How I Feel Right Now

JWoww Jenni Farley Fat Meme instagram


  1. Geovania 

    You’re not! You’re beautiful N pregnant.

    June 20 at 10:53am  / Reply
    • campenb 

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      June 22 at 7:29pm  / Reply
  2. crystal 

    Your gorgeous. Gaining weight when pregnant is a beautiful thing and you do it well..

    June 20 at 11:04am  / Reply
  3. Adrianna 

    You are so gorgeous!! You will forget all of this when your holding your beautiful baby girl in your arms! XoX <3

    June 20 at 11:23am  / Reply
  4. Bree 

    it’s a beautiful thing yes! but watching your body stretch all ways it’s not used to is all to much to grande at times! and thinking of the hard work it’s gonna take to get back! ahhhhh!!! but I will say when those 9 months are up and u meet your little girl for the first time NONE of that matter…that is of course until she turns 6-9 months old and can play giving u excercise mommy time! ;)

    June 20 at 11:25am  / Reply
  5. Bree 

    gather* at times

    June 20 at 11:27am  / Reply
  6. Meagan 

    You are not FAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! You are just pregnant and beautiful. When your beautiful baby girl is born you will look at her and be like “It was worth going through all of this stuff just for you”. You are going to be a great mom (witch you are a great mom already). Just hang in there your beautiful baby girl will be here before you know it. XOXOXO

    June 20 at 11:45am  / Reply
  7. Jess 

    More complaints about her pregnancy

    June 20 at 3:32pm  / Reply
    • Jordie Hall 

      Eww. Why go on her page to comment something like that.
      Have u ever been pregnant?
      More complaints yet to come.
      You go jenny your awesome.

      June 20 at 9:28pm  / Reply
  8. Brenna 

    When will the world get to see your beautiful baby girl?

    June 21 at 7:54am  / Reply
  9. Tara 

    it will all be worth it in the end just embrace it and when the baby is out you can focus on being back to yourself :)

    June 21 at 8:24am  / Reply
  10. Jwoww fan 

    Your beautiful any way jwoww

    January 18 at 3:20pm  / Reply


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