Hate Speech Is NEVER Okay!

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It’s not worth giving this more exposure but this is something I feel like I need to speak out about. I am sickened by the words said by Phil Robertson and those who support his homophobic comments. Hate speech is NEVER okay. Love is love and no person should ever deny that right to anyone. Some of my closest friends happen to be gay and it breaks my heart when people I love have to deal with this bullshit. It’s really sad that instead of using his fame to help others, this duck has chosen to spread hatred. Everyone who stands by him and his homophobic comments are standing behind the discrimination that the LGBT community faces every day. Think about your actions!



  1. Sam 

    He didn’t just say anything to be mean or spread hate he was asked his own personal beliefs and he told them. I feel that you are ignorant. Is it in my own personal beliefs no. Do I hate no. I live everybody unconditionally whether you go against what I believe or not and that’s what Phil also said. But nobody reads that part.

    January 5 at 12:16pm  / Reply
    • Martha 

      I agree with you!

      January 10 at 9:08am  / Reply
    • Cammie 


      March 25 at 3:22pm  / Reply
  2. Emma 

    He told them what he believed which is directly from the bible. Not that he’s a homophobe, but that it is a sin just like pre-marital sex or adultery and it is in Gods eyes. But He still loves everyone no matter what their sin.

    January 7 at 6:13pm  / Reply
  3. Casey 

    In the bible it says a man shall not lie with another man, because it is an abomination. It also says that you should love thy neighbour, meaning REGARDLESS of sexual oreintation, race, religion, or lifestyle you need to love EVERYONE. Just because you read the bible, doesn’t mean that you STUDY it. There are tons of things that Christians dont realize. You have no right to judge ANYONE. Its not your place, and you will get yours. God will judge you based on how you PRACTICE your religion and RELATIONSHIP with him. So all of you “religious folk” need to stop judging the homosexuals of this world. Spread LOVE not HATE.. That is all.

    January 9 at 9:15pm  / Reply
  4. lone wolf 

    ooooh shut up with this gay faggot movement shit!

    January 16 at 5:01pm  / Reply
  5. Becca 

    I’m wondering… Isn’t calling his beliefs wrong and “bullshit” also hate speech??
    Tolerance is agreeing to disagree, not saying if you don’t agree with me you aren’t tolerant.
    Just as much as you want freedom for your gay friends, others should have the same freedom to believe in any faith they choose and talk about it.

    January 22 at 6:26pm  / Reply
    • Cammie 


      March 25 at 3:23pm  / Reply
  6. Jenni 

    You still need to realize that he is a religious person. Those are his beliefs and he is standing by them! I absolutely love gays but still yet if they are going to film a religious family they should have expected it. They have filmed the Robertsons in church doing deeds for their church and at the end of every show it shows them praying. You say he was discriminating gays!? You are doing the same to their family. We all have rights but there is no reason to have a upheaval about it.

    January 27 at 8:06pm  / Reply


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