My Baby Is So Dramatic Already!

JWOWW - Week 20 new ultrasound pic

OMG! How adorable is this new ultrasound picture of my baby with her hand on her head being overdramatic!??? OBSESSED with her!!!


  1. nicki 

    Way to cute

    March 3 at 1:12pm  / Reply
  2. Brittany Terceira 

    Awwwwwwwww jenni so cute

    March 3 at 1:13pm  / Reply
  3. Gloria Adriana Garcia 

    Soooooooooo Cute !!!!!!!!! God Bless!!

    March 3 at 1:14pm  / Reply


    March 3 at 1:15pm  / Reply
  5. Krystal Marie Kline 

    Adorable! !!

    March 3 at 1:15pm  / Reply
  6. NanaimoBCcanada 

    That’s very cute !! congrats Jwow you will be great parents im so happy for you and can’t wait to see your baby :) her and Lorenzo will be BFF’S :)

    March 3 at 1:15pm  / Reply
  7. Amanda C 

    Awww too cute!!!! Congrats!! Tell Snooki don’t worry about how mean people are she is an awesome mommy and they just want to bring her down stupid losers!! Cheer her up!

    March 3 at 1:15pm  / Reply
  8. ashley 

    This is to cute!!

    March 3 at 1:18pm  / Reply
  9. Nancy Gonzalez 


    March 3 at 1:18pm  / Reply
  10. Leslie Bear 

    Omg ur baby is abit dramatic congratulations jenni you’ll be a great mom just don’t let deena hold ur baby she might fall

    March 3 at 1:20pm  / Reply
  11. kaylee 

    She’s gonna be so beautiful jenni! ♡♡♡you and snooki!

    March 3 at 1:21pm  / Reply
  12. Danielle Segundo 

    Any baby bump pics?

    March 3 at 1:21pm  / Reply
  13. Realitystars1 

    Jenni….you’re so amazing, and your little girl is going to be one lucky little girl to have you and Roger as her parents. Do you know what you’re going to name her? We’d all really love to know…..and if you already announced it, then I somehow missed it. :)

    March 3 at 1:22pm  / Reply
  14. jemarie 

    Beautiful you and roger are the perfect couple and now u are both going to b the greatest parent que chula la nena :) :)

    March 3 at 1:35pm  / Reply
  15. Vincent chagolla 

    I’m going to be the god father jk c:

    March 3 at 1:50pm  / Reply
  16. Amanda 

    Congratulations I’m pregnant too my babys due June 6th.I also had it really hard the first few months i was very sick.Im also having a little girl.goodluck

    March 3 at 1:55pm  / Reply
  17. Matt West 

    OMG it’s a girl! How sweet!

    March 3 at 2:13pm  / Reply
  18. krista 

    oober cute!!!

    March 3 at 2:33pm  / Reply
  19. Brenda bradley 

    Jwoww she is going to be as cute and as pretty as you jwoww. Congrates on your new addition.

    March 3 at 3:02pm  / Reply
  20. Brianna 

    Jenni I can’t wait to see pictures of her:) she’s going to be one lucky girl to have parents like you and Rodger. What are you going to name her??

    March 3 at 3:09pm  / Reply
  21. JessiBoo85 

    Makes me want another child :( or maybe not…

    March 3 at 3:39pm  / Reply
  22. jayla 

    weres roger

    March 3 at 4:04pm  / Reply
    • Prince 

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  23. Lidia Silva 

    <3 god bless ur little angel :)

    March 3 at 4:13pm  / Reply
  24. Jovita 

    Your an awesome person you’ll be a Great mom oh enjoy her always girly they grow up so fast love us best wishes always :-)

    March 3 at 4:49pm  / Reply
  25. Nakita Navarro 

    So cuteee♡♡♡♥♥♥

    March 3 at 4:51pm  / Reply
  26. kacey 

    Awwww so cute!

    March 3 at 4:53pm  / Reply
  27. tonya 

    So cute…happy for u guys

    March 3 at 5:02pm  / Reply
  28. beatrizz 

    how cute u should get a 3D 0ne u could see them exactly how they going to look.

    March 3 at 5:09pm  / Reply
  29. Tasha 


    March 3 at 5:15pm  / Reply
  30. lexi 

    How big is your bump and is it a boy or a girl

    March 3 at 5:29pm  / Reply
    • Kallee Vye Cormier 

      it literally says like mother like DAUGHTER

      March 4 at 11:55am  / Reply
  31. Chaquetta 

    So cute wish snooki and jwoww was back on

    March 3 at 6:34pm  / Reply
  32. Amanda 

    How cute!!! Love it! Can’t wait to see her!!

    March 3 at 6:47pm  / Reply
  33. Carmen Avila D Valdez 

    How cute.

    March 3 at 7:14pm  / Reply
  34. kivian 

    U know what would be cute is an update on the baby bump

    March 3 at 7:34pm  / Reply
  35. Audra 

    You’re so perfect!! I wish you and your baby the best!! CONGRATS

    March 3 at 8:10pm  / Reply
  36. Lynn Too Thick 


    March 3 at 8:37pm  / Reply
  37. Taunya Curry 

    Congratulations to you being blessed with this wonderful opportunity.

    March 3 at 10:57pm  / Reply
  38. JLR5487 

    I found out feb. 24, 2014 that i am having a baby girl. Well it is about freakn time me and my daughter are out numbered by my husband and her three brothers. On the ultrasound pictures she is posing with either her left or right arm up behind her head and the other on her side and pooling her lips like she is blowing a kiss for real she does it and if she don’t want to be seen you will not see her face she will make sure of it. I think see is going to have the diva attitude and all that comes with it.

    March 4 at 4:44am  / Reply
  39. JR5487 

    I meant poofing her lips

    March 4 at 4:45am  / Reply
  40. Patricia L Fritz 

    Love it ♥ Newest drama queen :) GREATEST GIFT.

    March 4 at 6:04am  / Reply
  41. Tonisha Maracle 

    Aweh that is cute

    March 4 at 9:33am  / Reply
  42. Yosmarils Frazier 

    Congrats on ur baby girl i hope u enjoy every moment of it and more and ur baby father are happy

    March 4 at 12:58pm  / Reply
  43. alicia cappellano 

    Awww what u going to name her

    March 4 at 8:27pm  / Reply
  44. Gabby Rubel 

    post a pic of your belly!!

    March 5 at 10:37am  / Reply
    • Lyzbeth 

      I could watch Schr’dleins List and still be happy after reading this.

      August 16 at 9:52pm  / Reply
  45. Meggz 

    When are you due?

    March 5 at 5:38pm  / Reply
  46. lilmomma 

    Where is the belly

    March 5 at 7:35pm  / Reply
  47. Kara Nelson 

    congrats my daughter hates pics but i get good ones anyway hope she will be here soon so everyone can meet her

    March 10 at 12:06am  / Reply


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