My Last Week

JWOWW- My Last Week

… It better be!!! Can’t wait to meet my baby girl!!


  1. Tanya 

    Congratz on the new bby girl

    July 8 at 10:28am  / Reply
    • nolanmoja 

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      July 9 at 5:28pm  / Reply
  2. Jessica 

    Awee. Too cute.

    July 8 at 10:28am  / Reply
    • killyf11 

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  3. kyjah 

    congrats on the new baby girl she going to look just like you

    July 8 at 10:29am  / Reply
  4. Kaitlyn Malory Maki 

    J, it will be! Your belly is really low and it looks like you’re about to pop any day now! Congrats to you and Roger!! = ]<3

    July 8 at 10:29am  / Reply
    • Giovanna Jones 

      I carried low like that my entire last trimester and had to be induced at 42 weeks. I hope it’s your last one, but if not hang in there :D

      July 8 at 11:04am  / Reply
      • Keshia 

        We do you hope it’s her last one????? Out of curiosity?

        July 8 at 12:23pm
      • jean 

        Keshia I’m pretty sure she meant your last week lol. And I have a friend who was the same way carried low thru last 3 months of pregnancy and they let her go another week bt she went 2 days before that.

        July 8 at 12:50pm
  5. Amy 

    Sheesh, your small, that don’t look like a 9 month baby belly :(

    July 8 at 10:29am  / Reply
    • patti 

      I know, she is very small for 9 months along, she looks about 5 or 6 months pregnant, I love her, but I sure would be happy if I only got that big at 9 months along. And I have 3 kids.

      July 8 at 10:38am  / Reply
    • beth 

      Are u stupid she small because she eats right and still work’s good out not just sitting around eating junk and being lazy

      July 8 at 10:45am  / Reply
      • Tiffany Marie Voisin 

        I had my daughter in may. I only looked 5 months at delivery. It all has to do with how much you weighed before you got pregnant, not how you eat ans exercise. Although those do play a factor but not much. Congrats Jenni & roger! Xoxoxo

        July 8 at 11:01am
      • kc 

        Wtf is your problem Beth? Drop the attitude. There’s no reason for you to be a condescending bitch

        July 8 at 11:02am
      • Tiny belly :) 

        Nope! Not true lol… I eat whatever I want and I’m only that big at 9 mths too :) and I certainly don’t work out haha

        July 8 at 11:11am
      • Nicole 

        I’m guessing you are not in the healthcare field nor truly educated on pregnancy hun… Not all women are that fortunate, eating right or not. I was fortunate and only gained 20lbs, in which all plus extra was gone within days of having my daughter. I have a friend who ate very healthy, stayed active and still gained 50lbs. Eating healthy and staying active is a big part, but it does not mean that you will not gain more weight than wanted. I will say, once you start hitting the 50+lbs range you are most likely stocking up on the junk food and lounging.

        July 8 at 11:13am
      • Ash 

        Wow mature much Beth calling people stupid and assuming there lazy. I worked out during my pregnancy and ate right and my baby bump was way bigger compared to jwows . People couldn’t even tell I was pregnant from behind until I turned around and they seen my big belly.

        July 8 at 11:14am
      • Laura Lyne 

        I ate very healthy and stayed fit in my pregnancy and I was much bigger then that at nine months my baby was 7.5lb I gained a total of 28lb in my pregnancy. Everyone is different, so no need for the ignorance beth!

        July 8 at 11:20am
      • catie martin 

        I’m not gonna talk down to you Beth but I will say it varies on the pregnancy alone. I’ve had 4 babies and been smaller to huge. It just depends on everything. It all can go Into it. Plus not to mention the baby itself. How much it weighs, how it’s positioned, how your organs are positioned etc. My uterus isn’t the normal potato shaped so that can be a factor for me with labor for example. I get active labor pains n contractions before its normal to. It isn’t as easy as just eat right n exercise n ur fine. It’s just what it is. And honestly who cares if someone gets big cuz it’s ok to. You are carrying another human being and keeping it safe etc. We need to stop being so hateful. Idc if someone only gains 20 lbs or 80 lbs during the pregnancy, it doesn’t make it any less beautiful and miraculous! Jmo

        July 8 at 11:31am
      • Jennifer Crowley 

        My last pregnancy I was pregnant with my daughter.. I didn’t pop out til I was like 6-7 months no one could tell I was carrying a baby til then at 9 months I didn’t look huge at all and I have 5 boys before my girl including a set of twins… I didn’t exercise and I did eat normal… … my daughter came out 9 lbs 7ozs

        July 8 at 11:35am
      • Jennifer Crowley 

        I forgot to say I was huge with my boys congrats jenni :-)

        July 8 at 11:36am
      • Brooke 

        Sheesh Beth. Why so rude all they said was she was tiny.

