Meet My Daughter Meilani!

JWOWW - Baby Meilani Mathews

How precious is my angel and love of my life Meliani!? I just want to hold her in my arms forever and never let her go!!!! I’m sharing our first pics in this week’s In Touch Weekly and share some details about our first days together, the meaning behind my baby’s name and how she’s already stealing so many hearts!

Pick up the latest issue of In Touch Weekly to see our family album!! xoxo


  1. priscilla 

    she looks just like u really beautiful.

    July 23 at 10:11am  / Reply
    • eislantzxcvx 

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      July 23 at 7:01pm  / Reply
  2. Elsa 

    Your baby is beautiful Jenni congratulations!! may God bless your family.

    July 23 at 10:11am  / Reply
    • Jessica Drasal 

      I pray that God will use her to heal any part of you that may be broken from past hurts, she is amazing! You will be a awesome mom!!!

      July 23 at 10:19am  / Reply
    • Jessica Drasal 

      Sorry didn’t mean to reply in your comment.

      July 23 at 10:20am  / Reply
  3. lina 

    She’s adorable

    July 23 at 10:12am  / Reply
  4. Laurie En Richard Hendriks 

    Aahhhwwww she’s so beautiful!! Just like her mom! :) enjoy!!

    July 23 at 10:16am  / Reply
  5. Kristine 

    Omg she is beautiful…

    July 23 at 10:17am  / Reply
  6. julie 

    Oh my god she is so beautiful I wish mine was still that small

    July 23 at 10:19am  / Reply
  7. Mayra Yesenia Gonzalez 

    She’s so pretty!! Congratulations on your new bundle of joy!!! Enjoy her to the fullest because they grow in a blink of an eye:)

    July 23 at 10:19am  / Reply
  8. Kelly Coleman 

    You both are so precious Jenn! Enjoy being a mommy, as time flies by. I think she looks a bit like her daddy. Can’t wait to get the magazine. God Bless you all!

    July 23 at 10:20am  / Reply
  9. Karen Faltisco 

    She is so beautiful and I love her name. I’m so happy for you both. Enjoy your new bundle of joy!!!

    July 23 at 10:20am  / Reply
  10. marina 

    You already spelled her name wrong. First sentence lol hut Shea very cute congrats!

    July 23 at 10:20am  / Reply
  11. nikki 


    July 23 at 10:22am  / Reply
  12. Tonya Evans 

    I knew it would be a cover of magazine! Make that money!!! Love how she makes her dough though!!! I envy her inna good way!! :) :) :) :) . Yay! Can’t wait to read the magazine issue!!! So happy for you! I have 2 weeks and 2 days left for my son to arrive!

    July 23 at 10:24am  / Reply
  13. Matilda 

    Shes so Beautiful congratulations Jenny❤❤❤

    July 23 at 10:25am  / Reply
  14. Gillian 

    She is so beautiful!! ♡

    July 23 at 10:27am  / Reply
  15. marie 

    Congrats on a beautiful baby to u both best in the future

    July 23 at 10:31am  / Reply
  16. Tiana Fleming 

    Awwh Jenni she’s. Beautiful

    July 23 at 10:32am  / Reply
  17. ellena 
    July 23 at 10:32am  / Reply
  18. fran 

    awww she is so cute

    July 23 at 10:33am  / Reply
  19. Ashley walker 

    Beautiful little girl omg she looks just like you I’m soo happy 4 u guys…..

    July 23 at 10:35am  / Reply
  20. flora 

    so precious!! <3

    July 23 at 10:42am  / Reply
  21. kristin 

    She is so precious…congrats..

    July 23 at 10:42am  / Reply
  22. Makayla Hanford 

    She’s beautiful, congratulations

    July 23 at 10:50am  / Reply
  23. Debra Roy Hamm 

    OMG she is sooo adorable she looks like you

    July 23 at 10:51am  / Reply
  24. Kelly 

    She is so beautiful congrats

    July 23 at 10:53am  / Reply
  25. anouk heffels 

    Congratulations she is a beutiful girl i’m happy for u xxx

    July 23 at 10:56am  / Reply
  26. Jessica Rose 

    Meliani is so adorable Jenni!!! You and Roger are gonna be good parents!!!!! Good luck in the future with your adorable little girl Meliani!!!

    July 23 at 10:57am  / Reply
  27. Dani 

    What a doll, congrats <3 Enjoy every moment time fly's.

    July 23 at 10:58am  / Reply
  28. Antonia Neglia 

    She’s so beautiful and perfect congratulations to you and Roger. God has blessed u both with an angel. I have 3 kids so I know how that first born baby feels.. She will be your best and favorite achievement in life. Good luck with everything.

    July 23 at 11:00am  / Reply
  29. Yakeline 

    Awe she looks like her daddy!

    July 23 at 11:01am  / Reply
  30. Chelsey 

    Jenni you and Roger make beautiful babies she is so adorable just like you. P.S I love her name.

