I am Regina George, Duhhh!

JWOWW - Which Mean Girls Character Are You: Regina George

I saw everyone taking this Which Mean Girls Character Are You? quiz and I had to take it, LOL! I wasn’t surprised, I got Regina George! I mean, duhh!!!!


  1. janetsarduy 

    I got Janis Ian which is very apprapo. Look out for buses!

    January 24 at 12:38pm  / Reply
  2. audrea 

    Looks like I’m your mom, but I’m not a regular mom…im a cool mom. Lol I got mrs.george

    January 24 at 3:13pm  / Reply
  3. Samashaleeann 

    I received Gretchen! I loved her in the movie.

    January 25 at 12:08am  / Reply


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