My NEW Blonde Hair!

jwoww - blonde hair

This is the finished product and I LOVE it!!! What do you boos think?

Joei D Fox did a sick job! You can book an appointment with my favorite Sniptease artist today by calling 732-270-0001 or BOOK ONLINE HERE!!! Tell them I sent you!!! XOXO


  1. alma 

    Fab!!! I love it you look like a mom!!! :*

    August 5 at 11:12am  / Reply
    • ellezanxcb 

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      August 5 at 6:12pm  / Reply
  2. Destiny 

    I love it!

    August 5 at 11:13am  / Reply
  3. Tonya Clark Marinaro 

    Very pretty girl :) your baby has a BEAUTIFUL moma

    August 5 at 11:13am  / Reply
  4. Nicole 

    LOVEEEEEEEEEE IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    August 5 at 11:13am  / Reply
  5. Melly Charineya McShaw 

    I love it; it looks amazing. totally suits you!!!

    August 5 at 11:13am  / Reply
    • Tiffany Davis 

      Love it. It totally suits you! Defiantly a mom looking type!!!!! ❤❤❤❤

      August 5 at 11:48am  / Reply
  6. Angel tracy 

    I love it ur beautiful like always

    August 5 at 11:14am  / Reply
  7. Wendy 

    Love love love it!

    August 5 at 11:14am  / Reply
  8. Matilda 

    I think you look soo pretty!!

    August 5 at 11:14am  / Reply
  9. Alyssa Reyes 

    love love love love :)

    August 5 at 11:14am  / Reply
  10. mel 

    I love it! Goes good with your skin. Def an improvement! Btw you crack my shit up

    August 5 at 11:15am  / Reply
  11. skye 

    Love it! Looks great.

    August 5 at 11:15am  / Reply
  12. Alicia 

    Love it, gorgeous Jenny

    August 5 at 11:15am  / Reply
  13. Maria 

    Love it u look great!!

    August 5 at 11:15am  / Reply
  14. Melinda 

    I love it! Looks really good!

    August 5 at 11:16am  / Reply
  15. Marisa 

    Definitely different! You don’t have that look, I could kick the shit out of you, anymore! I feel it’s more classy! I like it a lot on you! :)

    August 5 at 11:16am  / Reply
  16. Missparenteau24 

    I looooove it and your beautiful inside and out.

    August 5 at 11:16am  / Reply
  17. Natasha 

    I LOVE IT!!!!

    August 5 at 11:16am  / Reply
  18. Moni 

    Wowwww def a milf!! You look gorgeous as a blonde! Looks real good on you

    August 5 at 11:17am  / Reply
  19. Courtney Miller 

    Love it doll simply gorgeous

    August 5 at 11:17am  / Reply
  20. Haven 

    U look pretty jwoww

    August 5 at 11:17am  / Reply
  21. Jennifer Garber 

    love it

    August 5 at 11:17am  / Reply
  22. Nazeli 

    This is the best you’ve ever looked, please don’t go back to black! you look so much softer like this.

    August 5 at 11:18am  / Reply
  23. Patti h 

    Love it you look awesome!

    August 5 at 11:18am  / Reply
  24. John Matthews 

    Love it ♡♥

    August 5 at 11:18am  / Reply
  25. Lyssa 

    Love it!!!!!!!

    August 5 at 11:18am  / Reply
  26. doriane 

    ow my god it’s so beautifull <3 i hope Roger gonna like'it

    August 5 at 11:19am  / Reply
  27. Paula 


    August 5 at 11:20am  / Reply
  28. Carolyn Kaye Pantoja 

    Love it!!!!!!!

    August 5 at 11:21am  / Reply
  29. Angela 

    I love it jenni❤️

    August 5 at 11:22am  / Reply
  30. mandi 

    Looking good mommi :)

    August 5 at 11:22am  / Reply
  31. Jean 


    August 5 at 11:23am  / Reply
  32. KateRose 

    Love it!!!! Very pretty!!!

    August 5 at 11:23am  / Reply
  33. janetsarduy 

    I think you need to take another pix. Like 4 from different angles. Not hate’n but that’s not a flattering pix.

