My Baby’s First Mattress…

jwoww - babys first mattress

So excited to share with you my pregnancy journey and my process for getting ready for my baby to arrive into this world. I am loving designing my baby’s nursery and doing my research when it comes to getting my baby the best there is!! I have been making an effort to try to get everything as close to organic as possible because I only want the best for my baby!!!

That’s why I am obsessed with this Pebble Pure mattress from!

This mattress is the world’s most considered organic infant mattress!!! It has a certified organic coconut core layered with 1” of natural latex foam. I love the dual‐sided design and how it provides a firm, breathable sleep space for my little baby girl!!! I want nothing but the softest materials for my angel and the superior softness of the eucalyptus wrap just cannot get any better!!!

I can’t wait to see her laying in her mattress, I have a feeling she’ll love it!!! xoxoxox

What are some organic baby products you mommies are loving!?


  1. Lola Santos 

    ORBIT BABY STROLLER! Had it shipped all the way from the USA to Belgium!!! Best stroller ever! #OrganicRules

    April 7 at 12:12pm  / Reply


    April 7 at 12:47pm  / Reply
    • jobie 

      If you’d pay attention it was an April fools joke. She posted that too.

      April 7 at 12:59pm  / Reply
    • leesha 

      It was an April fools joke! She stated that shortly after saying it was a boy

      April 7 at 1:21pm  / Reply
    • sammke 

      That was a April fools thing she had posted it’s a bot I stead of a girl…

      April 7 at 3:04pm  / Reply
    • Amber Manuel 

      It was on April 1st that is April fools. She wasn’t a Lil late and even if it was not April Fools day doctor’s have made mistakes before with the sex of babies. So who are you to judge??

      April 7 at 10:13pm  / Reply
  3. crissy 

    Cloth diapers! Cloth diapers and cloths diapers!. If you do them yourself own a diaper sprayer! Save you a ton or do diapering service ..they drop off fresh cloth diapers and take away the dirty :) ..

    April 7 at 3:05pm  / Reply
    • lisa 

      Save tons? She don’t need to she got money and if she getting the best for her daughter she is not tryin 2 save tons.

      April 7 at 4:45pm  / Reply
      • Georgee 

        Cloth diapers are best for baby cause they are free of the chemicals they put in diapers that make them so absorbent.

        April 7 at 7:50pm
      • Jessica W 

        And they are super cute! We use gDiapers and sunbabies here! ;)

        April 8 at 1:25am
  4. Julie Herrera 

    I can’t wait to see pictures of your daughter Jenni I bet she’s going te look just like her mom so cute:)

    April 7 at 3:06pm  / Reply
  5. Angela 

    Is she actually pregnant or not ?? If so congratulations
    I think you would make a great mother !

    April 7 at 3:16pm  / Reply
  6. Tammi 

    What if your baby is allergic to latex? You need to be cautious about allergies with babies. My daughter had a severe allergic reaction and her throat closed up and everything. Scared the crap right out of me. This severe reaction she had was two days in a row and that means that reaction caused her to get rushed to the hospital both times and the second time was worse than the first time… Seeing you child with iv’s and having a hard time breathing is so difficult to watch and go through. Organic or not you need to be super cautious about everything.

    April 7 at 3:17pm  / Reply
    • Lindsay Altman 

      I’m pretty sure she is aware of that. Obviously if the baby is allergic to latex then she isn’t going to use the mattress.

      April 7 at 4:08pm  / Reply
      • bobbie 

        Lindsey….tammy wasn’t being rude she was giving her advice from one mother to another. No need to get so defensive.

        April 7 at 7:11pm
  7. savannah 

    Wow u are gonna have a little diva lol:-) :-) :-)

    April 7 at 3:20pm  / Reply
  8. Lauren 

    Babyganics oatmeal wash!! And earths best organic wipes! They’re chlorine free and free of soaps and scents.

    April 7 at 3:44pm  / Reply
    • Caitlin DiMaggio 

      Earth’s Best wipes are the best if getting store bought wipes! They are the only vegan tore bought that I can use on my daughter without her having a rash but I can’t afford them.

      April 7 at 6:52pm  / Reply
  9. ally 

    A bit over the top I think I have 5 children and I wont the best for them not everyone sleep’s around on tv to make money so you can act this way when you have a baby get over yourself

    April 7 at 3:45pm  / Reply
    • Lindsay Altman 

      Oh, shut up. Stupid, jealous bitch.

