Join Me On My Weight Loss Journey!

JWOWW - Post Pregnancy Weight loss with 310nutrition

Hey boos!!!

You know how hard it is to lose that last bit of post pregnancy weight! I want to lose 15lbs and my girlfriend Gretchen who was on Marriage Bootcamp with me gave me the info of 310 Nutrition!

It has helped her so much, so I had to try it for myself! She seriously looks FLAWLESS and has the best body so I knew this would help me reach my goal for my post pregnancy bod!

I’ll be eating clean and working out to really make sure this works for me since all mommies know how tough it is to lose the weight! I’m so excited to go on this journey and get back my fab body again. Make sure to check my site for updates on my progress because I really want to show you how I’m losing the weight! Us mommies have to stick together!

Join me on my weight loss journey by following along! Go to to learn about meal replacement shakes. For me the 310 shake was exactly what I needed! So yummy and healthy!!!

And just for you guys, you can get free samples and a shaker cup at It’s a great way to control or lose weight and it’s super healthy! #310shake #310nutrition #jennijwoww

Let’s do THIS! xoxo


  1. Tasha 

    That’s awesome! I’ve found great success with meal replacements too! Glad your doing a blog to allow others to learn what justly work for them. Everyone benefits differently.

    August 21 at 11:38am  / Reply
    • ellezanxixcz 

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  2. mommy3 

    I just ordered my free sample. Yes Jenni you are right! Us mommies need to stick together. I also do weight watchers and I love. The 310 Shake recipes show the weight watcher point values. Also for working out I have subscribed to Dance Fitness with Jessica and Dance Fitness with Lauren Fitz on you tube. So much fun!!!

    August 21 at 12:17pm  / Reply
  3. KAMES 

    Wish I could get the sample to try it, need something like this and the motivation from someone else to shift the weight I have left after having my 5 kiddies….

    August 21 at 12:44pm  / Reply
  4. Lisa 

    I’ve been looking for something cheaper than Shakeology but just as good for you. Nothing has ever compared until now and it’s less! Thank you for informing me about 310, I’ll be trying it for sure once my babe is born in November.

    August 21 at 12:51pm  / Reply
  5. Eden 

    Is this safe for nursing moms ?

    August 21 at 4:11pm  / Reply
    • Nichole Kurtz 

      Shakeology is… My dr ok’d it and told me I shouldn’t even need my prenatal because of the complete nutrition!!!

      August 21 at 9:12pm  / Reply
  6. Nichole Kurtz 

    310 may be cheaper than Shakeology but there’s a reason… it doesn’t come close to the nutrition… But to each their own… Shakeology is safe for breastfeeding (but always talk to your dr first), I don’t know about 310… It is considered a protein shake, where Shakeology is about COMPLETE nutrition… and Shakeology even has more protein… and is available in Vegan… but my motto is as long as you’re eating clean and exercising you are doing it right!!!

    August 21 at 9:11pm  / Reply
  7. Richard Swanton 

    Hey There. Very good place. I entirely concur. You’ve got made fortune of good things. Have a fantastic time.

    August 31 at 9:01am  / Reply


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