    July 23 at 11:05am  / Reply
  31. Sam 

    Omg she is just perfect Jenny, congrats to you and Roger, she is just a cutie pie!!!!

    July 23 at 11:08am  / Reply
  32. Amber 

    So beautiful congrats :-)

    July 23 at 11:08am  / Reply
  33. Liz 

    How much did you sell the pics for? Pathetic!!

    July 23 at 11:12am  / Reply
  34. Kathy Pilliza 

    It really is beautiful like their parents love with that little♡♥♡♥♥

    July 23 at 11:13am  / Reply
  35. Rosetta Wicker 

    So very cute congratulations to u and Roger Jenny we lovd u n good luck in all u do in life.

    July 23 at 11:16am  / Reply
  36. Joline 

    Congratulations, she is absolutely adorable!

    July 23 at 11:16am  / Reply
  37. Lillian Phillis 

    She’s so gorgeous!!!!!! She really is a perfect angel. Congrats to you and Roger on your gorgeous girl :)

    July 23 at 11:20am  / Reply
  38. Nakia Washington 

    Congratulations Jenni and Roger. Meilani is beautiful! She’s a perfect combination of the both of you <3 Blessed Be

    July 23 at 11:21am  / Reply
  39. Dee westbrook 

    She’s beautiful

    July 23 at 11:29am  / Reply
  40. Carolina zap 

    Awwww so gorgeous!!! ❤️

    July 23 at 11:39am  / Reply
  41. babyangil2012 

    she is cute

    July 23 at 11:39am  / Reply
  42. rosie 

    That is so beautiful congrats Jenni and roger xxxx

    July 23 at 11:40am  / Reply
  43. Justin N Brittany Polk 

    Congratulations she is gorgeous! I think shs favors her daddy.

    July 23 at 11:44am  / Reply
  44. babyangil2012 

    she is so cute like her mommy

    July 23 at 11:46am  / Reply
  45. cynthia 

    She’s so beautiful

    July 23 at 11:54am  / Reply
  46. Stephanie 

    Awww! She’s SO beautiful, looks like her mamma. :-)
    So very happy for you and Roger, congratulations Jenni & Roger. Meilani is stunning. <3

    July 23 at 11:54am  / Reply
  47. Tasha (Dtnt2000) 

    She is so Precious! I have 4 children, all grown up and seeing this previous angel just makes me want to be a momma all over again!! I’m thankful she’s blessed with awesome parents.

    July 23 at 11:55am  / Reply
  48. erica jean 

    Aw she’s so adorable! Congrats

    July 23 at 11:57am  / Reply
  49. Rachel 

    Beautiful! Congratulations to you and Roger!

    July 23 at 12:03pm  / Reply
  50. Evelyn Rivera 

    Awww!!!!She’s Beautiful!!!Congrats!!G o d Bless You All.

    July 23 at 12:05pm  / Reply
  51. Maddie 

    Is her name meilani or meliani …

    July 23 at 12:07pm  / Reply
    • April 

      Meilani Alexandra

      July 24 at 1:34pm  / Reply
  52. Trista R. 

    Beautiful jenn. I knew she would be. I love you n roger so much. Congrats to the both of you on your little miracle. God bless your family.

    July 23 at 12:10pm  / Reply
  53. angelluvr29 

    Jenni she is so adorable congrats again to you and Roger

    July 23 at 12:11pm  / Reply
  54. Kendra Harris 

    Congratulations girl she is beautiful!

    July 23 at 12:14pm  / Reply
  55. Kelly Rivera-Franco 

    Congratulations she is so gorgeous

    July 23 at 12:20pm  / Reply
  56. Oumaima 

    Cutie ! God bless her <3

    July 23 at 12:22pm  / Reply
  57. Rachel 

    I see a lot of Roger in her! She’s perfect, you guys. You did good : ) Congrats, Jenni and Roger!

    July 23 at 12:24pm  / Reply
  58. Margaret 

    So very adorable! She is looking so much like daddy right now. But her looks will change as she grows. My first looked like her daddy when she was first born and now is my twin. :D
    Best of luck with her you make an amazing family!

    July 23 at 12:28pm  / Reply
  59. Dana 

    Omg!! Shes so freaking cute!! Congrats to you and Roger

    July 23 at 12:31pm  / Reply
  60. Monica Hiatt 

    She’s so beautiful she looks just like you ….

    July 23 at 12:37pm  / Reply
  61. Elizabeth Byrd 

    She is beautiful… Congrats to u both. She looks just like her daddy

    July 23 at 12:45pm  / Reply
  62. Nora Villanueva 

    Congrats!!!!!Jenni she’s beautiful

    July 23 at 12:48pm  / Reply
  63. Tristin 

    Wow she is a beautiful little angel god bless her and your family!!!

    July 23 at 12:51pm  / Reply
  64. jade 

    she’s beautiful you did a great job, your gonna be a great mother

    July 23 at 12:57pm  / Reply
  65. Brittney Nicole 

    OMG your daughter is so fucking cute JWow!!!!

