JWOWW - TMZ article response

Who would pick pictures like that to exploit and hurt someone!? Actually attacking a pregnant person is an all time low. You must be a fucking idiot to think I would get plastic surgery while pregnant! I love my drag queens who do my makeup.

I’m regretting the last pic lol not because I don’t think TMZ is a joke and people like them are the reason why our society is so fucked up but because of myself.

For one second they made me feel insecure and made me question my hair and makeup today and Roger said, “you liked how you looked today… You left happy and with no regrets until they wrote something.” He’s right i felt fine. Then Roger said, “you’re not weak so stop acting like it.”

HE’S RIGHT. I’M NOT. So kiss my ass TMZ and every other hater.


  1. Kristi 

    28 weeks pregnant and I hope I look as good as you when I’m 8 months. Shame on them! It’s not easy to feel cute when your body is going through so many crazy and odd changes. Who ever wrote this clearly has never been pregnant and had nothing better to talk about. Outlets like TMZ are glorified forms of bullying.

    May 28 at 6:08pm  / Reply
    • missy 

      Haters gonna hate! Fuck TMZ! You look beautiful

      May 31 at 5:04am  / Reply
  2. Realist 

    Honey, if people that liked TMZ didn’t exist, no one would even know who you were. I realize that they are just looking to stir the pot and basically make stuff up but that was what your show was all about. If it weren’t for the love of TMZ and all the gossip rags that are invading our society, there would be no reality shows. You may want to think about that. Reality shows and people who are famous for basically nothing are actually what is wrong with society! Good luck with the pregnancy, you are due just a little before me!

    May 28 at 6:09pm  / Reply
    • Kristi 

      Honey, I never look at TMZ and I know who she is.
      I watched and enjoyed the hell out of Jersey Shore
      and I don’t appreciate anything TMZ has to say.
      Reality TV is so low on the list of what is wrong with
      Our society. Bottom line is it is disrespectful to all women to trash on a pregnant woman.

      May 28 at 6:44pm  / Reply
      • michelle 

        Your ass got told lol whats tmz?? Haha

        May 28 at 7:16pm
      • Violet 

        What is tmz ?

        May 28 at 8:52pm
      • teamjenni 

        Ummmm…..Jersey Shore was reality tv….either way TMZ can suck balls for once again proving they are nothing but scum

        May 29 at 8:13am
    • vivi 

      Honey… I have no idea what TMZ is, and I know who she is!
      I like her and snooky because they are not afraid to show who they are and they don’t try to please other people! That is why they are famous now.. She is not famous for being famous.. she is famous for being crazy, cute, beautiful and true to herself and her friends!
      so keep being yourself Jwow cuz you are awesome every moment!
      Love, V

      May 28 at 7:12pm  / Reply
      • Shaking my head 

        She’s famous because the average iq in this country has plunged into the double digits so tools like you need a hero. In the land of the blind you find the one eyed king(s). This generation has an abundance of morons and idiots they idolize.

        Congrats – you’re what’s wrong with the world. Now go ahead and criticize me back while proving my point with your 2nd grade education version of an insult. I’ll just look at what you wrote, compare it to the average 1st graders homework and get a nice laugh.

        Tragic I tell ya…

        May 28 at 7:36pm
      • Eve 

        Are you serious?????? Jersey shore and all those tv shows are crap. If it wasnt for all those crappy shows TMZ wouldnt exist… So in reality TMz is just going off of what these people put out there… I do admit attacking a pregnant women is NEVER right but wow come on guys really…? And I dont watch that ish but I will catch a TMz show……. Whats wrong with our society is all that “smashing” on tv with random people… Drinking, fighting and all that mess…. So basically we are fucked….. Dont talk shit cause if you want privacy dont put you cutchie on BLAST….. Thank you TMz for making my night a little funnier…. You should watch it. Sounds like you guys could use a laugh….

