Help These Dogs Find A Home!!!

JWOWW -  Pet Adoption Day
Hi boos!

I wanted to tell you about a cause and upcoming event that is very important to me! This Friday Google & Yahoo are teaming up with the ASPCA for a “google hangout” with a bunch of other shelters throughout the nation to promote some dogs for adoption!!! The event is Friday the 11th at 1pm and I really want to get some dogs homes!!!

Check out my BFF Joey introducing his favorite dogs for adoption from the ASPCA THIS FRIDAY and help these dogs find a home!!!


  1. Sarah Bond 

    Just shared this post. Good luck to all the babies this weekend with getting furever homes…. xoxo

    April 9 at 12:07pm  / Reply
  2. Carrie D 

    Such a great cause! Shared

    April 9 at 12:09pm  / Reply

    JWOW,I love you so much,I am 48 yearsold and disabled,and i would love to have a dog a little one so i can care for him.if there is one and someone could get it to me he or she would be loved loved loved………

    April 9 at 2:18pm  / Reply


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