Hiking with Snooki!

JWOWW - Hiking with Snooki in Los Angeles

I am so out of shape… Snooki had to push me when we went on our hike at Runyon Canyon in Hollywood.


  1. Autumn 

    At least you made it and your moving during your pregnancy! Good job girls <3

    April 14 at 3:24pm  / Reply
  2. Christina Highsmith-Close 

    Now jwoww u knw that u have a g bff if she is there to push u forward, n not let u give up. Thats wat bffs do they give u a lil push or nudge to help u pull through ur day whether its a good day or a bad one. They r always there ti listen, n to give u advice.

    April 14 at 5:02pm  / Reply
  3. Hannah Tiller 

    jwoww we are both pregnant with little girls and where both due in july i just love it. i know how you feel i dont even like getting up in the mornings to go to class. where both in our 3rd trimester and its to the point now where we are like get this baby out!!! pregnancy is the best but at the end your always wore out and never wanna go anything. July will be here soon and we will get to meet our little baby girls and it will all be worth it!! <3

    April 14 at 5:13pm  / Reply
  4. Hannah Tiller 

    never wanna go do anything *

    April 14 at 5:13pm  / Reply
  5. Wendy 

    U are not outta shape! Lol ur just carrying a little person in your belly, hard to move fast carrying a little baby inside you. I have had four beautiful baby’s, my youngest is now one.

    April 14 at 10:31pm  / Reply
  6. Eryn Lizpoleon Mercer 

    Girl, at least you made it. YOU’RE PREGNANT NOT OUT OF SHAPE, FOR THE LOVE OF GOD!! You two are an inspiration.. from full party, to full parent. :) Don’t be so hard on yourself.. it’s your first baby.. and you can’t help it if you’re a diva. <3 :)

    April 14 at 11:44pm  / Reply
  7. Kimberly 

    Wich month in pregnancy are you and snooki?

    April 15 at 2:00am  / Reply
  8. Kimberly 

    Btw, it stands 2.00am beacuse I live in Sweden. Sorry if I woke you up!

    April 15 at 6:34am  / Reply


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