        May 28 at 7:38pm
      • vivi 

        Hey , I live in Switzerland and have a master’s degree so, you did not get me there!
        I will not insult you! I don’t like other shows only jwow, I have no tv and no time to watch tv, sometimes when I visit my parents I like watching tv.. and I find her attitude just more pure than other people on tv, and I like her, thank you for letting me have an opinion, I respect yours! Love, V

        May 28 at 8:18pm
    • Asia 

      Actually, it’s the other way around. If it wasn’t for the reality show, then TMZ wouldn’t know who she was instead of vice versa. TMZ bashing her isn’t making her known in a positive way so I agree, fuck them. Because all they do is attack celebrities and half the shit they stir up is just that: shit. And it’s all just to make a quick buck because they know that there are ignorant idiots outs there who actually feed into and believe everything that is said. So maybe you should think about that.

      May 28 at 7:32pm  / Reply
      • Wow 

        If you ask me, what’s wrong with society is ignorant people like the majority of people that replied to this comment. You guys are so quick to judge others based off a one hour reality tv show. News flash, you don’t know someone’s entire life from an hour of edited clips. You can have opinions on reality shows and what not but she’s a person too. Just because she chooses to put herself out there doesn’t then give people to poke fun. Just like a girls choice of clothing doesn’t justify rape? It’s the same concept. (:

        May 28 at 8:52pm
      • Allie 

        Everyone says what’s wrong with society but we are society and half off you who have the negative comments are the ones who raised this generation that we call ” society”

        July 23 at 11:41am
    • dmar217 

      Wow, why even bother congratulating on her baby…esp after telling her she’d be a nobody w/o TMZ? How were you directed to this page? I’d love to know…Jersey Shore was all in good fun…and got the ratings to prove its worth. This was just mean of them…TMZ and the paparazzi pose a way bigger threat on society. How many ppl have been injured or worse, just so those creeps can get a pic/story? They need celebrities (even reality stars), not the other way around!

      May 28 at 8:50pm  / Reply
      • vivi 

        I really don’t get these people that search for topics or celebrities they don’t like so they can insult them…. Such a waste of time! They should find some nice things they like, or if they fight for a better world or justice.. find other topics: Africa, India,Rape, Syria…
        How does somebody feel better for insulting pregnant women… Or by insulting entertainers they don’t like… but like this they promote them by commenting and searching their names..

        May 28 at 9:05pm
    • sandra 

      Honey u stupid ass hell cause I dont watch tmz and I know who she is ok jersey shore made her famius get ur fact straight before u post up comments matbe u agree with tmz cauae you just like them.loves to gossip dumm bitch jwow is beautiful pregnant and not pregnant

      May 29 at 4:53am  / Reply
      • GrammarNazi 

        I’m sorry, but I just have to point out that you really need to check your spelling! That’s all…Thanks

        May 30 at 7:29pm
    • Monroe 

      There isn’t anyone attacking her, it’s this…. she had did work on her face after the 1st season, so now that she is pregnant she is getting full around the area’s that she didn’t get work on. HELLO!!! Her botox (if she did that) are not ment for pregnancy! But she is A’ok, it happens when u mess with things that don’t need touch up!

      May 29 at 4:55am  / Reply
  3. bethany 

    Her face is just swollen bc she’s pregnant!!! You look great momma!

    May 28 at 6:10pm  / Reply
  4. Sarah Jane Warner 

    You look beautiful Jenny! Don’t ever let anyone tell you otherwise.

    May 28 at 6:12pm  / Reply
  5. Terri Nix-Jeffries 

    Nothing wrong with pregnancy pics. I have followed Jersey Shore and One Life to Live ( I have been a OLTL since I was a child), and I loved Jersey Shore. I still stand behind the fact that you have had too much facial plastic surgery. It has nothing to do with your pregnancy.. Even before you were pregnant you were slowly destroying the beautiful face we all came to know and love.. Now your face looks like it belongs in a wax museum. Stop ruining your natural beauty.

    May 28 at 6:13pm  / Reply
    • E 


      May 29 at 9:55am  / Reply
  6. Gerrianne Owens 

    You look gorgeous. When I saw this I thought it was absolutely ridiculous that they would compare you to little Kim. Get a life TMZ. Your nickname is Jwoww for a reason! Don’t forget it girl!

