Get Ready for Snooki and JWOWW Season 4…

jwoww - MILFS together with Snooki Season 4

Looks like Snooki’s wish came true!! Can’t wait for you to see the magic happen on Season 4 of Snooki and JWOWW!!!


  1. ashley 

    When does season 4 start ??

    May 13 at 2:03pm  / Reply
  2. Yesenia 

    Yah when does season 4 start

    May 13 at 3:13pm  / Reply
  3. courtnee 

    That’s awesome! Yeah when is it gonna come on?please let your fans knkw !!!…..

    May 13 at 4:45pm  / Reply
  4. Nicole Raposo 

    Summer time I believe some time in August

    May 13 at 5:15pm  / Reply
  5. Tara 

    This is the first thing I thought of when Jenni announced she was pregnant. This and that she wanted to get pregnant at the same time as Jenni.

    May 13 at 6:38pm  / Reply
    • Tara 

      That Nicole wanted to. Didn’t specify.

      May 13 at 6:38pm  / Reply
  6. Christina 

    I can’t wait

    May 14 at 2:55am  / Reply
  7. Kayla 

    I cannt waiiiit!!

    May 14 at 3:16pm  / Reply
  8. Katie 

    Can’t wait ;-) Gonna be exciting to see both y’all preggo at the same time and see the babies hopefully and more of ur baby bump :-)

    May 14 at 3:31pm  / Reply
  9. Shianne Rose Wigmore-Powder 

    i remember this episode! i totaly believed snooki and i totaly knew this would happen!! lol but its all good !! your both gna be awsome mommys and the kids are gna be so beautiful ! i bet u cant wait til they are all grown up and playing dolls together:) i have 2 girls <3 i love it ,and so will you !!

    May 21 at 5:43pm  / Reply


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