My Baby’s First Shoes…

JWOWW - Baby's First Michael Kors Shoes

Dyingggg over these Michael Kors shoes that my friend, Aimee, got for my baby!!! Omg I’m in love!


  1. Nora 


    March 18 at 4:33pm  / Reply
  2. Ivy LoyaltyovaEverything Diaz 


    March 18 at 4:36pm  / Reply
  3. Laura 

    Omq so qorqeous

    March 18 at 4:36pm  / Reply
  4. Lindsey Caudill 

    You guys are going to be awesome parents, just love that baby with all you have in you!

    March 18 at 4:36pm  / Reply
  5. savannah 

    There so adorable.. I bet she will love them

    March 18 at 4:36pm  / Reply
  6. Mia 

    Awww… so cute Jenny :) <3

    March 18 at 4:42pm  / Reply
  7. krystal 

    Omgoodness!!!! ♥♥♥♥♥♥

    March 18 at 4:44pm  / Reply
  8. Nikki Zapata 

    Omg! My baby got the same ones for Christmas!

    March 18 at 4:50pm  / Reply
  9. Lindsey 

    Hey if u like them wear them

    March 18 at 7:57pm  / Reply
  10. Kaykay 

    In a fan but idk it’s crazy that ur always talking about baby this n my baby that n u post pictures but there never of ur baby bump n uve posted quit a few pics but non show ur belly bump cuz all the pics u have no bump at all so plz prove me wrong n show a side ways pic of u n ur baby bump!!!

    March 18 at 9:51pm  / Reply
    • Loyda 

      Shut up. She has nothing to prove to you or anyone else.

      March 19 at 8:44am  / Reply
    • chasity 

      What is it you think she should prove to you or anyone else? Not all females see the need in posting bump pictures. Grow Up little girl.

      March 19 at 9:12am  / Reply
    • Laura 

      That’s a real asshole thing to say. She is proud of the fact that she is having a baby. Just because she isn’t posting baby bump pictures doesn’t mean anything. And who are you to judge her on what she post of her pregnancy. God has given her a gift and maybe Jenni isn’t comfortable posting pics of her baby pump because of assholes like you,i. If you are making comments on the lack of baby pump post then what are you going to say when she does post one up? Leave her alone.

      Congrats Jenni. Your baby has fashinstia written all over.

      March 19 at 11:25am  / Reply
    • Lindsey 

      I believe u kaykay i mean after snooki had her baby she lost weigth y don’t she wait to go to the gym after baby she maybe crushing her baby girl

      March 22 at 12:39pm  / Reply
  11. Hm 

    That above comment was rude. Who cares if she’s not showing off her bump. Not all women are the same, and maybe it’s something she prefers to share with family and friends… Not groupies! I love pics of baby stuff, and her style! So keep on showing off!

    March 19 at 4:39am  / Reply
  12. shearon 

    i love it !
    It’s maa styleee :) )

    March 19 at 7:07am  / Reply
  13. Jasselyn Ramirez 

    Aaww that’s so cute, I can’t wait to find out what I’m having just to buy things like that

    March 19 at 4:09pm  / Reply
  14. melissa87 


    March 20 at 5:00am  / Reply


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