    May 28 at 6:14pm  / Reply
  7. dyrdekgirl 

    You are beautiful. Always have been. You know by now there will always be people trying to put others down because of jealousy, or whatever. Tmz did it to catch interest and to get people to pay attention to them. It’s media. Means nothing. Love youself & don’t ever change for something that will never change and means nothing. <3

    May 28 at 6:16pm  / Reply
  8. Stefanie Alberta CA 

    Jenny Ive been a hugefan since the very first episode of Jersey Shore You are very beautiful and Have class unlike TMZ buch of nobodys critiques of célébrités.There show is trash and is à brunch of b.s. You look even more beautiful expecting.Nobody really believes anything they report Nothing but smut.Hold youre head High to u look amazing in whatever u wear even à onezy .

    May 28 at 6:18pm  / Reply
  9. Shaylyn Glaha 

    You tell em baby girl! You’re beautiful and you’re going to be a great mom! ! Xoxoxo

    May 28 at 6:18pm  / Reply
  10. Mommyof6inJrzy 

    Don’t listen to the haters. If noone from TMZ couldn’t tell that you’re not Lil Kim then they all need glasses! You are a beautiful mommy, don’t let anyone steal your HAPPINESS!

    May 28 at 6:20pm  / Reply
  11. Dee Anna 

    Don’t let people bring u down you are so beautiful the way you are. :-)

    May 28 at 6:25pm  / Reply
  12. Knicole 

    This is dumb. Worst joke they have done in awhile.

    May 28 at 6:29pm  / Reply
  13. michelle 

    It says Lil Kim???

    May 28 at 6:31pm  / Reply
    • Noah 

      It says Lil Kim because she has gotten some serious plastic surgery done. it’s extremely rude and it’s not surprising coming from TMZ.

      May 28 at 8:11pm  / Reply
      • Jenn 

        She hasn’t had any recent plastic surgery, she is pregnant.

        May 28 at 8:42pm
      • Colly 

        So they mean lil kim kardashian?!?

        May 28 at 8:56pm
      • Oze 

        No Colly, they mean lil kim like the rapper

        May 28 at 10:32pm
  14. Kanisha 

    All the people that post negative things on this. Telling Jenni to grow up and ignore the negative comments and saying ‘As if you didn’t know’ and that she’s posting negative stuff and you don’t like it. I don’t have an answer for everything but I do have some simple answers that would help. First off whenever someone talks bad about us ‘un famous’ people we complain about it. To our friends, family, on facebook, in twitter, to anyone else else. And your not told to grow up and stop complaining, because you trust the person your telling. And that’s what Jenni is doing. Telling us..because we are her fans and she trusts us with the ups and downs with her life. And yea she should expect it being famous but she still has every right to complain because she still is a human being with feelings and still get hurt, just like the rest of us do. And for those of you who are saying you are going to un follow her just because she posted this. We’ll, if you really cared then you wouldn’t want to un follow her just because she had a bad day. You’d be a true fan and stick by her side through everything and stiil care about her wether it was a negative post or a positive one. So if you don’t like what she posts then you should probably stop wasting her time and yours and stay out of it. That makes you just as bad as TMZ…just saying. Jenni you are beautiful and talented and you deserve a loving family, best wishes to you and fuck everyone that hates on you. Keep your head up and stay strong.

    May 28 at 6:33pm  / Reply
  15. alex 

    I think TMZ is confusing you with Lil Kim. either way, you shouldn’t be getting upset cause that’s how you got to be known. You don’t even have any talents.
    LAAAAAAAAME!!! Go learn something!!! Lmao

    May 28 at 6:35pm  / Reply
    • Christina Hernandez 

      Rude! You have no idea what she knows. Obviously she has something going on. She’s a star just for being herself. What have you done? You need to learn some manners. Go sit in the corner and think about what you said and how to apologize.

      May 29 at 12:20pm  / Reply
  16. tamara van hart 

    People have nothing better to do then critize others. Its how they feel good about themselves. You look amazing pregnant or not. Fuck them keep your head up and keep doing what ur doing.

    May 28 at 6:36pm  / Reply
  17. Amy 

    I love you and think you look fantastic!!

