Marriage Boot Camp: Reality Stars Ep. 1

So much went on in this first episode of Marriage Boot Camp! We all got introduced to the couples who were doing this with us and then we had a bunch of reporters put us on the spot. It got a little crazy with some of the couples but it was interesting to see what the perception was about us! This is definitely a learning experience and what doesn’t kill us only makes us stronger.

Make sure to tune into WeTV every Friday at 9/8c to watch it all go down! XOXO


  1. Tara 

    Eh, no worries. People just like to make people miserable and hurt inside. These are the people that people should be focusing on. How they ruin lives and people in general. They suck.

    June 3 at 3:37pm  / Reply
    • Tara 

      Ummm I think I like the word people today

      June 3 at 3:39pm  / Reply
    • yephislexb 

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      June 4 at 5:55am  / Reply
  2. Jossie Rodriguez 

    I love it!

    June 3 at 5:03pm  / Reply
  3. Spanishmama 

    You acted like a lady in the Jersey house too

    June 3 at 6:21pm  / Reply
  4. Pink turtle images 

    Silly media! Timing is everything. They should of waited until you have the baby and claimed you had surgery to bounce back quickly because Roger wasn’t happy with your looks. Can we say tabloid fail

    June 3 at 6:42pm  / Reply
  5. Cristina 

    love it so far!!!! Looks intriguing!

    June 3 at 6:46pm  / Reply
  6. Brittany lira 

    Jwow I love how you and snooki never turned into the stars who think they are the king of the world you both stay focused on your own life’s and keep moving never letting anyone bring y’all down or your family’s very strong women !!!

    June 3 at 6:48pm  / Reply
  7. sarah 

    wish this came to new Zealand. Looking ford to see the next episode.

    June 3 at 6:51pm  / Reply
    • sarah 

      new zealand tv woops lol.

      June 3 at 6:52pm  / Reply
  8. Christina Hang 

    oh god it look so intense, Jwow and Roger, please be careful and safe.

    June 3 at 7:12pm  / Reply
  9. Laura Keehnle 

    ok someone needs to take the fat black bitch out to the barn where she belongs and shoot her between the eyes like the cow she is. i honestly don’t think ill be able to watch this show because of her. black people don’t wanna be stereotyped but its bitches like her that are to blame. jenni, you and roger are BY FAR the mose sane and normal people there! gretchen’s annoying as hell too because she’s all up in everybody else’s business and just wants to fix everybody else, she needs to worry about her own damn relationship. please just tell me, does someone kill fatty by the end?? please say yes!

    June 3 at 8:06pm  / Reply
    • Tawny 

      Are you talking about Tanisha? From THE BAD GIRLS CLUB? Nice comment for jwoww but why bash a whole race based off her? Stereotypes blah blah blah never judge a WHOLE race by one or two people. Please and thank you.

      June 3 at 8:27pm  / Reply
      • Elizabeth 

        One or two tr tr ugh thousands sweetie lol

        June 4 at 11:35am
    • Jerri Williams 

      Girl u need to get a life there was nothing cute about what you just said

      June 3 at 8:41pm  / Reply
  10. Sigita Ventyte 

    I love Jenni and Roger. I just think that u guys need to brush all comments that try to affect your relationship off . I understand Roger, that he don’t want to be on public eye, you just nee to find a happy medium. I know, you will be okay

    June 4 at 4:42am  / Reply
  11. Hawkeye 

    Jenni, How am I suppose to wait for the next episode??? I just hope that you and Roger are doing okay and are excited about your baby girl.

    June 4 at 6:32am  / Reply
  12. Melissa 

    Misery loves company

    June 4 at 6:40am  / Reply
  13. Ay 

    hi jenny. i am so happy that u posted this show here. i been waiting for it but thought couldnt watch it since i live in japan. i love you so much and cant wait for the next one! i lovvve the show!

    June 4 at 10:45pm  / Reply
  14. Thelma 

    How can i watch the other episodes ? i don’t get the channel in Canada !

    June 19 at 2:30pm  / Reply


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