For My Daughter…

JWOWW - VHS Movie collection for daughter Classics

Found my old collection for my daughter… Classics that will never get old


  1. Robert Hansen 

    Do you still own a VCR? LoL

    April 28 at 11:32am  / Reply
    • Amber 

      It does teach children about technology and how it has evolved. My family still have a VCR and I’m 19. We don’t use it, but we still have it.

      April 28 at 12:35pm  / Reply
  2. Dewi 

    all the great movies !

    April 28 at 11:44am  / Reply
  3. BrittanyRae 

    Free willy!

    April 28 at 12:47pm  / Reply
  4. maria 

    A little princess <3

    April 28 at 9:58pm  / Reply
  5. Vanessa 

    Do you have any names yet?❤

    April 29 at 7:29am  / Reply
  6. Dkrichardson 

    We have almost the complete collection… Willing to trade for a make for my daughter and I from you :) ) jk!! Congrats!!! Love you!!! Feel free to contact me if interested ;) )

    May 2 at 2:26pm  / Reply
  7. bianca 

    hi my name is Bianca know your biggest fan I would love to talk to you and meet you217 390 2870

    May 21 at 10:29pm  / Reply
  8. Brandon Loving JayLah Lattimore 

    your baby going to look just like you you are so pretty

    May 21 at 10:33pm  / Reply
  9. aztecqueen22 

    First movie I saw was it takes two. I miss it. My daughter watches videos that my grandma still has.

    May 29 at 5:27pm  / Reply


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