      April 7 at 4:09pm  / Reply
    • lisa 

      Hater! How ever she got to where she is she did it bitch n u still a sorry broke ass bitch who points fingers. 5 kids huh sounds like u been on your back a while to lol so I guess u would know

      April 7 at 4:49pm  / Reply
      • Donna 

        Girl you took the words right out of my mouth, good one

        April 8 at 4:40pm
    • chelsea 

      Shes a bit judgmental she is famous for reality tv yes but damn if you dont like it dont follow her. Shes having a baby super excited about get your head out of your ass. You can keep hating but shes still going to do what she is doing. And your still going to be an asshole

      April 8 at 5:01pm  / Reply
  10. Lori 

    Google it there are so many organic baby products I used Johnson and Johnson but my daughter’s are 10 & 9 so you get all the cool that wasn’t out yet…but I’m sorry I couldn’t do cloth diapers no offense lol

    April 7 at 3:49pm  / Reply
  11. Carrie 

    there is no such thing as natural latex…latex is a chemical based rubber product nothing organic about it…it is awful for anyone (possibly her baby) with an allergy to have that. but let’s be straight these promo based blogs is a celebrate hocking a product for some kind of perk and this is most likely written as well by a paid staffer of Jenni’s. I think she is great not knocking her personally although I’d love to see an actual baby bump pick of hers where she actually looks pregnant!

    April 7 at 3:54pm  / Reply
    • Kris 

      People magazine just had a picture of her on their Facebook and website coming out of a salon with the baby bump popping. She’s got a bump..she’s one of the lucky ones that isn’t huge..easier to take the weight off and fewer stretch marks.

      April 8 at 2:19am  / Reply
    • Savannah 

      Latex is natural you dimwit. There can be engineered latexes, but this is NATURAL.

      April 8 at 8:44am  / Reply
  12. Carrie 

    I actually found a baby bump pic where she has a bump! so cute :)

    April 7 at 4:01pm  / Reply
  13. missi 

    Chill out…she probably got that free for advertising it….duhhh

    April 7 at 4:22pm  / Reply
    • Sarah 

      She did get it free. Not sure why a company like this which caters to high end parents would want to be associated with such a low end person.

      April 8 at 8:45am  / Reply
      • donna 

        Hey Sarah if you think she is a low end person why in the hell are on her facebook page and making nasty comments mmmm let me see you have nothing better to do and don’t have a life or maybe you are just jealous either way get over it and grow the hell up.

        April 8 at 4:47pm
  14. Amanda 

    Organic food I get (grown without pesticides or hormones) but what constitutes organic for a mattress? And how is this exactly “certified” may just be a marketing ploy. Also ideal baby mattress is very firm so that their little faces won’t squish into excessive padding. Just my 2 cents (and worth about half, lol) ~fan

    April 7 at 4:26pm  / Reply
    • Lucinda 

      A lot of ppl sleep with more then one person before they finally find the one. Unfortunately for her it was while she was on TV, that don’t make her a slut nor u for having five kids as someone posted. But however is has the money to buy the best so why can’t she???i to have 5 children n would love to buy the best for them, what mother wouldn’t but less face it most of us r less fortunate. That don’t make Jwow or any of us any better or worse. Why r us women so mean to one another??? If u don’t wanna hear about her better then normal life don’t read into it. I do as my own outlet n a girl can daydream rt… We use such harsh words toward one another n why cuz someone is happy n talking about bringing their new baby into this world that doesn’t n will never effect us….everyone of is should be happy we have what we do, it ax always be worse. : )

      April 7 at 6:28pm  / Reply
      • Tee 

        Also they only showed that she slept with 2 people on the show her boyfriend when the show first started and by season 3 she was with Roger the man she is with now.

        April 8 at 7:59am
    • Sarah 

      In order for an item to say it’s organic, it has to meet certain standards and therefore, is CERTIFIED ORGANIC. Considering your baby is laying on it for many hours each day and is breathing in the off gassing everyone should consider an organic mattress for an infant. Your 2 cents is uneducated and unresearched.

      April 8 at 8:47am  / Reply
  15. Lucinda 

    Sorry Amanda this was supposed to be a reply to the previous comment that Ally had made. I’m on my new phone n i must have replied in the wrong spot.

