I Love Her So Much Already!

JWOWW - Final Ultrasound picture of baby girl with Roger Mathews

Cannot wait to meet my lil nugget hopefully this week!!!!


  1. Taressa Everson-Althouse 

    Hush up already and have her… I been waiting patiently!!

    July 11 at 12:01pm  / Reply
    • knowerxda 

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      July 17 at 7:39am  / Reply
  2. gloria 

    Your. Going to be. A great mommy :)

    July 11 at 12:04pm  / Reply
    • Danielle 

      you’re *

      July 14 at 10:31am  / Reply
  3. Emilie Bakker 

    You 2 will be great parents! Good luck on your labor day and in the future.

    July 11 at 12:17pm  / Reply
    • belinda07 

      she so pretty like her momma (-; best of luck!!!!!

      July 11 at 12:26pm  / Reply
  4. angela 

    What’s her name?

    July 11 at 12:28pm  / Reply
  5. amber 

    I feel the same I’m due anytime now and can’t wait to meet my daughter :)

    July 11 at 12:36pm  / Reply
  6. samantha perkins 

    She will be so cute and you will ba a great mom

    July 11 at 12:41pm  / Reply
  7. Marii N Cervando 

    Hurry jWow post pics.#soAnxious♥

    July 11 at 12:45pm  / Reply
  8. jackie Villanueva 

    Cant Walt to see little baby j woww!!

    July 11 at 12:50pm  / Reply
  9. crystal 

    I can’t wait to see her too he’s been a journey going with you during this pregnancy I think God everyday that your baby girl is healthyI know you had that scare and God saved her

    July 11 at 1:11pm  / Reply
  10. ana 

    Awww ur baby so cute jwoww.

    July 11 at 1:17pm  / Reply
  11. kay 

    She looks like Roger !

    July 11 at 1:29pm  / Reply
  12. Goldie Rhodes 

    Get that push present, woman!

    July 11 at 1:44pm  / Reply
  13. Rebecca vi 

    Awww beautiful

    July 11 at 2:13pm  / Reply
  14. Raechel Hunt 

    She is going to be one gorgeous little girl

    July 11 at 3:09pm  / Reply
  15. lizmarie 

    U will be a grate mom congrats

    July 11 at 3:13pm  / Reply
  16. Glori 

    God bless your family j woww i hope everything comes out great with your labor.

    July 11 at 3:37pm  / Reply
  17. JENNA 

    Oh my God she’s beautiful!! I can’t wait to see her! I’m sure y’all are getting super impatient lol. Good luck in your delivery!!

    July 11 at 3:52pm  / Reply
  18. Ciara 

    You’re a great mommy already. Your daughter is so lucky to have you=] cherish these last couple days or weeks they grow up too fast!

    July 11 at 4:19pm  / Reply
  19. Katee Paigee 

    I called my son nugget while I was pregnant so weird that I’m a big fan of yours and we call our baby’s nugget lol your ganna be s fantastic mommy

    July 11 at 8:51pm  / Reply
  20. Joann 

    I cannot wait to see how beautiful she is!!! I already think she looks a lot like you from the ultrasound pic…. Stay strong… she will be here any day.. My sister was due July 10th with her 2nd baby… we don’t know what she is having yet but I’m thinking you and her will have your babies on the 15th! LOL … as I am typing this I am watching you and Roger on Marriage Boot Camp doing the exercise where Roger is blindfolded you are both wearing shock thingys LOL …. Good luck with the delivery Jenni… I pray for you to have an easy delivery and that you and the baby are healthy!!!

    July 12 at 1:38am  / Reply
  21. stellavator 

    she is butful Jenny.

    July 12 at 2:43am  / Reply
  22. angie cook 

    I called my son nugget too its awesome u r beautiful she is going to look just like u she lucky to have u as a mommy

    July 12 at 3:36am  / Reply
  23. linda 

    Congratulations on the baby cant wait tell you have here she gonna be a beautiful baby many blessing and much love

    July 12 at 6:52am  / Reply
  24. Sarah 

    Cogratz on your babygirl. Hope you feel well and everyhing went well. Enjoy every minute you can ’cause it goes so fast!

    July 13 at 12:58pm  / Reply
  25. TiNi 

    Congrats Jenni. Im so happy for both you and Roger. You both will be great parents. XOXO

    July 13 at 4:13pm  / Reply
  26. Trish 

    Congratulations girl!! Can’t wait to see pics of her! So happy for you three!! :)

    July 13 at 5:35pm  / Reply
  27. Cyn Zonnetje 

    its like shes holding an Iphone :D

    July 14 at 7:03am  / Reply
  28. Linda Mändi 

    congratulations can’t wait to see her , i’m sure that se goin to be so beautiful just like her mumy :* … much love

    July 14 at 10:39am  / Reply
  29. brianna559 

    what are u going to name her jenni

    July 14 at 12:25pm  / Reply


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