    May 28 at 6:36pm  / Reply
  18. goodeats 

    Roger is right, great advice & your lucky to have each other! Being pregnant is the most fortunate thing a human being can have, its all worth it! Remember your body is going through amazing things so you can have this beautiful little girl. Continue your great attitude without you & other public celebrities TMZ wouldn’t have a job!

    May 28 at 6:37pm  / Reply
  19. nichole 

    How about you stop worrying about other peoples opinion and decide your own happiness. Who cares about one bad picture of you there are a million beautiful ones. Let haters hate.

    May 28 at 6:38pm  / Reply
  20. Alana Mae 

    You’re glowing, Mama. Fuck the haters.

    May 28 at 6:41pm  / Reply
  21. Nora 

    If YOU need to TALK I am HERE.. Feel better soon friend

    May 28 at 6:42pm  / Reply
  22. Lola 

    No one is hating and make up don’t do that to someone’s face gimme a break stop lying tell the truth undid some shit to your face and u hate being pregnant anyway your sick and ungrateful u better pray god don’t punish u I read your blogs u disappoint when I complain about a blessing have a nice day katwoman

    May 28 at 6:44pm  / Reply
    • Lay 

      Hey Lola u sound like a piece of shit. why would god punish her? He isn’t punishing shit he should punish you for using his name is vain against people who don’t deserve it, stupid bitch.

      May 28 at 7:25pm  / Reply
  23. nina 

    Brush it off! Your are pregnant and beautiful. No matter what, roger is right if you feel great and you walk out the door like that dont let things like that bother you. You are a beautiful smart strong woman, and the best for last A MOMMY IN THE WORKS. ROCKING YOUR STYLE GREAT. KEEP SMILIMG….you do you, its bad enough being pregnant you have all kinds surprises and changes last thing to worry about is something so dumb. Hugs

    May 28 at 6:49pm  / Reply
  24. Sophia 

    You are a beautiful woman Jenny ! Shoot! I’m fat ass hell but I’m proud and show all my curves with joy ! Lol But you are just pregnant & still look beautiful! :) & no matter if you were famous or not , you are still unique and beautiful in your own way :) despite what TMZ or other blogs & reporters gotta say :)

    — Much Love Sophia

    May 28 at 6:52pm  / Reply
  25. Angie Gillogly 

    I don’t see anything wrong with her hair or makeup…they both look nice…n so does she…I mean when ur taking pictures of someone without their permission like a stalker would they’re not going to look the way u want them to…I’m beautiful & my 2 year old loves grabbing my phone n snapping pics of me without me knowing & certain angles make me look weird…at least Lil Kims not running around taking pictures of strangers & making fun of them for a paycheck…whoever did that is a loser & needs to get a REAL job. I hope they get styes in both of their eyes.

    May 28 at 6:56pm  / Reply
  26. sam 

    Jenni you are pretty much an every girl. Someone we all would love to be friends with. Us moms have been there, you already feel insecure because your body is so weird. To have to deal with someone talking crap about your looks when your pregnant is totally not fair. And i can take a joke, but that wasn’t even funny. We live you jwoww and you are fabulous!!!!!!!

    May 28 at 6:57pm  / Reply
    • Carla 

      It is hard to deal with you body changing i had always been so insecure about my body. But its worse when someone calls you fat cow just to make you feel bad. So i get why Jenny is upset. it doesn’t feel so good to be treated that way while being pregnant.

      May 28 at 8:39pm  / Reply
  27. Red 

    Darling, you look beautiful! Fuck the haters.

    May 28 at 7:05pm  / Reply
  28. Jennifer Pardo 

    I’ve had 4 babies I wish I would have ever had a pic as cute as you look. I hate hearing all the haters talk about the reality stars we see on TV and portraying them as forever that way. I have been the crazy girl now I’m the amazing single mommy I wish I could do half what you get to do and provide for your baby girl as I struggle with 4 I know you and Roger are so ready for what’s to come. God bless you and your princess… I have 3 girls who are each my princesses that title is not only for those who have everything but those who give everything A mothers love…. my one and only son knows he is a prince and knows I expect him to protect his sisters (even if their taller) you respect them.

