Mommy’s Little Peanut

My baby girl is my life and will forever be my biggest blessing! Love her to the moon and back!!! Never want to put my little peanut down!!!


  1. Celia 

    You look amazing!! Little Meilani looks so tiny in yours arms. Adorable!

    August 1 at 12:33pm  / Reply
    • amblejacvb 

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      August 1 at 6:25pm  / Reply
  2. alex . 

    little honey peanut mommy :) and the name is great and fits into a beautiful princess: * she’s so small and cute :*

    August 1 at 2:07pm  / Reply
  3. Brooke 

    You look amazing! Congrats to you. You look so happy as a mom

    August 1 at 3:29pm  / Reply
  4. Meriem Zarmouni Mobtahij 

    she’s soooo soooo cuuute congrats to u

    August 1 at 3:37pm  / Reply
  5. Leeanna Hanson 

    Your daughter is so beautiful just like u

    August 1 at 3:46pm  / Reply
    • jennicoolsnookislut 

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      August 2 at 7:18pm  / Reply
      • Magali Hidalgo 

        People like u are the reason humanity needs a clense. How could u refer to an unborn baby as a rat. Who cares ifnyou dont like snooki what the f*** is wrong with you.

        August 2 at 8:20pm
      • lovepeace85 

        so first let me tell if you hate snooki why are you here dont you know jenni and snooki are best friend and stop being such a hater and a bitch who cares if snooki is a slut is her life not u”re okey

        August 5 at 4:16pm
      • People be crazy 

        Woah!!! You need a god damn life!!! Calling an unborn child a rat?? And do you know Snooki personally?? Clearly you live your life through television and the media and have lost all touch with reality. How sad.

        August 5 at 9:03pm
  6. Aina 

    You look so perfect and little Melanie is like you the mait beautiful person

    August 2 at 1:44am  / Reply


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