Happy Father’s Day Roger!

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  1. Annalisse Hunts 

    Gorgeous baby girl. I’m delivering my baby girl in three weeks!

    June 17 at 3:05pm  / Reply
    • waldonfsxvcx 

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      June 17 at 7:33pm  / Reply
  2. MissLoreneMichelle 

    Awe, looks like she is sucking her thumb. So cute!

    June 17 at 3:21pm  / Reply
  3. Dawn Caldwell 

    Beautiful !!

    June 17 at 3:21pm  / Reply
  4. Jennifer 

    Aww the bottom left looks like the baby is gonna look like you, Jenni.

    June 17 at 3:26pm  / Reply
    • eumeka 

      I Thought The Same Thing A Mini J wow

      June 18 at 6:52pm  / Reply
  5. krystle 

    Gorgeous im deivering a girl in September

    June 17 at 3:34pm  / Reply
  6. April Gooshaw 

    Very happy,for the both of you.She’s a cutie already,enjoy the last bit of time you have pregnant.When you have her,enjoy all the moments.Big & small,it will go by very fast in the blink of an eye.Take lots of pictures,it’s scary beinging new parents.Always do,what you feel is right.I’m shure,you both will do great!Congrads,again to you both!

    June 17 at 3:57pm  / Reply
  7. Carol Ryan Rapier 

    Aww so cute congrats

    June 17 at 4:04pm  / Reply
  8. Noel 

    Can’t wait to see her. So Happy for you and roger.

    June 17 at 4:06pm  / Reply
  9. lina1leal 

    She has your nose jenni awww so beautiful fam

    June 17 at 4:09pm  / Reply
    • Jen A Wood 

      How can u say the baby is going to look like jenni, she’s had so much surgery done to her face u can’t tell who she is anymore!! Please stop with the surgeries your beautiful the way u were

      June 18 at 6:05am  / Reply
      • Issy Bella 

        Um.. Jenni can have any surguries done to her face as she wants… Your not her mother and stop being rude she is grown enough to do what she wants…

        June 18 at 6:03pm
  10. Denise 

    What a stunning picture. Love it!!!

    June 17 at 5:13pm  / Reply
  11. Tara 

    Beautiful, I remember looking at my daughters 3-d sono pics, now she’s 4! Take in every moment..even the bad ones cause it goes sooooo fast!

    June 17 at 5:18pm  / Reply
  12. stella 

    So beautiful another shore baby

    June 17 at 5:40pm  / Reply
  13. Kara Cusick 

    She looks like a perfect combo of you and Rog <3 Soooo happy for you both!

    June 17 at 6:27pm  / Reply
  14. Kara Cusick 

    The top right looks a little like Rogers dad :)

    June 17 at 6:28pm  / Reply
  15. Susan 

    What a beautiful baby. I’m am seeing everyone’s comments wow it does go by fast my girls are now 21 and 18 … Parenting is not easy at all.. But cherish every moment. Good and bad life lessons . I think she will look like both of you guys.. Congrats . Good luck . Best wishes.. And stay firm on rules… Lol you got this….

    June 17 at 6:38pm  / Reply
  16. Briona 

    Awe she is so cute she looks like she is sucking her thumb <3 <3

    June 17 at 7:37pm  / Reply
  17. Jody 

    She’ll be here soon!! Looks like she has your chin! ;-)

    June 17 at 10:11pm  / Reply
  18. angel 

    What a beautiful baby congrats.

    June 17 at 10:26pm  / Reply
  19. Megan 

    Awww. so cute i wish one day i can meet you anf snooki. its onr of my.dreams to meet you guys

    June 17 at 11:29pm  / Reply
  20. Sini 

    Definetly looks like you Jenni!

    June 18 at 12:02am  / Reply
  21. brooke states 

    So beautiful congrats chicka!

    June 18 at 3:01am  / Reply
  22. Tracy 

    Awe I didn’t kno she was pregnant

    June 18 at 4:39am  / Reply
  23. Tracy 

    Congrats !!!

    June 18 at 4:40am  / Reply
  24. Lupita Geivelis 

    Good luck. Praying for healthy baby . god unless u both..

    June 18 at 7:11am  / Reply
  25. Lupita Geivelis 

    Oops bless

    June 18 at 7:12am  / Reply
  26. Angela Betts 

    Well as soon as she is born I’ll be able to make a better call but right from the picks im leaning a little more to Roger but that’s not 100% There’s still some of you there Jwow just hard to tell.But either way she is going to be one beautiful little girl. Daddy better be ready to protect his little Angel. LoL. So happy for you both.Happy Belated father’s day Roger.

    June 18 at 9:45am  / Reply


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