        July 8 at 11:39am
      • shawna 

        i dont agree has nothing 2 do with how much u weigh before, i was 90lbs. but then again am short 4’10 but still i gained 85lbs. no matter i was small before it all depends how you eat & she looks great @ 9 months

        July 8 at 11:52am
      • Jazmine 

        Hey Beth, your not stupid nor are u anything some of the people have posted on here, you have your theroy and they have there’s. Simple

        July 8 at 1:56pm
      • Tracey 

        Lol Beth are you retarted? I ate everything I looked at when I was pregnant and I was all baby weight! As soon as I have birth I was back to my same size it’s got nothing to to with how you eat. How you eat only determines if you actually get fat yet there talking about the baby hiding on her belly somewhere. Some people are so rude!

        July 8 at 3:31pm
      • Ashley 

        Tiffany im sorry to say but it doesn’t matter how much you weigh when you got pregnant.. I was 94 pounds with my first and went up to 154 when I had him and for my second I was 98 and went up to 149 pounds when I had my daughter and I ate healthy with her… subway fruit and veggies with occasion cheeseburger .. she is fortune that she doesn’t get that big. she might have have a deep uterus and the baby is more back :) but she looks damn good and I hope for a good and safe labor and delivery and a fast recovery Jwwow :)

        July 9 at 6:30am
    • Ashley 

      And I’m guessing you guys don’t do your research. Look online at what her tatoo is supposed to be of. Do a little research. This isn’t really her….. I’m a little disappointed. And I am in the health care field myself. Although some women do stay small this is very unusual for her gestational week… ( but it’s not her) like I said do your research. Focus on the tattoo

      July 8 at 10:06pm  / Reply
      • Ashley 

        Not trying to hate on Jennie by the way.. I love her and Roger I came to this realization through FB. Did research and found it to be true. Not sure if she’s trying to make it seem as though she’s smaller than others or what her reasoning is here. I am pretty disappointed tho :/ and even with the tattoo changing with pregnancy there is no way.. The tattoo is a snake on that side that goes all the way up to her boobs on the real jennie

        July 8 at 10:11pm
    • Maddy 

      That’s only cause she was super skinny before the baby same thing happened with my step mom

      July 10 at 3:14pm  / Reply
  6. mommy271012 

    to cute

    July 8 at 10:30am  / Reply
  7. Kimberlee 

    Aww love it camt wait to see her

    July 8 at 10:30am  / Reply
  8. Tamara 


    July 8 at 10:30am  / Reply
  9. Nicki 

    awww jennie u look great! good luck mama!!!!! shell be here soon enough!

    July 8 at 10:30am  / Reply
  10. raerae 

    You’re so little! Congrats can’t wait to see pics :) I was much bigger with both of mine..haha you’re fortunate!

    July 8 at 10:31am  / Reply
  11. brianna rea 

    So cute

    July 8 at 10:31am  / Reply
  12. Karma Lynn Lyles 

    Congrats ur beautifull!!!

    July 8 at 10:32am  / Reply
  13. Amanda 

    Enjoy it, believe it or not, you’ll miss her being in there. Feeling her move around. I had phantom kicks

    July 8 at 10:32am  / Reply
  14. Malak 

    Congrats That soo cute picture hope u get well after Giving birth <3 You will be an amazing mother and roger will be a great father

    July 8 at 10:32am  / Reply
  15. Maggie Urwin 

    Congrats!!! and Cute!!!

    July 8 at 10:32am  / Reply
  16. McKayla Farley 

    Her stomach is really the size of a normal belly. And the fact that she works out and eats healthy for her baby is a bonus. Cant wait to meet the baby girl Jenni. Call me later cuzzie.

    July 8 at 10:33am  / Reply
    • Karma Lynn Lyles 

      R u really her cuzin?

      July 8 at 10:35am  / Reply
    • Christina 

      R u really jwoww cousin

      July 8 at 11:12am  / Reply
  17. Danielle 

    Aww. Such a tiny belly! Too cute.

    July 8 at 10:33am  / Reply
  18. Patty Mona Lopez 

    Hope u pop soon Jenni.! So excited to see her cute little face soon! :)
    Ur gunna be a great mommy!!! Good luck during labor u can do this girl!

