Jersey Shore Massacre

I am so excited to finally show you guys the project I’ve been working on: Jersey Shore Massacre!!! The full movie will be in select theaters on August 22nd and available on VOD on August 26th!! Follow Jersey Shore Massacre on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter to get all the latest updates! Watch the trailer here and look through some of our behind-the-scenes photos while you wait for the release!


  1. Lindsey 

    This one looks like shit u gonna let your daughter c this I mean come on that is bullshit are you serious

    May 13 at 5:32pm  / Reply
    • Amber 

      Your being rude. if you dont like it, keep your nasty opinion to your self.

      May 14 at 12:51pm  / Reply
    • nan 

      Get off her page and keep your negative comments to yourself. I dont see you making a movie

      June 1 at 11:33pm  / Reply
  2. Whatever 

    Lol really?

    May 13 at 5:43pm  / Reply
  3. Beretta N Benitez 

    Can’t wait

    May 13 at 8:45pm  / Reply
  4. steffa 

    Is going to be good

    May 13 at 11:05pm  / Reply
  5. Jessie 

    Omg actually can’t wait haha so good

    May 14 at 4:22am  / Reply
  6. Guess 

    Haha the acting is horrible, and the Linsey chick was right, ur daughter is going to see this eventually and the jersey shore episodes, she’ll prob already be disgusted by the way u use to act, why make a movie to make it worse? Snookie is in the compete opposite direction and has become a completely amazing person, if I had never saw the jersey shore I would have always thoughts he’s been this way, couldn’t say the same for u tho. Sorry but I’m not. And crazed fans, I give no fucks what u have to say about this.

    May 14 at 2:49pm  / Reply
    • dont hate 

      youre really dumb, shes producing it not starring in it, shes making that money. so i doubt her kid is going to hate her for supporting her. plus its gonna be great, all those people that thought about doing this over the years, will get to live out their fantasy lol

      May 15 at 7:49pm  / Reply
  7. Heather aka SexayBoo 

    I think this is gonna be awesomely B – movie fantastic! This will def be a cult classic- good marketing strategy Miss Farley!! I think it will do wonderful- your TRUE FANS will love it. ..

    May 15 at 7:20am  / Reply
  8. Calm down 

    It’s basically a parody of jersey shore mixed with blood and gore. It’s gonna be ridiculously funny. She’s probably making it just for laughs. So really, there’s no need to get mad and put it down.

    June 1 at 4:18pm  / Reply


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