    May 28 at 7:10pm  / Reply
  29. Dulce 

    Omg she looks horrible. Face lift gone completely wrong!!

    May 28 at 7:14pm  / Reply
  30. MsManda 

    You just have a prego face…. It’s baby weight people!!!! Lmfao and if a Drag Queen did your makeup good for them!!! Just be real and stick up for yourself …. I ain’t Famous in no means and people always have something to say …. Be known anywhere … Someone will have something to say….

    May 28 at 7:15pm  / Reply
  31. Amanda Pavao 

    Just be Proud to be a New Mommy!!

    May 28 at 7:16pm  / Reply
  32. erika 

    Lola have u ever been pregnant, obviously maybe not, it may look like she got something done but she’s, i became swollen from my face, just how jenni looks in this pic. Iys called being pregnant sweetie and if shes famous its becuz we let them and thats what our society is now, dont act like u haven’t watched reality tv, Jersey shore was rather funny and thats why i watched, cuz it was simply funny!!!! But any who, TMZ u do suck, go after facts, society is.trying to.stop bullying, TMZ ur doing no different.

    May 28 at 7:23pm  / Reply
  33. Jhada 

    Jenni you are gorgeous and pregnant..!! So FUCK them..!!

    May 28 at 7:29pm  / Reply
  34. Guest 

    I pray for the day society wakes up and forgets idiots like this even exist. The last 10 years or so have to be the biggest plunge society has ever experienced. To think that children idolize idiots like this and all the other reality stars paints such a terrifying picture of what’s really going on with our youth.

    May 28 at 7:29pm  / Reply
  35. Nancy Zayas Weber 

    Ate you kidding?! Why would they call you little Kim? You are a beautiful pregnant lady! Fuck TMZ!

    May 28 at 7:35pm  / Reply
  36. Andiiiii 

    I think you looked awesome boooo

    May 28 at 7:44pm  / Reply
  37. Jaci 

    You are GORG!!! I am 29 weeks pregnant and I don’t have nearly enough energy too get myself looking as good as you! If TMZ saw me not that they care who the hell I am but I wear my hair up, no makeup on, waddle and barely feel like getting out of my pajamas!!! We are pregnant women!!! When they bring a life into this world then they will get it! Our bodies changes ASSHOLES LEAVE HER ALONE!!!! Find something better to do!

    May 28 at 7:44pm  / Reply
  38. Melissa Hallmark 

    Screw them! Your gorgeous! Love you❤️

    May 28 at 7:46pm  / Reply
  39. Brooke 

    Your absolutely beautiful Jenny! :) Let the haters hate. We are all human and none of us are perfect and that’s the way God made us. We are all unquie, we are all special, we are all beautiful in our own way. No one has the right to judge anyone. Hate has caused many problems in this world but has never solved any. Stay Strong Beautiful.

    May 28 at 7:51pm  / Reply
  40. ashley 

    I wish I had seen this post before the other pic that u posted:( yout look great girl and these pics show it! Be proud of it!! Own it!!!

    May 28 at 7:52pm  / Reply
  41. Maritza Ibarra 

    Jenny I think you are beautiful & even prettier pregnant. Tmz should not be posting shit like this. Be littling a pregnant women is the lowest point they can go too. They need to know how difficult it is for pregnant women as their body changes. Screw them & everyone who thinks it’s funny. You go strut your beautiful self everywhere. You have my support :)

    May 28 at 7:59pm  / Reply
  42. Kay 

    Your face looks fuller. But guess what?! Us pregnant ladies fill out… EVERYWHERE! my face and feet are so swollen. I wish i could blame plastic surgery. But damn honey, you look amazing! Hands down to you Jenni. Youre beautiful. Youre strong. And youre a proud mama. Stay full and glowing love.

    May 28 at 8:02pm  / Reply
  43. Josephine Muller 

    You are a beautiful pregnant woman. They are dicks. Your man is right you are too strong for that. I don’t usually post on or even read blogs but girl… they are haters and u need to ignore them. Congrats on the baby!!