    July 8 at 10:34am  / Reply
  19. Karma Lynn Lyles 

    You r really small tho and honestly u look like ur carrying a boy but neways much luv ….

    July 8 at 10:34am  / Reply
  20. monique 

    wow u didn’t get very big at all… congrats on your bundle of joy!! their such a blessing

    July 8 at 10:35am  / Reply
  21. Teena 

    Wow you are so tiny!

    July 8 at 10:35am  / Reply
  22. alexandra 

    U look great jwwow

    July 8 at 10:36am  / Reply
  23. toni 

    Jealous! I look like a damn beach whale =/ with still weeks to go.

    July 8 at 10:36am  / Reply
  24. Rodriguez 

    Last week nd your that tiny!!

    July 8 at 10:36am  / Reply
  25. Monica 

    Too cute

    July 8 at 10:37am  / Reply
  26. Gina Dean 

    Girl you look good, you are small for almost giving birth. Can’t wait to see pics of her i’m sure with both of your looks she will be one beautiful little princess. Congrats ahead of time to you both…

    July 8 at 10:37am  / Reply
  27. TripleThreathatsme Burkhardt 

    Congrats Boo

    July 8 at 10:38am  / Reply
  28. bee 

    You are so tiny. I looked like a 5 foot 1 beach ball when I was pregnant lol.

    July 8 at 10:39am  / Reply
  29. vivian fernandez 

    Aw so cute

    July 8 at 10:39am  / Reply
  30. Stacey johnson 

    So precious! Ur beautiful!

    July 8 at 10:39am  / Reply
  31. Debbie 

    Hope ur not over due too long and u meet ur little princess xx

    July 8 at 10:39am  / Reply
  32. Carrie Katon 

    Congrats jenni u made it through!!!!! your a great girl & going to be an amazing mom sending you our best’s from Vermont…..
    ps remember to keep drinking plenty of Water!!! ;)

    July 8 at 10:40am  / Reply
  33. Amy 

    You barely look pregnant!

    July 8 at 10:42am  / Reply
  34. tina marie 

    You stil look sexy

    July 8 at 10:43am  / Reply
  35. Lizz 

    You aren’t big at all! I was huge!!

    July 8 at 10:43am  / Reply
  36. amy baldwin 

    Cute belly and your not even that big

    July 8 at 10:44am  / Reply
  37. Dolores 

    Hoping everything goes well god bless

    July 8 at 10:45am  / Reply
  38. Mina Stewart 

    Omg, Jenni ! I wish the best for you ! You look still gorgeous! xoxo

    July 8 at 10:46am  / Reply
  39. enamorada13 

    Beautiful! But ur so small lol….I feel huge now! I’m pretty close to ur size n I’m only 18 weeks! God bless :)

    July 8 at 10:49am  / Reply
  40. Dannaka Duddleston 

    You look amazing babe!

    July 8 at 10:50am  / Reply
  41. Nicole Marie Tine 

    Good luck your going to be a good mom..God bless

    July 8 at 10:51am  / Reply
  42. Lesley 

    Aww congrats. Shes gonna be beautiful!!!

    July 8 at 10:52am  / Reply
  43. Rosa Maria Gonzalez 

    Awww Good luck doll…congrats on your baby girl coming soon. .your will be a great mommy:-)

    July 8 at 10:56am  / Reply
  44. Andrea Hemingway 

    Beautiful baby bump(: im small for 8months but i walk daily and do squats(:

    July 8 at 10:59am  / Reply
  45. zozo 

    Cant wait to see her been waiting ever since i heard :) congrats jenni and roger

    July 8 at 11:01am  / Reply
  46. Whitney Elaine Hunter 

    Congrats on the soon to be new edition :) Nothing more precious than Gods beautiful creation <3

    July 8 at 11:01am  / Reply
  47. Krista Marie 

    I would kill to have a mom like you… you will do great..

    July 8 at 11:01am  / Reply
  48. melissa 

    Tiny belly

    July 8 at 11:03am  / Reply
  49. Brenda 

    Congrats hun u will be a great mommy when she gets here …

    July 8 at 11:04am  / Reply
  50. Nikki 

    Absolutely stunning.. You and roger will be phenomenal parents, and it’s just that much better that u and snooki will be experiencing motherhood together.. Congrats

    July 8 at 11:04am  / Reply
  51. Maraliz 

    Can’t wait to see your family pic when she here

    July 8 at 11:04am  / Reply
  52. Emily 

    You look beautiful & great for being 9 months pregnant!!!!