    July 23 at 12:57pm  / Reply
  66. naomi 

    She is so beautiful. Congratulations!

    July 23 at 1:08pm  / Reply
  67. lessy 


    July 23 at 1:27pm  / Reply
  68. lisa deutscher 

    Omg! She’s beautiful. Congratulations to you and roger. You’ll be great parnets.

    July 23 at 1:52pm  / Reply
  69. Snooki&JwowwFan 

    She looks like Roger and you Jwoww!! May God Bless Your Little Family!♥♥♥♥

    July 23 at 2:11pm  / Reply
  70. Anna Svoboda Washington 

    She is beautiful you and Roger are going to be great parent’s May God bless you and your family

    July 23 at 2:26pm  / Reply
  71. Brandi Morris 

    Congratulations jenni she is absolutely beautiful just like her mommy

    July 23 at 2:28pm  / Reply
  72. kc 

    She’s gorgeous just as I thought she would be :)

    July 23 at 2:50pm  / Reply
  73. Diane Marie 

    I dont know who she looks like?

    July 23 at 2:59pm  / Reply
  74. Stacey 

    She is so beautiful just like her mommy..God bless her and t
    your family♡♡

    July 23 at 3:09pm  / Reply
  75. mimi moulane 

    i love you jenni and the cute baby ♥♥

    July 23 at 3:32pm  / Reply
  76. Tina Cannella 

    She looks like her daddy!!!

    July 23 at 4:31pm  / Reply
  77. jodi marcellus 

    You are truley blessed

    July 23 at 4:42pm  / Reply
  78. delphina c Flores 

    She looks so much like roger she is so precious congrats to u and roger jenni

    July 23 at 5:05pm  / Reply
  79. quita 

    She gorgeous

    July 23 at 5:58pm  / Reply
  80. Ann 

    Ive never been happy for a celebrity birth until you. I hope she is all u and Roger dreamed her to b and thank you for sharing with us

    July 23 at 6:00pm  / Reply
  81. Lindsey 

    Meilani! Pretty baby, she has just perfect features from you and her dad. Congrats you will forever feel complete. Wish the best to you and your family she is absolutely adorable! You will feel the same with your second. I have with my two babies wish I could give them more but I’m trying and getting by. You will be an amazing mother and her dad will do great, it all comes naturally.

    July 23 at 6:21pm  / Reply
  82. Kristy 

    Congratulations!!! She is so beautiful

    July 23 at 6:31pm  / Reply
  83. Michael Sawyer 

    She’s a beautiful baby. She will be a beautiful woman when she grows up to look beautiful just like her mother.

    July 23 at 7:36pm  / Reply
  84. Erica
    Check out my website for awesome books and more for baby Meilani.

    July 23 at 8:26pm  / Reply
  85. jennicoolsnookislut 

    Congrats Jenny You have a beautiful family Your duaghter is so sweet But just curious Why would you settle for not having a cover page? Like seriously Jenny You are 100% better than that nasty slut whore snooki and she got a cover page I’m just saying girl Your way better than that slut bitch cunt snooki and you deserve a cover page with your beautiful family Your the true inspiration of change Not the whoring of wanna be Italian fame Jenny Don’t settle for less girl You and your family deserves the best Get that cover page Cause you watch when that slut pops out hers she will get the cover And all respect You deserve it NOT WHORES!! Congrats Jenny:)

    July 23 at 9:13pm  / Reply
  86. Paris 

    She is absolutely precious!

    July 23 at 9:14pm  / Reply
  87. Anne Gilbert Culican 

    She is absolutely adorable and beautiful like you jenni

    July 23 at 9:32pm  / Reply
  88. Maddi 

    Congratulation on your beautiful baby girl, love your little family to pieces. Make amazing memories and have a great time being a first time momma.

    July 23 at 10:41pm  / Reply
  89. MF 

    Ummmm did you spell her name wrong?? Is it Meliani or Meilani??? You have it different on a couple of your posts…..

    July 24 at 1:08am  / Reply
  90. Erika Marie Loya 

    Beautiful, I can’t wait to meet my baby girl she will be here in a little over a month. My question to you is would you do it all over again? I was listening to the podcast where you and Nicole were talking about pregnancy and you said that you hated it that you couldn’t understand why anyone would enjoy this expierence lol. Was everything worth it? It’s one of the best feelings and smells in the whole world holding your baby and they just smell so good. Idk about you but I’m done no more babies for me I have my pair boy and girl already. I couldn’t put my body through this again due to a car accident I was involved in with my son back in 2011 it shifted my disks kn my back and I suffer from chronic back pain where I have too much weight but then I started eating healthy and exercising and lost 35 lbs and my back pain went away but this pregnancy really effd everything up again oh well it will be worth it in the end.

    July 24 at 7:55am  / Reply
  91. Katrin 

    She is gorgious

    September 11 at 7:42am  / Reply


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