My Clean Eating Summertime Favorites!

There are so many ways to keep healthy during the summertime! I love the variety of fresh fruits and vegetables, and they help to make the perfect light and satisfying meal! Try adding some avocado to your dishes this summer! They have healthy fats, proteins, vitamins, and, most importantly, they’re DELICIOUS! Mangos are also SUPER healthy for your digestion, bone health, skin and hair! Try pairing grilled chicken with some grilled vegetables and mango salsa. Can I get a YUMMM?



  1. Tawny 

    Looks really good but at 33 weeks I find myself not being able to eat much :( there’s like no room….

    June 25 at 3:38pm  / Reply
  2. tina 


    June 25 at 3:40pm  / Reply
  3. Whitney Elaine Hunter 

    Looks so yummy! Its so exciting that you & Roger are going to be parents very soon :)

    June 26 at 4:43am  / Reply


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