Gossip with My Boo Snooki on Naturally Nicole!!

Snooki and Jwoww - naturally nicole podcast episode 4

I was so honored when my BFF, Snooki, asked if I would be on her “Spilling the Tea” segment on her new podcast Naturally Nicole!! We talked about everything from my pregnant Orangutan titties to Joan Rivers being a rude bully and the drama over Kim and Kanye not paying for their honeymoon. LMAO! Listen to the podcast to hear us chat about it all!!! XOXO


  1. nolanmoja 

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    July 9 at 5:27pm  / Reply
  2. Whitney Elaine Hunter 

    Lmao you had me cracking up, Jenni! I agree with you 100% about everything you said. I can’t stand Kim or Kanye as human beings. They are two of the most self centered, materialistic people on the face of the planet. The entire family is. Well, except for Rob. I love him.

    July 9 at 7:15pm  / Reply
  3. Gloria Dillard 


    July 9 at 7:21pm  / Reply
  4. Nix 

    I wanna shoot myself trying to listen to your podcast, if you smack ur lips and say “um” one more time Ima fuckin snap. Learn to speak Jesus! all keep talking in circles and sound fuckin stupid trying to sound grown

    July 9 at 7:22pm  / Reply
    • Shelly 

      If you don’t like them, don’t listen!! It’s that easy! Quit being so judgmental!

      July 9 at 7:54pm  / Reply
      • Carlos Munoz 

        it was his opinion your the judgmental one. Thought this was Merica freedom of speech ever heard of it dumb bitch

        July 10 at 1:36am
      • rochelle 

        No Carlos it is not “Merica” it is America. Say it with me? A-mer-ica.

        July 10 at 10:31pm
      • roy 

        No rochelle it is the United states OF america say it with me, OF america. As far as I know America consist of North, South, and Central America, and everyone from those countries can be considered am american not just you self centered everything revolves around me united states citizens

        July 11 at 9:35am
      • &Drama 

        Carlos, why you on a chick blog insulting girls? how much of a fucking loser are you? Such pathetic. Much virgin.

        July 11 at 12:44pm
    • ashley 

      Well, “Nix,” it seems like you can’t even form a correct complete sentence. Who are you to judge? Learn how to write correctly and spell correctly, sweetheart.

      July 9 at 8:24pm  / Reply
      • Carlos Munoz 

        you can’t seem to do your job and make yo man a sandwich imo thats worst then rape to kitchen with you bitch

        July 10 at 1:35am
      • kateri 

        Carlos are you serously joking about rape being worse than not making a man who has his own legs and arms a sandwitch! Let me guess you also think rape is the womans fault cause the way she dresses or your someone who is just that ignorent! Go troll sonewhere else little boy!!!!

        July 10 at 2:04pm
      • &Drama 

        this Carlos dude enjoys the taste of semen

        July 11 at 12:40pm
    • Ally 

      I agree with Ashley. You shouldn’t be talking hate if you don’t know how to speak yourself! I don’t think you can “speak Jesus”. Like, damn son, you don’t even sound grown.

      July 9 at 10:22pm  / Reply
      • Carlos Munoz 

        shut up bitch

        July 10 at 1:34am
    • lina 

      Well its none of ur business she can say w.e she want if. U dont like dont go to her website

      July 10 at 6:52am  / Reply
    • tinaann fontana 

      isnt nix a shampoo to get rid of lice whos a dumb bitch now

      July 11 at 3:18pm  / Reply
    • Rae 

      Ima fucking snap?? Learn to speak Jesus?? Im glad you dont have a Podcast

      July 13 at 1:24pm  / Reply
  5. Laura 

    Lol I just had my child on the 24th and yes pregnancy sucks especially at the end I can relate!! Good luck to you jenni and snook. Too funny!

    July 9 at 8:19pm  / Reply
  6. Carina 

    How do people judge kim and kayne when they don’t even know them. it’s pathetic and pure jealousy. Drives me insane. I usually love jenni and Nicole but who are they to payout people .

    July 10 at 12:00am  / Reply
    • leslie 

      I agree. All these people that say they can’t stand kim & kanye as human beings and they’re this & that, don’t know them. You can’t judge someone from what you see on TV or read in magazines. It’s okay to be jealous or envious, but you don’t have to be a hater all your life. #onlyGodcanjudge

      July 10 at 7:18am  / Reply
    • Marisol 

      Juat my opinion making it clearl now, i dont necessarily this people need to know them to have on opinion on them. Is it gunna be a fair opinion maybe not but everyone even people who cliam to not judge, judge others just by what they see and its normal. I mean you dont know them as well and you never know they might be they worst people on earth and your defending what you dont know just what you see or hear. Point in it all its just opinions right or wrong.

      July 10 at 9:18pm  / Reply
  7. killyf11 

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    July 10 at 2:02am  / Reply
  8. Glennie 

    Oh stop! You and Snooki looks so cute pregnant. I can’t wait to see your little princesses. God bless your little families.

