Meilani’s Best Friend…

JWOWW - Meilani Mathews with first best friend puppy

Looks like my baby already has her first best friend!!!


  1. mackenzie 

    Congratulations to you and your man!!

    August 15 at 11:11am  / Reply
    • primerzjpcxb 

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      August 17 at 5:27am  / Reply
  2. Blah 

    Your dog sitting on a baby, pure dominance, not something your going to want to encourage, esp when she’s so young. Could make your dog very overly protective and I wouldn’t want to see you have to get rid of your dog for your child… that would suck…

    August 15 at 11:15am  / Reply
  3. Brittany Marsh 


    August 15 at 11:19am  / Reply
  4. Kelly 

    I don’t normally leave comment to people in the media as you have so much crazy ass stuff to put up with 24-7but this is the most cutiest photo I’ve loved every pic u have put on about ur pregnancy and ur daughter but I felt I had to with this pic as it adorable u & roger r so blessed with ur wee girl who is most certainly going to be a daddy’s girl, I have no children of my own I can have but only through ivf die to an operation I had but maybe one day il win the lottery and manage I have a 2yr step daughter who comes every sat night and I also say I wish I cld keep here and give her the life she deserves I would be a mum just like you jenny ” brilliant ” & as roger u keep doing what ur doing and enjoy ur life to the fullest and keep this photos coming I love them xxxxkelly all the way from Scotland

    August 15 at 11:28am  / Reply
  5. Drea 

    You should really hold your baby and feed her. Bottle propping is not a good practice. Educate.

    August 15 at 11:31am  / Reply
  6. joyce 

    I think she looks like both of you, but more like her daddy!

    August 15 at 11:37am  / Reply
  7. Please 

    Is that a citronella collar or a shock collar for barking? If it’s a shock collar, please look into citronella. Also, it’s a very cute picture! But please be sure to set boundaries, train your pup and teach your child to respect each other. Kids and pets are great together, but it can also be a recipe for bad situations.

    August 15 at 11:43am  / Reply
  8. tiffany 

    You should hold her and feed her, she could choke or anthing,

    August 15 at 11:59am  / Reply
  9. zaidet 

    Propping your baby’s bottle is not good. She’s so new so tiny. Only feeding method now is holding her and feeding her. She’s adorable and I’m so happy for you two bless your family

    August 15 at 12:02pm  / Reply
  10. Ashley 

    Those seats have been recalled for infant fatalities, FYI

    August 15 at 12:04pm  / Reply
    • Kimberly 

      Thats what i thought! Forget about the bottle propping, people do it ALL the time. Those infant seats are fatal, 7 deaths so far i believe? But besides that its a cute picture.

      August 15 at 7:11pm  / Reply
  11. Beth Adams 

    Hahahha Bottle propping and shock collars. Keep it classy.

    August 15 at 12:08pm  / Reply
  12. please 

    Oh no dont bottle prop. That causes ear infections among other problems. Cute photo but Jwoww and Roger hold her and feed her. Chrish it.

    August 15 at 12:12pm  / Reply
  13. Roberta te Kaha 

    Don’t really like the dog near the baby at this stage. Don’t turn ya back. You never know. js. She’s a beautiful babe :)

    August 15 at 12:26pm  / Reply
  14. Elizabeth 

    Nothing worse as a mother than having obnoxious people telling you what to do or not to do she didn’t ask for your “help” so don’t give it :)

    August 15 at 12:37pm  / Reply
    • maye♥ 

      She is a new mommy. Experienced mom’s know not to prop a new born’s bottle for many reasons. Yes, she needs HELP as you called it. No one is bashing her. We were all first time parents at one point. Babies don’t come with a manual.

      August 15 at 12:51pm  / Reply
  15. maye♥ 

    First thing I noticed about this picture is Meilani having her bottle propped. She is to little to prop her bottle!! You need to hold and feed her, newborns have to be burped! She could choke! Propping her bottle will cause her to have terrible gas pains and ear infections.

    August 15 at 12:41pm  / Reply
  16. elizabeth 

    Adorable! Just an FYI if you didn’t know that’s seat she is sitting in has been recalled, be careful with it!

    August 15 at 12:49pm  / Reply
  17. Doris Robinson 

    Really people….. dont be ignorant, you all had done the same at 1 point during this stage of new babies…so leave her alone she is doing just fine…longest she is keeping an eye on her while feeding her baby girl will be ok….

    August 15 at 1:24pm  / Reply
    • Joleen Marie Crosta 

      Actually you are being ignorant, by making a statement like you just did. Not all parents propped a bottle during a point in their infants life. Some women actually just their BREASTS the way they were intended to be used! Can’t prop a breast!!

      August 24 at 6:42am  / Reply
  18. Ciarra Lili Garcia 

    We do realize that she only propped the bottle so she could take a pic right

    August 15 at 1:26pm  / Reply
    • Cathy Bonebrake-Wiard 

      That baby seat was recalled!!!!!!!! Please don’t use it!!!!!