    April 7 at 6:36pm  / Reply
  16. Caitlin DiMaggio 

    I agree with cloth diaper! We cloth diaper here and it’s one of the best choices we’ve made! My daughter never gets a diaper rash and if she does it’s only mild irritation from her poop. Her pediatrician ALWAYS comments on what great diapers they are because she never has a rash. Coconut oil is a great treatment for rashes/ cradle cap/ eczema also!

    We also make our own baby wipes because we are a vegan/vegetarian family and our daughter is allergic to some ingredients in store bought wipes. Also, my husband makes our own baby food purees, I breastfeed and babywear as well. If you’re interested in babywearing, let me know! I’m local to you and would love to help you out if it’s something you want more info on. Anything at all really. If there is anything I could help with, hit me up! I love helping a fellow parent out <3

    April 7 at 6:45pm  / Reply
  17. Caitlin DiMaggio 

    Not sure if you plan to breastfeed but along with coconut oil, breastmilk is a miracle all purpose treatment for rashes, eczema, cradle cap and a lot of other things.

    April 7 at 6:47pm  / Reply
  18. cici 

    jenni asked about pointers on organic baby items that parents have actually used & done well with. not negativity & nasty remarks on what you think she should or should not do or how to raise her child in your opinion…everyone’s baby is different not all are going to be allergic to sum n….also Jenni did modeling & had a normal job before she became a star on mtv ….so yes even though she has the means to get her baby girl anything & everything she wants to, she has the right to spend her money how she wants to…that’s what’s wrong with woman these days jealous over the life you don’t have….also maybe she would like to keep sum things n life personal like her pregnancy pics her baby bump etc.. When she is ready to reveal them then she will, I have also known woman in my life personally that went through their pregnancy & never showed at all so everyone is different & sum have it easier than others & are lucky enough not to gain an ounce….so mad kudos to you & roger jenni…pray n for a smooth delivery & healthy baby girl. You spoil her & do what you know is right or what feels right to you. cant wait to see her beautiful face all over your page….God bless you all in this new journey

    April 7 at 7:31pm  / Reply
  19. Tammy 

    After breastfeeding if that is what you choose. I made all my childrens baby food nothing fancy. I steamed carrots mashed with a touch of salt. Yam same way. Pan fried some peas. It’s super easy dosen’t take more then 30 min to make enough food for the day. The boys loved it. Now all 3 boys will eat anything I put in front of them. My 9 year old favorite food is Brussel sprouts. My middle is broccoli and my youngest roasted carrots. I don’t trust baby food from jars that can sit on a shelf for months. Just my personal preference but if you can make your oun I strongly recomend it.

    April 8 at 10:46am  / Reply
  20. Lesley 

    Babys dont need salt why the hell would u put any duhhhh.

    April 8 at 10:16pm  / Reply
  21. lesley floyd 

    Really ….Pan fry peas u can simply steam and mash veggies and or puree .No salt,No frying.

    April 8 at 10:21pm  / Reply
    • Tammy 

      You don’t use oil it adds a layer of flavor . Same as if you rosted them in the oven for 5 min its building flovor.

      April 9 at 3:24am  / Reply
  22. Tammy 

    Baby’s can too have salt. A pinch is not a handful it is perfectly safe. especially if you make larger batches it’s fine ask your Dr. Just and FYI there are so many worse things in jared food. Even if it says all natural and organic dosen’t mean it is. Advertising a product with those lables dosen’t mean everything in it is organic or all natural it just means something in the jar is and therefore the company can legally label it at all natural or organic there are very few baby food products that are 100% organic.

    April 9 at 3:34am  / Reply
  23. Sierra 

    I watch snooki and jwoww every season I absolutely love watching these shows and you guys changing so much ♥ good luck

    April 9 at 6:50pm  / Reply
  24. AJ 

    aveeno baby oatmeal bath powder. best stuff ever. it’ll keep the skin from getting dry & rashey. i still use it!

    April 10 at 4:00pm  / Reply
  25. Amy 

    Congrats to both of you! And btw, does Jenni still smoke during pregnancy??

    April 15 at 6:37am  / Reply
  26. CallieHowell 

    Yet, no time before, have there been a lot of experts or products accessible to assist us to lose weight. By eliminating Gluten from the diet, we give our intestines a chance to recover from the damage Gluten previously caused. In these fasts you will not consume any calories, and after these periods are gone it is possible to eat anything you like.

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