Gifts For My Lil’ Monkey

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  1. waldonfsxvcx 

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    June 17 at 7:34pm  / Reply
  2. Hannah 

    holy hell thats a lot of pacifiers!! congratulations on baby girl, cant wait for photos! x o

    June 18 at 3:56am  / Reply
  3. ShelbyR 

    The mams are the best! My little girl loves them!!!

    June 18 at 10:12am  / Reply
  4. Shelby Foster 

    My daughter stopped using pacifiers at 2 months. She is now 7 months with two teeth, so I’m happy she stopped when she did. So happy for you Jenny! You will be great parents!!! It is hard, but it is all worth it in the end. I’m glad I get to be a stay at home mom and watch her grow and learn every second of the day… Do you have everything for her that you need? Let me know if I can help. It gets expensive really quick lol.

    June 18 at 11:06am  / Reply
  5. Ana T 

    So happy for you and Roger! Your going to be awesome Parents! :)

    June 18 at 11:16am  / Reply
  6. keyah 

    Aww them shoes r so cute I have a lil girl…she’ll b 6 mnths at da end of da mnth n her lil feet r so small…shoes r so hard 2 find…but ne ways congrads on ur lil one…can’t wait 2 u decide 2 share pics….

    June 18 at 1:08pm  / Reply
  7. keyah 

    N u can’t have enough pacifiers dey r just as important as shoes

    June 18 at 1:11pm  / Reply
  8. Mariah 

    Well you will never have to worry about finding a paci in the middle of the night lol! Congrats jenni and Rodger you guys will be awesome and amazing parents!

    June 18 at 1:42pm  / Reply
  9. Rosanne 

    My niece Lily won’t take a pacifier. First baby I ever saw reject one.

    June 18 at 2:15pm  / Reply
  10. Labrya 

    Awwe your gonna be an amazing mommy jenni and your gonna need all those soothers I know I went through so many they get lost easily and its always good to change them up for sterile reaons ….congrats to you and your little fam jam ♡♡♡

    June 18 at 5:22pm  / Reply
  11. karim 

    Donate donate and donate some more you have plenty give back is the right karma thing to do.

    June 18 at 8:57pm  / Reply
  12. Joyce 

    So happy for u

    June 19 at 8:50am  / Reply


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