    May 28 at 8:03pm  / Reply
  44. brooke harashinski 

    People are ridiculous. People need MIND their own business. Just worry about you and that lil girl and roger That’s what I do I only worry about my daughter.

    May 28 at 8:15pm  / Reply
  45. tineka 

    T.M WHO CARES harden up bullshit sells

    May 28 at 8:30pm  / Reply
  46. Jessica 

    Why is the caption referring to her as Lil’ Kim!?

    May 28 at 8:32pm  / Reply
  47. Destiny Patterson 

    TMZ can stfu. And Jenni listen to Roger… i know its hard not to feel a way because of what they say but fck them!

    May 28 at 8:34pm  / Reply
  48. Emmyxoxo 

    Honestly they are only making fun of you when you’re pregnant because they know if they made fun of you when you weren’t you could kick their ass in those heels. Work it girl. ♥

    May 28 at 8:42pm  / Reply
  49. Leslie Torres 

    Your beautiful and TMZ is stupid . They say things that really doesn’t make sense so don’t listen to them there shit the only u need is roger and your daughter

    May 28 at 8:44pm  / Reply
  50. Ceaser Villardo 

    quit using the word “hater” dipshits and dumb people use it. Sounds very juvenile.

    May 28 at 8:55pm  / Reply
  51. Melissa A Lopez 

    Girl your beautiful no matter what and being pregnant gives you a even more beautiful glow! F#% * tmz!

    May 28 at 9:03pm  / Reply
  52. really 

    No she looks like plastic surgery gone wrong tmo isn’t talking about her cause she pregnant but because she fucked up her face with surgery.

    May 28 at 9:08pm  / Reply
  53. alba 

    Love you!! You’re beautiful and really great mom!! XoXo!!

    May 28 at 9:22pm  / Reply
  54. Brittaney McC 

    You’re beautiful. Period.
    “No one can make you feel inferior without your consent”
    One of the most beautiful things about you is how strongly you know who you are, you have made your own style and rocked doing it. I am still learning myself who I am and what styles make me feel best. You have that already. And I admire that in you most of all.
    I’m sure it is difficult being pregnant and in the public eye, there will always be people trying to exploit a picture that has one of your insecurities in it. Don’t give them the power to take Anything from you when you are so darn amazing already.
    You look great and these pictures are proof, look the way you want, rock it, and own it. No matter what anyone says. They aren’t worth an ounce of insecurity or anger.

    Thank you for being a role model for women and showing us what a strong, confident, beautiful woman looks like.

    May 28 at 9:31pm  / Reply
  55. Snooki&JwowwFan 

    Who is lil Kim? Never heard of her. Love you Jwoww and can’t wait to hear of a safe and fast delivery

    May 28 at 9:35pm  / Reply
  56. Rachell 

    There no reason to make your self get all down listen up
    If they “TMZ” not paying for the makeup on your face the clothes on your back and food you eat then who cares what they have to say be happy that they talking about you show them the smile the easy life u have but yes it will never end just like girl drama worry about the great life you are about to have:) have good one love yuhh!!!(:

    May 28 at 9:37pm  / Reply
  57. hoalland 

    Fuck tmz! You are beautiful! And I think you’ll have your figure back in a short time after your pregnancy. So screw them.
    Greetings from holland!

    May 28 at 10:08pm  / Reply
  58. IzziiOliveira 

    You guys talk like tmz only makes fun of people that are dumb when they talk about every celebrity, even your favorite celebrity. If you watch tmz you need a reality check, it’s a shame that people believe and make fun of famous people like they’re not humans. Most people don’t become famous to be made fun of, or be on megazine all day they do it to inspire people and jwoww and snooki are great role models because they went from being irresponsible and crazy to great mothers with great fathers. Yeah she doesn’t like her pregnancy but that doesn’t mean she doesn’t love her baby, pregnancy is different for every person and even I just wanted to get over with it and today I love my son. Stop judging others and support her if you’re a fan and if you’re not keep going with your life, how would any of you feel if someone said all of these mean things to any of you. Stay fab jwoww, be you, love yourself, be happy, and enjoy life.

    May 28 at 10:12pm  / Reply
  59. Gina 

    You go Jenni!

