My Family!

JWOWW - Baby Meilani and Roger Mathews

My little nugget, Meilani, was only 4 days old in this picture! All our pics are in this weeks In Touch Weekly! Don’t forget to pick up our copy!


  1. Sarah 

    OMG she is so cute! I so see Roger in her! Again, congratz and enjoy every sec you can!

    July 23 at 12:58pm  / Reply
    • eislantzxcvx 

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      July 23 at 7:00pm  / Reply
  2. Becca Kimi 

    Oh she is gorgeous!!! well done guys. Welcome to mother/father/parenthood!!! xoxox

    July 23 at 1:18pm  / Reply
  3. karina 


    July 23 at 2:16pm  / Reply
  4. Karin Dora 

    Ohhhhhh, so cute ♥♥♥

    July 23 at 2:32pm  / Reply
  5. Marie 

    Så söt <3 en riktig liten prinsessa :D

    July 23 at 2:33pm  / Reply
  6. Karolina Lejczak 

    śliczna <3

    July 23 at 2:34pm  / Reply
  7. Janet 

    Congrats to both you. May God continue to watch over your family

    July 23 at 2:36pm  / Reply
  8. gigi 

    Shes adorable. Looks like daddy. How do u pronounce her name??

    July 23 at 2:37pm  / Reply
  9. jacqueline 

    She is perfect. .she looks a lot like Rodger..:)

    July 23 at 2:38pm  / Reply
  10. Ana 

    She is adorable. Congratulations xx

    July 23 at 2:39pm  / Reply
    • mary 

      She is so adorable you guys made a beautiful angel

      July 23 at 3:14pm  / Reply
  11. Carla Teuscher Vd Maat 

    Congratulations and enjoy every single moment. The kids grow so fast. Big hug from Switzerland .

    July 23 at 2:39pm  / Reply
  12. Wendy 

    She is Rogers little mini me.. She is spitting image of her daddy! So so beautiful! Congrats to you both, such a blessing!

    July 23 at 2:42pm  / Reply
  13. Amber Wilker 

    Shes so cute !!

    July 23 at 2:43pm  / Reply
  14. linda 

    Congradulations to the both of you. She is so beautiful a presious baby girl….many blessing and much love from my family to yours

    July 23 at 2:43pm  / Reply
  15. Julie Cockman 

    Congrats to you both you journey starts here and enjoy every.minute of it Xxxx beautiful family

    July 23 at 2:45pm  / Reply
  16. Tracie 

    She is so cute glad u showed pictures

    July 23 at 2:46pm  / Reply
  17. Danielle 

    Beautiful congrats to the both of you. Welcome to parenthood

    July 23 at 2:46pm  / Reply
  18. Jane Mayette 

    Congratulations. Enjoy having ur baby and being able to bring her home and watch her grow some of us was cut short or like me never got the chance to bring my child home from the hospital smhh.
    Congratulations again

    July 23 at 2:47pm  / Reply
    • Anna M Benzin 

      Congratulations to you and your family. She’s beautiful! Love her name too <3

      July 23 at 3:00pm  / Reply
  19. Fabi Tolentino 

    Congratulations! She’s gorgeous!

    July 23 at 2:53pm  / Reply
  20. Nina 

    Cutee ^^
    Good Luck and enjoy ever single moment! (:
    Xoxo <3

    July 23 at 2:58pm  / Reply
  21. Bonnie 

    Congrats on your new addition, the baby girl looks a lot like Roger…
    Jenni she has a lot of you in her as well……
    Be patient and strong and you will both be fine…..
    Sending hugs from Dartmouth, Nova Scotia Canada
    The east coast surf capital

    July 23 at 3:02pm  / Reply
  22. Carrie D 

    She’s beautiful! Congrats to both you & Roger

    July 23 at 3:05pm  / Reply
  23. Daiane 

    Oww simplesmente linda, muita saúde,Parabéns a vc e ao Roger, adoro vcs ♡♥♡

    July 23 at 3:06pm  / Reply
  24. Lina Nilsson 

    So cute :-)

    July 23 at 3:06pm  / Reply
  25. Stephanie 

    Has your eyes and Roger’s cheeks . She’s so adorable .

    July 23 at 3:07pm  / Reply
  26. Jenifer 

    Congrats, she’s beautiful!

    July 23 at 3:09pm  / Reply
  27. Rebecca 

    She is beautiful congrats

    July 23 at 3:10pm  / Reply
  28. laf0225 

    Is it pronounced meilani ( mé-lah-ni ) ?

    July 23 at 3:18pm  / Reply
  29. Jennifer Mulholland 

    Congratulations! Meilani is precious! Thanks for sharing pics! You look great as well. What a beautiful family!