    July 8 at 11:05am  / Reply
  53. Emma Vangrimbergen 

    you guys should realize that Jenni is really tall she also eats healthy and she works out therefore she’s not going to be huge compared to somebody who is short , eats unhealthy and it doesn’t work out; even somebody who is short and does eat healthy and does work out… Jenni you are looking great congrats on your new baby girl she’s gonna be gorgeous so happy for you.!! I just found out that I’m pregnant last week! I’m about 5 to 6 weeks along and I want to have a baby girl :-)

    July 8 at 11:06am  / Reply
  54. raseberry 

    Congrats u too but u have a small belly my sisters and cuzs in my family are so huge can’t walk at 7 months no more there walking like penguins. U look beautiful and it’s a blessing to have kids

    July 8 at 11:06am  / Reply
  55. Jennifer 

    Finally a bare baby bump!!! Can’t wait to see that beautiful baby girl♡♡♡♡

    July 8 at 11:09am  / Reply
  56. Laura Marie Live 

    Are u kidding?!? You look about 4-5 months along. Good job Mama! Don’t listen to the haters …mother Teresa had haters…people literally are just so depressed about their own lives and discouraged by their own looks that in order to feel better they gotta “TRY” putting people down lower than they are living. Just think… Worms and bugs and ugly things hide under rocks because they wanna hide. When u lift thd rock and thry see you, they scatter very quickly. Haters, bullies, people who put you down are trying so hard to bring you back down under their rock with them so it makes them look better. Its how to uou /us/society if we let both dwellers bring u’d back down with them or give us the strenth and courage to climb that very same rock, get to the top and just say those 4 words. Everyone loves/hates “I F*ING TOLD YOU SO!

    July 8 at 11:11am  / Reply
  57. MAGGIE 


    July 8 at 11:11am  / Reply
  58. MAGGIE 


    July 8 at 11:12am  / Reply
  59. carla cano 

    Hope everything goes great blessings to you and your family!!!

    July 8 at 11:12am  / Reply
  60. Jenni Velez 

    Awww congrats !!!!!!

    July 8 at 11:13am  / Reply
  61. Tonya Clark Marinaro 

    Any names picked out. Love it if Snooki named her girl Jennifer Nicole after u n her .

    July 8 at 11:13am  / Reply
  62. Danielle schrander 

    One more ore one less it doesnt mather… looking good anyway! Greets from holland

    July 8 at 11:14am  / Reply
  63. carissa 

    Your not even big. .. congratulations to you and Roger on your baby girl. .. babies are so much fun

    July 8 at 11:15am  / Reply
  64. carissa 

    Your not even big. .. congratulations to you and Roger on your baby girl. .. babies are so much fun

    July 8 at 11:15am  / Reply
  65. Keena Cummings 

    Cutie baby bump picture . best of luck to you all on the up coming birth I cant wait to see her I know she is going to be a cute little baby girl she sure has good looking parents :) I am so EXCITED

    July 8 at 11:16am  / Reply
  66. Candace Coburn 

    Congratulations Jenni!!! You look great!!!

    July 8 at 11:16am  / Reply
  67. Alexis 


    July 8 at 11:16am  / Reply
  68. Catie Martin 

    Sex!! It’ll help. My water started a small leak after we finished n she was born that evening. My first child was also born after sex started the labor. Not the I’m just gonna lay there sex but the into it normal sex :) and no when your water breaks it isn’t like the movies lol. It’s usually small gushes etc. Can’t wait to see her. Congrats! Catie

    July 8 at 11:18am  / Reply
  69. marimar 

    So cute jwow

    July 8 at 11:22am  / Reply
  70. Danielle 

    Congrats . I love urs And snooki show. . Hope the best for u n roger and the baby .

    July 8 at 11:31am  / Reply
  71. Jackie Cruz 

    Congrats jenn to ur new baby girl enjoying mami love u

    July 8 at 11:36am  / Reply
  72. Renee' 

    Gosh so tiny!! I was huge! I just gave birth July 2nd to my sweet baby born Cayden! 12 and a half hours of labor, almost 2hours pushing!! Good luck and congratulations!!!!! #bigfan

    July 8 at 11:37am  / Reply
  73. Emilie Bakker 

    Good luck on your labor day and for your future family! I’m so happy for you and Roger, you’ll be one of the greatest parents I know.