    May 28 at 10:30pm  / Reply
  60. kristen 

    Jenni you are freaking crazy! You look amazing in these pictures! You look soo good pregnant and anyone would kill to look half as good as you. Screw them! You look fabulous!

    May 28 at 10:42pm  / Reply
  61. DAWN 

    Your Glowing & Beautiful Remember HATERS MAKE US FAMOUS.

    May 29 at 12:21am  / Reply
  62. jojo 

    you are gorgeus!
    and honoust about your pregnancy struggles and that s great
    cause pregnancy is about struggling and it s ok to talk about that
    people who do this are stupid
    the only thing that s important is how you feel about yourself

    May 29 at 2:35am  / Reply
  63. ashley07 

    Like I said they r stupid! You look gorgeous girl! I mean of course. u have gained a lil weight but that’s expected, but I can tell ur all baby and u barely look pregnant! So TMZ is trippin’!

    May 29 at 2:45am  / Reply
  64. shawniece 

    U look good fuck the haters

    May 29 at 3:12am  / Reply
  65. Jessica'xo 

    You just have the pregnancy glow wow lol idiots

    May 29 at 3:12am  / Reply
  66. Vanessa 

    EVERYONE takes bad photos. Even the sunset, one of the most beautiful sites to man, can be photographed atrociously.

    May 29 at 3:26am  / Reply
  67. charlie 

    Leave ma home gurl alone people. Shes awesome and now shes gonna be a mommy.!!! Congratulations booboo. Can’t wait to see your baby.

    May 29 at 3:47am  / Reply
  68. rachel 

    I don’t understand why you would even get offended. You exploited yourself on National TV for YEARS before TMZ posted that unflattering picture. Oh that’s right, there was a paycheck for that dubochery and not for the unflattering pic. Would it have made you feel better if you were paid? I even recall you and snooki going on TMZ Live. Which lends the belief you were cool with what TMZ does. Pretty sure it was to talk about NJ mayor and his weight. (Karma?!) I am sure you’re trying to rebrand yourself but you are totally going about it the wrong way. I will never understand why celebrities, albeit in this situation a Z-List is going to cry when an unflattering pic is posted. That is why Kim k. stays winning she is humble, and doesnt have a freak out every time someone brings up her Sex tape. If you’re not the prettiest or you don’t take the most flattering picture. Own it. Don’t cry about it babes. It’s just pictures. Uh huh honey!

    May 29 at 4:23am  / Reply
    • Mari 

      I think it was an error on TMZ’s behalf. They called her Lil Kim and underneath the picture it mentions her strolling in ny, the 39 year old rapper. Definitely a screw up

      May 29 at 4:29am  / Reply
    • Izzy 

      Actually kim k does freak out, when someone brought up her sex tape again she went crazy. And it’s one thing to do an interview and it’s another to be made fun of. Btw if you don’t like her you really shouldn’t follow what she does, ppl like you are the reason why she’s famous and the talk of the town.

      May 29 at 4:33am  / Reply
      • oh please 

        They are not refering to that “other” untalented tramp kim k they are refering to lil kim, the rapper, the one with an actual talent, and freakshow face cannot be just from being pregnant. That stupid show she was on and every other show like it are ridiculous. if you dont like being made fun of then dont leave your house you know the paparazzi are going to take pictures of you besides you know you love the attention you usually get from the paparazzi. I know you people are not going to like this comment but oh well dont care. Maybe jwhore will learn something TO GO AWAY

        May 29 at 6:25am
    • NayNay89 


      May 29 at 12:25pm  / Reply
  69. Donna 

    Jenni it’s so beautiful Idk why anyone would attack her like that I guess they ran out of other stupid shit to talk about but she’s preggers leave her alone do you guys not think she has enough stress being pregnant

    May 29 at 4:44am  / Reply
  70. zaki 

    hey you still sexy and i love you with new look MAMA

    May 29 at 5:18am  / Reply
  71. Tiffany 

    You’re gorgeous!! Stay strong jenni!! <3

    May 29 at 6:55am  / Reply
  72. TONIA 




    May 29 at 7:01am  / Reply
  73. kathy 

    First off they called you Lil Kim what a joke these people are

    May 29 at 7:22am  / Reply
    • mwells 

      Yeah wtf is that? Such a bunch of idiots.