    July 10 at 3:52pm  / Reply
  9. Emily 

    This is the first time I’ve listening to your pod cast and I don’t care what anyone else thinks but I like it! Yes u girls are famous but you act like two normal girls you’d find in the middle of AMERICA (for the ones who don’t know how to spell it) gossiping about all the silly shit celebrities do. But mainly I noticed you were trying to motivate women who want to get into shape. You go girl! You’ve made a huge change in ur life & you look hot! Both of you are even while pregnant!! You both are going to have beautiful little girls can’t wait to see them!! I had my baby girl May 21st she is #2 I also have a 7yr old boy & let me tell ya they are totally different!! Lol u girls are awesome & hell with the haters! Keep up the awesome job u are doing motivating other women at getting fit!!

    July 10 at 5:39pm  / Reply
  10. Sandra 

    Nicole you inspire me to get fit after my pregnancy. I hope I can do it like you did!

    July 10 at 6:25pm  / Reply
  11. Jennifer J. Alton 

    Jenni and Nicole, do what you do and say what you say. We all have ppl we don’t like or respect, and yep we talk about them. Just like the ppl that don’t like us talk about us (obviously)! I only wish that I looked as good as you two, pregnant or not! Be proud of who you are and whom you have become. If ppl don’t want to hear you talk then they need to shut you off – plain and simple. Its not you, its them.

    *Carlos Munoz* Apparently you are a child because a MAN would not behave in that way. Please put facebook down and pick up a book or two. Keep acting and talking the way you do is not in anyway beneficial. You sound very stupid. Maybe attend some church rather than gang banging.

    July 10 at 9:57pm  / Reply
  12. amber 

    Anybody that makes the comment, “you act normal for being famous” should kill yourself. They got sloppy drunk on “reality” TV and you idiots start to worship them. These 2 have no talent except getting drunk and knocked up now. Smh I’m glad this is what entertainment is considered now.

    July 11 at 2:53am  / Reply
    • Mei 

      It most feel pretty bad that two people without “talent” are better off than you

      July 11 at 10:54am  / Reply
  13. Becca 

    I don’t understand-if people hate so badly, why are they on this site?

    July 11 at 9:25am  / Reply
  14. sylvia 

    Why are the haters even commenting? U dont have to like Snooki and Jenni, that’s ur right. But don’t u think ur wasting ur time commenting ur hatred on here? These ladies don’t care if u like their podcast or not. Their lives will go on.

    July 11 at 9:34am  / Reply
  15. Angel 

    Ambar your stupid. Actually snookum and Nicole have made talent you don’t even know them you just hate. And if you looked at jersey shore application that is what is required to be on the show hunny it said to have fun drink and shit so, of you don’t like them get off their shit. Because their just normal human beings like everyone else and they are actually good people and snooki is actually a good mother to her soon and so will Jenni. People that hate on them are just jealous get a life because if all you going to do is be on people shit just to talk crap you really need to look in the mirror you have no right to criticize anyone. SNOOKI AND JENNI YOU GO GIRLS YOU ALWAYS LOOKING FIT AND PRETTY AND YOUR DAUGHTERS ARE GONNA BE BESTFRIENDS JUST LIKE YOU TWO ARE I LOVE YOU GIRLS KEEP UP THE WORK

    July 11 at 9:53am  / Reply
  16. Tonya Clark Marinaro 


    July 11 at 10:05am  / Reply
  17. kristen 

    i dont understand why people that claim they dont like or hate snooki and jenni why do you follow what they post? If i dont like someone i dont follow what they post and certainly dont comment on it. Just curious.. Also Carlos Munoz your the one who needs to shut the fuck up. Do you kiss your mother with that mouth? Or were you raised by animals? because I know damn well if my son ever said anything like that to a woman he would get his ass beat. Have some fucking respect you low life.

    July 11 at 10:49am  / Reply
  18. Michelle 

    Actually I DID love it:) I didn’t have any of that. I had an amazing pregnancy

    July 11 at 10:50am  / Reply
  19. Heather 

    Heading to the Jersey Shore this weekend!!! Hope I have as much fun as u guys did! Without all the drama! Time to Jersey Turnpike it up!

    July 11 at 11:53am  / Reply
  20. Ha 

    Awe, the plastic surgery bimbo is jealous of Kim Kardashian!!! Lmao!!

    July 11 at 1:05pm  / Reply
  21. Jessica Ropotyn 

    This is friggin hilarious I’m listening to the Joan Rivers part and I’m dying !! Omg I’ve always loved you guys on Jersey Shore and Snooki & Jwoww :) but this is too funny I love you guys your awesome to listen to !

    July 14 at 4:33pm  / Reply
  22. Darlene Hayes 

    Carlos Is Really Secretly Nix.. :P

    July 15 at 3:02pm  / Reply
  23. lindsayhall5285 

    Ok, come on, y’all. They’re normal people just like the rest of us–the only difference is that they have had more public exposure than the rest of us. Why spew hate when it’s really just masked jealousy? Who the FUCK are you to judge? Remember–when you point fingers of judgment, there’s three (or more) pointing back at you. Leave these women and their beautiful children the fuck alone. Jenni and Nicole–keep doing you. Don’t listen to the hate that jealous people are saying against you–only GOD can judge. :)

    July 15 at 8:18pm  / Reply


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