Marriage Boot Camp: Reality Stars Season 1

Hey boos!!! I had to keep this project secret for a while but now I can finally share with you my latest show premiering on WeTV on Friday, May 30th at 9|8c. Roger and I are going to be on Marriage Boot Camp: Reality Stars!! If you couldn’t tell by the preview above, things get a little dramatic while we all try to figure out our relationship! Both Roger and I are really stubborn so working through the issues ain’t easy! Tune in to see what we go through and our journey as we go through marriage boot camp!! XOXO


  1. melena 

    oh great <3 <3

    April 17 at 10:21am  / Reply
  2. Christina Hang 

    dang that looks scary, but i didn’t see much of jwow and roger???

    April 17 at 10:25am  / Reply

    Looks crazy!!

    April 17 at 10:25am  / Reply
  4. Katie 

    The video is NOT working for me :-( Boo. I wanted to see it. Uhh. Oh well… Glad y’all are going to Marriage Boot Camp. I remember Roger saying on 1 of ur other shows ” He didn’t want to go & pay someone to talk to y’all bout yalls problems.” Glad to hear he has agreed to this :-) Can’t wait to hear when the wedding will be. Much love babe <3

    April 17 at 10:29am  / Reply
    • Saydee 

      He probably only agreed to it because they get paid to be on the show.
      So he’s not putting any cash out to be doing this.

      April 17 at 12:26pm  / Reply
      • jennifer 

        True that!!

        May 2 at 9:24pm
  5. lacey 

    Do you happen to know when it will air in the uk ?

    April 17 at 10:34am  / Reply
  6. maria 

    Very exciting can’t wait to watch congratz on everything

    April 17 at 10:36am  / Reply
  7. Sya 

    What channel is it in direct tv

    April 17 at 10:55am  / Reply
    • melinda♡bg 

      260 We channel

      April 17 at 12:40pm  / Reply
  8. Gucci1982 

    O.K now Jenni..almost cried already and the show didn’t even start. At least we know that you and Roger are stronger then ever and I love seeing you two (soon to be 3) together. Family first girl xo

    April 17 at 11:03am  / Reply
  9. carolyn davenport 

    Oh I cant wait you and roger where ment to be and you two are beautiful together

    April 17 at 11:08am  / Reply
  10. Hagar Mamdouh 

    SO great can`t wait to see u love u boo

    April 17 at 11:50am  / Reply
  11. Jess 

    I can’t see it!!!

    April 17 at 1:05pm  / Reply
  12. Anine 

    I really wanna see it… but I live in Norway.. fuck! Is there any way for me to watch? :(

    April 17 at 1:09pm  / Reply
  13. Nohelia 

    So excited can’t wait when does it air ?

    April 17 at 7:01pm  / Reply
  14. hayley lupton 

    When will it be on tv in Sydney Australia?
    :) ♥♥

    April 18 at 5:39am  / Reply
  15. Emilia 

    Can’t wait to see also I have a question will there’ve anymore snooki and jwoww show

    April 18 at 7:30am  / Reply
  16. Lisa 

    thats sooo fake lol

    April 18 at 2:50pm  / Reply
  17. E 

    Wow Jwoww looks horrible with Botox girl look fine before she fxxxx up big times girl feel sorry for you, you look scary just have to be honest. What money does to you crazy…..

    April 19 at 10:30am  / Reply
  18. Diane Richardson 

    Like to know how you and Roger got on the show when you 2 are not married at all. The show is for real marry couple.

    May 8 at 3:46am  / Reply
  19. Sarahjane Tait 

    Fuck the haters!! Thats my moto!! That green eyed monster is a bitch!!!!

    May 28 at 3:47pm  / Reply


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