Meilani’s Present Party!

Here are the pics from my baby girl’s baby shower!! It was so much fun and my daughter loves all her presents! Thank you for everyone’s amazing messages and best wishes this past week! Working with a newborn is one of the most exhausting yet rewarding things I have ever done and I am enjoying every second of holding my precious baby in my arms! Look out for more special updates this week ;)

Thank you to the amazing photographer, David Ragsdale, for capturing these amazing memories.


  1. Lauren 

    When are you posting pics of your beautiful baby girl????

    July 21 at 12:44pm  / Reply
    • eislantzca 

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      July 21 at 6:47pm  / Reply
  2. Whitney Elaine Hunter 

    When she’s finished enjoying private time with her baby girl :) <3 Enjoy!

    July 21 at 1:15pm  / Reply
  3. Hailey 

    Show us the freaking baby nobody gives a crap of what you got we want to see the baby why won’t you show us the baby!!!!!???

    July 21 at 1:17pm  / Reply
  4. nikki 

    She’s selling her baby pics for cash duh to the media

    July 21 at 2:03pm  / Reply
  5. Krista Marie Sanc 

    She just had her first baby..respect her and her family’s privacy.. Remember good things come to those who wait patiently and with kind word’s.. God bless you Jenni and Roger and your baby girl:)

    July 21 at 2:14pm  / Reply
  6. kay 

    Because celebrities always sale their baby pics !!!

    July 21 at 2:25pm  / Reply
  7. Joulsz 

    Just let her have some private family time, is that so much to ask? She will post a picture if she’s ready to show the world her little baby girl. Have some patient people pff..

    July 21 at 3:09pm  / Reply
  8. Kylie 

    Leave the poor woman alone just because she’s famous doesn’t mean we gave any rights to seeing get child I’m sure any mother would feel the same especially as I’m a mother myself

    July 21 at 3:12pm  / Reply
    • Yoshiyasu 

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      August 16 at 1:38pm  / Reply
  9. Kate 

    Yea, she is definitely waiting for the right price bf she releases those pics lol

    July 21 at 3:13pm  / Reply
  10. Marty 

    Next week I say they’ll be up…I really hope so I wanna see the baby too :) awe

    July 21 at 3:57pm  / Reply
  11. carmen 

    Good luck with your family and congrats on the baby girl

    July 21 at 9:17pm  / Reply
  12. Melissa 

    So sweet. It is hard to be in the public eye. Never gonna be able to please everyone but I would do exactly as Jenni and Roger are doing as far as putting them in the magazine. Also they should enjoy every gift and words of congrats as these times are precious and go by fast. Congrats and good luck.

    July 24 at 10:34pm  / Reply


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