    July 8 at 11:39am  / Reply
  74. chaunii 

    jwoww doesnt have sex dont you kno our boo

    July 8 at 11:44am  / Reply
  75. hannah vince 


    July 8 at 12:02pm  / Reply
  76. Jennifer Sutton 

    Hey Jen-Nay! You look so good for being ready to deliver. All belly! Enjoy every moment….whatever happens in your future….its this moment that will change your life and be a bonding moment for you and roger. I think he will be a really good daddy and you will have that mommy transformation that we all go through. This is something that will unify the relationship between you and Roger and I can’t wait to see your little princess. Good Luck and it’s a piece of cake!

    July 8 at 12:03pm  / Reply
  77. Jennifer Sutton 

    Oh…and drinking a lil’ Castor Oil….it will send that labor into full affect. My girlfriend, who is scared to death of taking any pills or anything tried it and BOOM…3 hours later my godson was born!!!!

    July 8 at 12:05pm  / Reply
  78. Brandy 

    I’m having twin boys and am only a bit bigger then her and I’m 31 weeks along. She is small but that does not mean anything at all. She is healthy and she exercises. As long as the baby is healthy and she is measuring correctly then there is nothing to worry about. Hope for the best jen can’t wait for you to start your exciting life as a mother. Children really are a blessing mama.

    July 8 at 12:24pm  / Reply
  79. JL Kiyoshk 

    Girls are never too much too worry about except the labour!! Your belly may stay small and less stretch marks but just wait till the delivery :) you look lovely and have the glow! Best wishes JWOW

    July 8 at 12:46pm  / Reply
  80. tina 

    U are gorgeous. .good luck and let us know as soon as u give…so happy for u guys..

    July 8 at 1:02pm  / Reply
  81. Annie 

    You so Tiny. I was like that at 3months pregnant lol.,Goodluck!

    July 8 at 1:10pm  / Reply
  82. Tonya 

    Ur beautiful JWOWW!!!! Ur gonna be a wonderful momma and don’t forget to post pics of ur baby girl. Love u girly!!!

    July 8 at 1:37pm  / Reply
  83. Brittany 

    Jenni – What did you use to prevent stretch marks?

    July 8 at 1:39pm  / Reply
  84. Tyffany Harris 

    Jenni you are pretty no matter what and congratulations on yur bundle of joy that yur bringing in to this world

    July 8 at 1:46pm  / Reply
  85. Donna Louise 

    Good luck jenni with the new baby girl!!!

    July 8 at 2:00pm  / Reply
  86. Lori 

    I was huge with my daughter and my son and only gained 20lbs it just depends on the person. Even if you eat healthy and exercise you can still get a huge belly. Good luck with the baby, I can’t wait to see pics her I know she’s gonna be beautiful.

    July 8 at 2:53pm  / Reply
  87. Aimee 

    Awe!!! Congratulations to you & roger with the new baby girl. And good luck this is an amazing thing for you to go thru. Even tho I’ve never experienced the whole baby bump thing because I’m sterile :( I think? Anyway, enjoy every minute with her :) (: All lovesss from Aimee Nichole Hill <3
    P.S I'm a pretty big fan

    July 8 at 3:03pm  / Reply
  88. Twitter: @Andkie 

    Awwwww can´t wait to see you baby!!!!! Kisses from Spain Jenni! (and you baby & Roger)

    July 8 at 3:49pm  / Reply
  89. la_grumps 


    July 8 at 3:51pm  / Reply
  90. Priscilla 

    I hope you have her July 17 my birthday :) congrats to u and roger

    July 8 at 4:07pm  / Reply
  91. Tanielle 

    Awe,congrats to you and Roger!! Now go have lots and lots of sex!! Your welcome Roger!!!!!

    July 8 at 4:32pm  / Reply
  92. ashley 

    Can you name it Ashley like my name is Ashley please

    July 9 at 1:32am  / Reply
  93. Rossann 

    Congrats to you both cant wait to see pics. You look great healthy with a great pregnancy glow. Best of luck in delivary <3

    July 9 at 6:53am  / Reply
  94. Nicole Olson 

    Hey JWOW I can’t believe u are Pregnant I can’t wait in till u have your baby girl. I also love urs show and Snooki show witch is Nicole good luck Jenni and Roger love u guy I’m a big fan of u and snooki

    July 9 at 9:50am  / Reply
  95. cristen_richey 


    July 9 at 11:54am  / Reply
  96. mexispice21 

    Where’s your ass? All your plastic surgery and u didn’t go get an ass smh. Congrats though hope you have a speedy labor.

    July 9 at 5:08pm  / Reply
  97. Jena Cole 

    You can tell that’s not jenny look at her face. Jenny is way more pretty than this.

    July 10 at 4:24pm  / Reply
  98. ToryW93xqco 

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