      August 15 at 2:08pm  / Reply
  19. Lindsay 

    Oh good grief these comments r something else. Everybody wants to give advice or criticize. I’m sure ur figuring things out just fine on ur own. Congrats lady on ur baby! She’s BEAUTIFUL!

    August 15 at 2:44pm  / Reply
    • Katrina Hunt 

      Fuck you moron

      August 15 at 6:37pm  / Reply
  20. April Grijalva 

    Don’t pop up the baby’s bottle like that she’s way to little and can choke!

    August 15 at 4:06pm  / Reply
  21. guendalyn hall 

    happy smile to you and your sweet little one:}love your pics

    August 15 at 5:23pm  / Reply
  22. Katrina Hunt 

    Too fucking lazy to hold a bottle in your kids mouth for fuck sake… and letting your mongrel dog sitting on your baby is fucking stupid.

    August 15 at 6:36pm  / Reply
    • Beth 

      I’m sure the dog is use to the baby and looks like a sweet dog… I have a Lil boy and my cat would sleep in his pack n play with him at his feet so unless u know the animal u can’t judge it….and bottle propping is something g 3 erythromycin mom has done at least once….

      August 20 at 2:54am  / Reply
      • Beth 

        Something every mom has done at least once…

        August 20 at 2:55am
      • Joleen Marie Crosta 

        bottle propping is NOT something every mom does! such ignorance. Some moms actually BREASTFEED their children.

        August 24 at 6:42am
  23. WowNO 

    I have 3 kids and I have never bottle propped. It’s sad that people cannot take the time to feed their kids let alone a new baby. If you want to take a pic, do so after she is fed.

    August 15 at 7:21pm  / Reply
    • momobrown4 

      Why do you have to say it rudely you can just give her tips shes a new mom not an expert give her a break don’t judge her all she needs are a few tips. If she weren’t a new mom then that would be a different story but she is a new mom so give her tips.

      August 15 at 8:49pm  / Reply
  24. Diana 

    Adorable picture, however proping your baby’s bottle is not only unsafe, it’s bad for the gums and is a sign of laziness. Just saying.

    August 15 at 7:47pm  / Reply
  25. Casandra 

    Hey jwoww I hope you read this… I had my son about r 1/2 months ago and I seen that recliner that you have and I wanted to get it Cuz it looked so awesome. But I went home and seen a link that they were telling people not to buy them and recalling them because babies were suffocating in them and at that time there were 6 deaths reported from that recliner

    August 15 at 10:08pm  / Reply
    • Casandra 

      Sorry 4 1/2 months ago

      August 15 at 10:09pm  / Reply
  26. Sarah 

    All these rude comments are pathetic! You are all so quick to criticize but most of you can’t even spell!!! It’s completely obvious she propped the bottle to take a picture and don’t act like you’ve never done it for a split second when your hands were full. She’s a new mother and doing amazing. Most importantly she’s TRYING. So instead of degrading fellow women and mothers, EMPOWER each other. Don’t spend your time being nasty and negative. It really only makes you look bad. You wouldn’t waste so much time and effort being rude if you weren’t so envious of everything she is that you aren’t. So congrats Jwoww….love the pic!

    August 15 at 11:17pm  / Reply
  27. Tiffany 

    It was just a litthe advise from mother to mother nothing rude, I always appreciate advise from other mothers.

    August 16 at 8:08am  / Reply
  28. janine 

    Thanks for answering my question from Facebook,seems ur dogs love ur daughter! Enjoy every moment! Dogs r best protecters and alerted if something is wrong with melini or anything. :)

    August 16 at 9:07am  / Reply
  29. Mercedes 

    This was NOT the sleeper that was recalled. I have this one. The daydreamer and I love it.. it’s nothing like the recalled sleeper…. the nap nanny was the recalled item… you idiots need to relax. We all bottle prop we all take pics with our family pets and babies and we all learn along the way. Yes she is a public figure but she is also a human being and is it not refreshing to see that such “celebrities” can still do “normal” things. You guys are losers. Don’t look at her page if you’re just going to react negatively.

    August 16 at 10:17am  / Reply
  30. alexandra martinez 

    Awwwww jwow your baby is soooo adorable

    August 16 at 7:27pm  / Reply
  31. caja2841 

    Not trying to be mean or judge….everyone bottle props yes, but honestly you should wait for quite a few months when baby can swallow properly and doesn’t take in air it is very dangerous! If you don’t want take advise on here I would ask your daughters dr what he/she thinks! Just looking out would hate for anything bad to happen to that beautiful girl!

    August 18 at 9:42pm  / Reply
  32. Pamela j 

    Sweet :)

    February 5 at 6:06pm  / Reply


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