    August 5 at 11:23am  / Reply
  34. KristyFaryka 

    You look FABULOUS!!!

    August 5 at 11:24am  / Reply
  35. Jennifer Reyes 

    The colors tho just waooo!!! Beautiful! !!

    August 5 at 11:24am  / Reply
  36. Malu 

    It’s perfect xx
    Do you know what hair color they used?

    August 5 at 11:25am  / Reply
  37. Simona Ciuman 

    Wife loves it so feminin and shiny

    August 5 at 11:27am  / Reply
  38. Mayra Alejandra Flores-Chavarin 

    Looks beautiful! Love it and totally fits your style!

    August 5 at 11:28am  / Reply
  39. Candi 

    Absolutely beautiful!!!

    August 5 at 11:30am  / Reply
  40. Jennifer 

    I love it!

    August 5 at 11:30am  / Reply
  41. Jessica Rodriguez 

    Love it! Amzing!

    August 5 at 11:30am  / Reply
  42. Neila 

    Omg… baby make over. Looking good doll!

    August 5 at 11:31am  / Reply
  43. Jennifer Renee Martin 


    August 5 at 11:32am  / Reply
  44. Em 

    You look amazing girl!!

    August 5 at 11:32am  / Reply
  45. Natalia 

    It looks hella bomb Blonde Goes with you

    August 5 at 11:33am  / Reply
  46. melissaknoxxx@gmail. 

    Luv it u look hot gurl:-P

    August 5 at 11:34am  / Reply
  47. Sharon Lynn Stebner 

    I agree

    August 5 at 11:34am  / Reply
  48. Andrea Hartman 

    The lighter hair color looks so good on you with your skin tone you look great!

    August 5 at 11:34am  / Reply
  49. Jennifer Marcinkowski 

    I love your hair Jenni. It looks so beautiful.

    August 5 at 11:37am  / Reply
  50. Whitney Elaine Hunter 

    Gorgeousness! I love it :)

    August 5 at 11:38am  / Reply
  51. April Robert 

    I love it…makes me want to fly down there and get my hair done as well:)

    August 5 at 11:38am  / Reply
  52. Luisa Szczotka 

    Love Love Love it….u look great woth blonde

    August 5 at 11:38am  / Reply
  53. Leslie Simmons 


    August 5 at 11:52am  / Reply
  54. Stephanie Duncan 

    I always knew you would be such a good mommy, love you jwow. Your the best:)

    August 5 at 11:54am  / Reply
  55. Kendra Harris 

    I love it!

    August 5 at 12:01pm  / Reply
  56. tiffany 

    Looks really good on u! When I clicked on it I was like Omg I hope she didn’t lose all her dark hair! And of course being the fashionista mama that u are u knew just how much to put! It looks awesome! Stay u and ur gorgeous I love u Jenny Farley! Hope I didn’t spell Jenny wrong lol!

    August 5 at 12:07pm  / Reply
  57. Maria 

    I love it… u look gorgeous

    August 5 at 12:13pm  / Reply
  58. Jenny Garcia 

    Your hair is pretty! Blonde looks great on you :)

    August 5 at 12:19pm  / Reply
  59. Lasondra MsTweety Moore 

    Luv it!!!

    August 5 at 12:24pm  / Reply
  60. Agim Ardolic 

    You look fantastic!!! You are a hot mama! ❤️

    August 5 at 12:25pm  / Reply
  61. Klaudia 

    You look amazing ;)

    August 5 at 12:35pm  / Reply
  62. fran 

    looks good

    August 5 at 12:36pm  / Reply
  63. breanne sparks 

    Love love love.your beautiful

    August 5 at 12:36pm  / Reply
  64. Leighanne 

    It looks great you are so pretty(:

    August 5 at 12:37pm  / Reply
  65. Denise 

    Love it! You look fab!!

