Flashback Friday: One Life To Live

JWoww - One Life to Live

Flashback to when I guest-starred on One Life To Live!!! They just got 7 Emmy nominations!!!! So excited I was a part of that soap and I really hope it comes back one day… Wishing them a win! XOXO


  1. Laura Greco 

    I so remember when you starred on One Life To Live. Oh how I miss my soap Fingers crossed they win, come back on the air and have you guest star again.

    May 2 at 1:56pm  / Reply
  2. Jennifer 

    Oh my goodness girl you look so good!!! I feel foolish cause till right now I didn’t even know you starred in one!! But now I do, guess you do learn something new everyday ;)

    May 2 at 2:17pm  / Reply
  3. Sandra 

    TV would be a bore if you weren’t in it! Love you girl keep up the good work. Congrats on baby! Can I send you a gift for the little angel?

    May 2 at 11:36pm  / Reply
  4. Elissa 

    Love flashback Friday posts! Thanks for sharing! I hope the rumors are true that a new season of Snooki & Jwoww will be coming out!! It will be amazing to see you back again, soooo looking forward to this. Hope everything is going great with the pregnancy so far. What a blessing.

    May 3 at 7:29am  / Reply


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