    July 23 at 3:19pm  / Reply
  30. Lori 

    Shes is so beautiful…Congrats on your new addition..She looks alot like Roger…Sending some love from Chicago..

    July 23 at 3:19pm  / Reply
  31. stacie White 

    Congrats to the both of you on your lil precious baby girl!!! I think she looks like her daddy!!

    July 23 at 3:44pm  / Reply
  32. lisamarie 

    She’s beautiful! Enjoy every moment they come and go fast!;

    July 23 at 4:26pm  / Reply
  33. Tammi 

    Beautiful baby congrats

    July 23 at 4:28pm  / Reply
  34. gabrielle lloyd 

    She is gorgeous!

    July 23 at 4:34pm  / Reply
  35. abbiedaly96 

    Although While on Jersey Shore neither of these striked me as the type of people to have kids they both look very happy and that baby is one lucky little girl xxx

    July 23 at 4:36pm  / Reply
  36. Sherry Drummond 

    She is so cute…

    July 23 at 4:39pm  / Reply
  37. Rebecca 

    Wow! She is so beautiful! You have a gorgeous family! Thanks so much for sharing the pics! I couldn’t wait to see her!

    July 23 at 4:46pm  / Reply
  38. Sue Costa 

    Omg she is so precious
    God bless your new family

    July 23 at 4:48pm  / Reply
  39. Trisha Navarro 

    Too cute congrats Jenni to you and roger she’s gorgeous.

    July 23 at 5:15pm  / Reply
  40. becky 

    She is so beautiful

    July 23 at 5:26pm  / Reply
  41. Britney Harvey 

    Finally :) she is so adorable. congrats to Jenni & Roger both !

    July 23 at 5:29pm  / Reply
  42. Celia 

    OMG!!!! She’s SO CUTE!!! She’s definitely got Roger’s ears. Her mommy’s cheeks and nose though. Congratulations!!

    July 23 at 5:30pm  / Reply
  43. amanda 

    She is beautiful!! Congrats to you Jenni and Roger!! Love you giys amd always be a fan!

    July 23 at 5:31pm  / Reply
  44. Alysha 

    Congradulations to you and Rodger she is so beautiful your going to be awesome parents….

    July 23 at 5:32pm  / Reply
  45. Lindsey 

    I am crying right now ( and I am not pregnant)

    July 23 at 6:20pm  / Reply
  46. Bridget Barnes 

    She is adorable and looks like her daddy! Congrats to you and your family welcome to parenthood.

    July 23 at 7:39pm  / Reply
  47. Jamie 

    Congrats to you both! Beautiful family, beautiful baby and what a beautiful name that you chose for her!

    July 23 at 7:56pm  / Reply
  48. jennicoolsnookislut 

    Congrats Jenny You have a beautiful family Your duaghter is so sweet But just curious Why would you settle for not having a cover page? Like seriously Jenny You are 100% better than that nasty slut whore snooki and she got a cover page I’m just saying girl Your way better than that slut bitch cunt snooki and you deserve a cover page with your beautiful family Your the true inspiration of change Not the whoring of wanna be Italian fame Jenny Don’t settle for less girl You and your family deserves the best Get that cover page Cause you watch when that slut pops out hers she will get the cover And all respect You deserve it NOT WHORES!! Congrats Jenny:)

    July 23 at 8:56pm  / Reply
    • nicole120 

      OMG do you know what a slut or whore means? is a woman that sleeps with different mans and talks to them.. nicole is not that shes a beautiful mom with a great husband and the cutiest little kid plus shes expecting a girl that i know it would look exactly like nicole beautiful and little like her. dont be hating on nicole and stop being so mean.. do u think jenny would like your comment? what u r saying about her BEST FRIEND? she wont…star being nicer and less hater please cuz i believe in karma and it will get to u for being so mean and hateful…

      P.S.. your probably really ugly and miserable since your hating on such a great human being that is nicole.. much love Nicole Marie from Puerto Rico

      July 23 at 10:49pm  / Reply
      • jennicoolsnookislut 

        Bitch Take your head out your Puerto Rico ass snooki a role model SMH You need to get out more

        July 24 at 3:30pm
  49. Brandee 

    Your daughter is Gorgeous and you have a beautiful family!

    July 23 at 9:19pm  / Reply
  50. nicole120 

    hi jenny god bless your beautiful family.. i think your daugther is really beautiful and so little i just wanna hold her haha … <3

    July 23 at 10:52pm  / Reply
  51. Shelbi Lynn Vega 

    Beautiful Family Congrats On Your Beautiful Baby Girl :) <3

    July 24 at 1:17pm  / Reply
  52. Geraldine 

    So cute

    July 25 at 11:51am  / Reply
  53. Eliana 

    Beautiful family :) ♡♥ congrats Jenny!!!

    August 5 at 7:20pm  / Reply


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