    August 5 at 12:46pm  / Reply
  66. Annie 

    You look better than another pretty mum. I mean Kim Kardashian. Maybe there is something that young mums decides to go blonde. But you look absolutely beautiful ! ^^

    August 5 at 12:46pm  / Reply
  67. Dana Shepard 

    It looks GORGEOUS!!! You could rock any color, Jenni! :-)

    August 5 at 12:56pm  / Reply
  68. Wiertysia 

    OMG.. I love it! Looks hott mamaa

    August 5 at 1:01pm  / Reply
  69. Preshus 

    Love Love Love it on you!

    August 5 at 1:20pm  / Reply
  70. Diane Marie 


    August 5 at 1:27pm  / Reply
  71. Stephanie 

    Love, love LOVE IT! You are one beautiful mama! :-)

    August 5 at 1:28pm  / Reply
  72. Nada Yasser Elsegaie 


    August 5 at 1:44pm  / Reply
  73. EmmaCarlan 

    BEAUTIFUL ! I love you so much and you are such an INSPIRATION to me! I really, really hope I am fortunate enough to meet you one day! Much love, xoxo

    August 5 at 1:44pm  / Reply
  74. rebecca 

    I love it u look so beautiful and your baby girl is beautiful congrats and cherish her forever they grow up so fast

    August 5 at 2:26pm  / Reply
  75. Estella 

    Stick you lip back in and smile your beautiful bellisima

    August 5 at 2:40pm  / Reply
  76. Keri Kass 

    Coming from a hair stylist herself, I love it on you! Looks great with your eye color and skin tone!

    August 5 at 2:43pm  / Reply
  77. Erin Danver Frutos 

    You look gorgeous! Love it!

    August 5 at 3:07pm  / Reply
  78. tina 

    I love it ,looks really good on you makes you look different .Your baby will be pulling on your hair though i had to put my hair up .How dise your fiance like it ? You look great .

    August 5 at 3:28pm  / Reply
  79. Live Love Laugh 

    Awesome!!! Love the look! :)

    August 5 at 3:34pm  / Reply
  80. Rachel 

    I think you look beautiful no matter what you do but I love it and congrats on your beautiful and precious baby girl and your upcoming wedding, you and Roger are perfect together.

    August 5 at 3:49pm  / Reply
  81. Mary 

    Awe she looks like daddy.

    August 5 at 5:04pm  / Reply
  82. AdieLane 

    You look like a hot hot mama. Congrats on your beautiful little girl. You will love being a mother. Rogers a lucky man.

    August 5 at 5:24pm  / Reply
  83. Madison 

    You and your baby are beautiful

    August 5 at 7:11pm  / Reply
  84. rocio 

    Love it you look amazing

    August 5 at 7:22pm  / Reply
  85. Ivy 

    Ombré ?

    August 5 at 7:40pm  / Reply
  86. shelly 

    I love the hair but Omg really? Didn’t you just have a baby and you already look this good? I super jealous!

    August 5 at 7:44pm  / Reply
  87. carly 

    Lookin good lady!!

    August 5 at 10:45pm  / Reply
  88. Jean Harris 

    I love your hair I miss having my blond hair I want the blond back now cause it shows me that no matter what u look like u’ll be able to look good with blond hair

    August 6 at 12:32am  / Reply
  89. sexy 

    Brunets have more fun. Lol go back to black Blondes are known for DUMB. Congratsn on your black hair baby looks Beautiful. Keep ur true identity.

    August 6 at 6:20am  / Reply
  90. cheree 

    I love it. Youre gorgeous & hilarious. . I love you!

    August 6 at 10:11am  / Reply
  91. Melissa 

    Looks awesome on you Jwoww <3 it!

    August 6 at 2:37pm  / Reply
  92. steph 

    Jwow I love your hair put please stop whatever your doing to your faces your really starting to look fake u was so pretty and tough n real thats y I liked you now ur face looks like those platic surgeery people please stop while u can still can go back to normal just be you!

    August 6 at 4:42pm  / Reply
  93. Sweetpea15 

    I love your hair blonde but I think you looked good with the black with a little blonde in it but I do love it

    December 5 at 10:50pm  / Reply
  94. Julia 

    Wow Jwoww simply gorgeous, right skin tone ….you look like a different person…Melanie looks just like you. So pretty. God bless your family

    December 26 at 2:16pm  / Reply


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