The Resting Bitch Face…

Hey booboos!!! I’m sure a lot of us have this problem, the resting bitchface…trust me those who have it will understand this! I’m not always mad—but my face is! More hilarious bitchface gifs here!


  1. janetsarduy 

    So then smile, betch, with teeth! Problem solved.

    May 6 at 9:06am  / Reply
  2. Melinda 

    I have this hahah when I was younger, I was accused of having an attitude all the time because I guess I always looked pissed off lmao

    May 6 at 9:15am  / Reply
  3. Toni 

    Me too Melinda. It’s nice to know I’m not the only one.

    May 6 at 12:18pm  / Reply
  4. Amanda 

    Me too!

    May 6 at 3:15pm  / Reply
  5. Vanessa 

    Hi, Jwoww! You know, your daughter and Snookie’s son are probably going to date when they’re older!

    May 7 at 10:03am  / Reply
    • kay 

      They said they wanted to have there kids date in a ep on jersey shore

      May 7 at 9:19pm  / Reply
  6. Kristin 

    Bitch face is suuuper common n trust me you don’t have it! You’re face is gorgeous and definitely doesn’t sink in or rest when you smile its straight beauty!

    June 9 at 7:32am  / Reply


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