      May 29 at 7:31am  / Reply
  74. mwells 

    Fuck all of them. TMZ, the unintelligent rambling comments, haters, and all the other negativity. I’m pretty sure you know you got famous for basically nothing, so what. Lucky you man!!! That doesn’t change the fact that you’re gorgeous and have some amazing friends in your corner. We think we know you from tv, obviously that’s not the case, you are a tv personality, but a regular person too. I have been watching jersey shore since the beginning and have watched you evolve into a more mature awesome version of jwow, I say jwow because we’ll never really know you. But what I see of you i like. Of all the jersey shore bullshit you were always real with people and loyal to those that deserved it. I am a fan and will remain a fan. You do what you do and fuck the rest! Can’t wait to see you on marriage boot camp! I’m pregnant currently with my third. Growing a human is not easy. And takes a toll on your everything! Ignore the tabloids and listen to your loved ones. Your body and what you do with it is nobodies business no matter who you are. Keep being awesome!!

    May 29 at 7:28am  / Reply
  75. Brian Pruitt 

    the hottest pregnant woman out their u glow girl

    May 29 at 7:36am  / Reply
  76. erica 

    Jwow you are still beautiful as ever! Those people don’t have a clue wht they are talking about becase clearly they’re blind. I’m 8 weeks and i wish i was as beautiful and glowing as you are.

    May 29 at 8:52am  / Reply
  77. Lu 

    You look beautiful, I wish I looked as good as you in my last trimester. Continue being fab and congrats on your blessing! ❤

    May 29 at 11:38am  / Reply
  78. Angela Lukacs 

    Lol your make up looks like it was done by a varnished clown. The bronzer is ridiculous. U look like an over weight Asian. The make up was done hideously. And people are just telling the truth, jennifer

    May 29 at 11:51am  / Reply
  79. NayNay89 


    May 29 at 12:20pm  / Reply
  80. Dragana 

    Omg. There is nothing wrong with you or Lil Kim or anybody. Idiots. I think you look pretty with a cute bump. I looked like a zombie whale when I was pregnant hehe, but still I was pretty ;)

    May 29 at 1:18pm  / Reply
  81. Amanda 

    hey Jwoww! i didnt know you changed your name to lil kim and was a rapper!? lmfao tmz is actually stupid

    May 29 at 1:21pm  / Reply
  82. amanda 

    I fucking love you Jenny!! #Fuckhaters Your beautiful and glowing.. congratulations Roger and you make an awesome couple.

    May 29 at 5:39pm  / Reply
  83. Nita Alexander 

    You’re gorgeous! Pregnancy is a very beautiful thing. I’m 5’1 and went into labor at 199lbs.imagine how that looked. Your beautiful JWOWW! Don’t forget that

    May 29 at 8:40pm  / Reply
  84. JamiMJax 

    I think you look very pretty in these pics. I say screw them.

    May 29 at 9:09pm  / Reply
  85. jessica cline 

    Your pregnant!! Thats what happens. You get swollen!!

    May 29 at 10:16pm  / Reply
  86. Joe 

    More like Joan Rivers than Lil’ Kim…

    May 30 at 12:08am  / Reply
  87. Sherry W 


    First off… Dont let what ANYONE says to you get you down… Or says about you. Im a mom of 2 little girls…I am not famous and i still have haters hating on things i do as a parent. It will always happen… Some people are just dumb. As long as you can put your head on your pillow at night and know you are doing everything you can to have the best and healthiest pregnancy you can… Screw everyone else… You know what you do…and so does your man… If he is still by your side and supports you …. Dont change for nothing. You will be an amazing mom. You wont do EVERYTHING perfect..shit you probably wont do anything perfect when it comes to being a mom…. you know why… ITS NOT FUCKING POSSIBLE! So to TMZ and all the other people out there who are hating on you…. Put your middle finger up…and walk away.. They arent worth it… Focus on you and your soon to be family… Stay beautiful! <3

    May 30 at 6:15am  / Reply


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