Meilani’s First Designer Dress!

JWOWW - Baby Meilani first Roberto Cavalli Dress

Meilani got her first Roberto Cavalli dress!!!! Ugh he’s my favorite designer and my daughter is gonna be such a fashion diva! I can’t wait! xoxo


  1. Angelique 

    Beautiful dress

    July 25 at 11:29am  / Reply
    • sheckwzda 

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      July 25 at 7:46pm  / Reply
  2. Emilie Bakker 

    Beutifull dress!!

    July 25 at 11:34am  / Reply
  3. Yessenia Gonzalez 

    Loved so cute

    July 25 at 11:43am  / Reply
  4. austinsgirl31613 

    So cute!! Love it. She is a beautiful baby!!

    July 25 at 11:48am  / Reply
  5. Aja 

    So cute!! When she outgrows it , put it in a shadow box frame and hang it in her room!

    July 25 at 12:20pm  / Reply
  6. britnie 

    so beautiful, so happy that you got your little princess, as did i, i understand the amaizing feeling your feeling!

    July 25 at 2:42pm  / Reply
  7. Katina Ventimiglia 

    I finally got my princess after having 3 boys ages 14, 12, and 10.5. My daughter will be a year old August 17th. Cherish every moment cause it goes by quick.

    July 25 at 7:06pm  / Reply
  8. brandydavis88 

    Wow,Its so beautiful!!! I love it…meilani is going to be so adorable in it

    July 26 at 1:16am  / Reply
  9. Marshall Hansberry 

    Sometimes I put my face in a bowl of warm, frothy milk and whisper the names of my enemies. What an adorable dress! I love the idea of putting it in a shadow box when she outgrows it (hopefully never lol). ♥ ♥

    July 26 at 6:31am  / Reply
  10. Sweetpea 

    I love meilani’s new dress she will look like an angel in this as she does in all of her dresses and outfits love it.

    January 12 at 5:16am  / Reply
  11. Ciena 

    I think she will look like a beautiful little flower I love this dress can’t wait to see pics I love you Jenny stay strong and healthy you to Roger xoxoxo

    January 14 at 1:52pm  / Reply
  12. Brooke 

    So adorable!!!

    January 16 at 11:48am  / Reply
  13. Desiree Angyl 

    I think she has her mama’s style and will look beautiful in anything u put her in.

    January 16 at 2:04pm  / Reply
  14. Ariel M 

    Super cute!!

    January 17 at 9:28am  / Reply
  15. Sweetpea1515 

    so so so cute i could cuddle her all day meilani is going to be a heartbreaker

    January 20 at 6:16am  / Reply
  16. Tracey 

    Its adorable! I love it

    January 26 at 10:28am  / Reply
  17. Tanya Stepp 

    So adorable

    January 26 at 10:41am  / Reply
  18. karla 

    So Sweet <3 love it :)

    January 26 at 10:47am  / Reply
  19. Milissa 
    January 28 at 5:40am  / Reply
  20. Tori 


    February 1 at 3:43pm  / Reply
  21. Mary McCrohan 

    Love it

    February 2 at 9:31am  / Reply
  22. Crystal onofre 

    It’s a beautiful dress she will look so cute in it I would love to see pictures of her in it when it warms up

    February 3 at 7:57pm  / Reply
  23. Lillian 

    I love the trimmed ruffles. Too too cute!

    February 3 at 8:39pm  / Reply
  24. Kim 

    Absolutely gorgeous!

    February 7 at 5:19am  / Reply
  25. Nikki Zam 

    So cute!!!! Your baby girl is just gorgeous !

    February 13 at 12:30pm  / Reply
  26. Crishawk 

    Absolutely gorgeous!

    February 13 at 12:54pm  / Reply
  27. crystal 

    Very cute

    February 13 at 2:01pm  / Reply
  28. Danie 

    She will look amazing in this. I love how you are setting a style for her

    February 13 at 4:36pm  / Reply
  29. lilly 

    So cute..<3

    February 14 at 3:07am  / Reply
  30. Charlene Alice Dmitruk 

    aww so cute!!

    February 14 at 4:38am  / Reply
  31. Patricia 

    Very cute cant believe hoe fast she’s growing

    February 21 at 2:01am  / Reply
  32. Lana 

    Such a gorgeous dress. What a lucky girl. She’s gorgeous like her mama! Ty for sharung with us! ♥♡♥♡

    March 2 at 1:10pm  / Reply
  33. Leslie 

    It’s so cute

    March 2 at 3:34pm  / Reply
  34. Amanda Laviolette 

    so adorable!

    March 2 at 7:20pm  / Reply
  35. Stephany Mason 

    beautiful <3

    March 3 at 11:38am  / Reply
  36. Mimi 

    Cute! :)

    March 3 at 1:28pm  / Reply
  37. Queen Lana 

    Wahh, it’s adorable!!

    March 4 at 10:53am  / Reply
  38. Bridget 


    March 5 at 3:23am  / Reply
  39. Jenifer 

    I absolutely love this dress, wish i had a baby girl to dress up.

    March 7 at 6:15am  / Reply
  40. Loreen 

    Too cute

    March 18 at 8:23am  / Reply
  41. Amy 

    So cute!!

    March 25 at 12:15pm  / Reply


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