want Snooki’s dress!

    May 16 at 12:40pm  / Reply
  3. hailz 

    Love it yous look great xxx

    May 16 at 12:44pm  / Reply
  4. courtney 

    Yes Dress Looks Amazing On u!!!!

    May 16 at 12:57pm  / Reply
  5. Nancy Gonzalez 

    where’s Deena???

    May 16 at 1:05pm  / Reply
    • Chell 

      This was 2010 before Deena was on the show. I think.

      May 16 at 5:03pm  / Reply
  6. Harlym ransfield 

    You’ve always been beautiful <3

    May 16 at 2:26pm  / Reply
  7. sarey 

    Sammi looks great

    May 16 at 3:04pm  / Reply
  8. Brittany terceira 

    Love the wedding gown jenni u look beautiful

    May 16 at 3:14pm  / Reply
  9. Stephanie Ochoa 

    U look pretty

    May 16 at 3:28pm  / Reply
  10. Stephanie Ochoa 

    All three of u look pretty

    May 16 at 3:29pm  / Reply
  11. Kooki 

    You don’t look prego…surrogating??

    May 16 at 3:46pm  / Reply
    • Webern 

      It says this is flash back Friday, so she probably wasn’t pregnant yet when this was takin.

      May 16 at 3:51pm  / Reply
      • Erin 

        This was taken years ago…..before Deena even.

        May 16 at 4:32pm
  12. Katie Davis 

    These is a pretty dress your wearing for your wedding I luv that wedding dress it is very pretty on u…..

    May 16 at 5:49pm  / Reply
    • Riaha 

      It’s says flashback Friday at the top, I don’t really think this is the dress she’s wearing for her wedding! This was taken in 2010

      May 17 at 9:23am  / Reply
  13. Paulette 

    You all look absolutely stunning. Love the dresses.

    May 16 at 7:43pm  / Reply
  14. Treanna 

    All three of you are stunning!

    May 16 at 10:03pm  / Reply
  15. Jenni Peck 

    Jenni u are so beautiful, loving the dress.

    May 16 at 11:30pm  / Reply
  16. lola 

    I love all the dresses

    May 17 at 8:07am  / Reply
  17. Lindsey 

    But Nicole looks skinny? I thought she didnt lose weight till after Jersey Shore ended? And this was taken before Deena? Either way they still look fabulous..

    May 17 at 11:37am  / Reply
  18. Tonya 

    Why do you always post the same shit all the time this pic is like 3 years old!!!!

    May 17 at 12:28pm  / Reply
    • Aleksandra 

      Because… For People like me, I never see this pic , it’s so beautiful.
      You look so strong girls!

      May 18 at 1:05am  / Reply
    • bev 

      Why are you bring a bitch about it?
      You don’t have to look not comment On it.
      So why are you being a hateful bitch?

      May 22 at 3:27pm  / Reply
  19. Stephanie Hushour 

    she looks so pretty in that dress and she is my favorite jersey shore girl

    January 9 at 5:57pm  / Reply
  20. Kimberly Dunn 

    I love all of them very pretty

    January 9 at 6:12pm  / Reply
  21. Mielly 

    WOW !!! that is a really nice pic of you girls !1 <3

    January 9 at 11:46pm  / Reply
  22. Adriaanjtecraven Ida 

    I am a biggest fan over here and Snooki

    January 10 at 12:37am  / Reply
  23. Ashley 

    Wedding dress on jenni looks beautiful on her!

    January 10 at 6:35am  / Reply
  24. Ashley 

    Love snooki and jenni

    January 10 at 6:36am  / Reply
  25. Tina Williams 

    Beautiful dress!!

    January 10 at 10:40am  / Reply


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