My New Orbit Baby G3!!!

JWOWW - Orbit Baby G3 stroller

OMG!!! I just got the best stroller out there!!!

So excited to have my baby’s stroller!!!!!! As you can see, I already set it up! You have no idea how excited I am to use this stroller! Not only does it have an infant car seat, but it also has a toddler seat for when my baby gets older!

Also got this cool car seat base that makes me feel my baby will be extra secure and safe!!! xoxo


  1. Tabitha Renee 

    That is cute. I cant wait to the baby n they name u pick out for the baby.

    April 1 at 1:46pm  / Reply
  2. Megan 

    It truly is! I’ve had mine for almost 3 years and it is without a doubt the best baby gear purchase I’ve ever made and would absolutely buy again! Make sure you also get the panniers if you haven’t already. I could go on and on about how amazing it is but you’ll find that out yourself, congratulations on your baby girl!

    April 1 at 2:55pm  / Reply
  3. Rachel 

    You keep buying all this stuff and you wont leave any thing for people to buy you for your baby shower lol. When is she due? Any one know?

    April 1 at 2:56pm  / Reply
  4. kristin 

    It is a boy

    April 1 at 3:25pm  / Reply
    • meagan 

      It’s a girl. The boy thing was a afj

      April 7 at 6:38pm  / Reply
    • Pippa 

      It’s a girl

      April 7 at 6:40pm  / Reply
  5. Rita 

    Time for a baby bump pic!! Love the stroller!! Best of luck.

    April 1 at 3:35pm  / Reply
  6. warda 

    Well of course you got the best stroller out there why? Because your stupid ass has more money and can afford what a lot of can’t

    April 1 at 3:36pm  / Reply
    • madi 

      if u have nothing nice to say keep it to yourself…. just some words of wisdom for you ;)

      April 1 at 4:15pm  / Reply
    • Meg 

      Wow! What is your problem? Why would you follow her blog if you’re gonna be so negative.
      So what if she’s bought her baby ‘the best system’ she can? Good for her! Okay so she can obviously afford the best of the baby stuff out there, so she should buy her baby the best she can which she clearly is.
      Why be so jealous and negative?

      Good for you Jenni! I think if anyone could afford it they would obviously buy their baby the best they can..

      April 1 at 4:47pm  / Reply
    • cilla 

      If I had the money to provide mine with the best of the best I would’ve done the same. There is no reason to be mad at someone for being able to provide the best for their child. She chose a path that put her in a better situation financially than some…is that really something to be mad about and talk down on her for? If that’s so bad don’t blame her, blame the producers of Jersey shore and all the fans who tuned in to watch..including me! :-) congrats on ur journey to motherhood jenni, best wishes to u and your little angle

      April 1 at 4:51pm  / Reply
    • Christina Simuel 

      Why Log On Just To Be Negative??? Replying Is NOT MANDATORY!!! Congratulations Jenni!!! You And Your Child Deserve The Absolute Best!!!

      April 1 at 4:57pm  / Reply
    • Crystal 

      If someone has all the money in the world to provide the best for their child, why would they buy cheap stuff because someone else cant do the same for theirs. Believe me i wanted this stroller but couldnt afford it but that doesnt mean i didnt provide anything for my child. Although my daughter travel kit stroller was 350, i never left my daughter looking messy. Yes people feel sad for those who cant get anything others can but what can you do about it. Let her enjoy everything she is getting for her first child

      April 1 at 5:21pm  / Reply
    • Tawny 

      Try saving money or how about get a better job. On welfare? Try getting your shit together and let someone who really needs it get it! Disabled? Find a better baby daddy who can take care of the expenses himself! Whatever your case may be, it’s NOT Jenni’s fault so back off! Look up the word ignorant. That’s you!

      April 7 at 7:14pm  / Reply
  7. lynn 

    Sorry but shes having a GIRL!!! The boy thing was an april fools joke

    April 1 at 4:32pm  / Reply
  8. Katelynn Elizabeth Currie 

    Never stick a car seat on a shopping cart and study car seat saftey

    April 1 at 4:34pm  / Reply
  9. Kelley 

    Why be jealous when she has the money and resources to buy the best she feels for her child. She’s a good mother don’t hate just because she has more money. Focus on you and maybe you wouldn’t feel so much hate for a mother providing for her child. Congrats jenni you’re doing great

    April 1 at 4:37pm  / Reply
  10. Charlene 

    It’s like a $1300 pram good on her if she wants to buy the best for her bubba then y not

    April 1 at 4:48pm  / Reply
  11. Kimberly Johnson Niekamp 

    Luv the stroller but would like to see the baby bump also….hint hint

    April 1 at 4:50pm  / Reply
  12. lisa 

    It’s a girl she is having

    April 1 at 4:50pm  / Reply

    it doesn’t matter what she has as long as it’s healthy 10 fingers and 10 toes and beautiful…

    April 1 at 5:17pm  / Reply

    it doesn’t matter wht she has as long as it’s healthy and beautiful…..

    April 1 at 5:19pm  / Reply
  15. Alyssa Sullivan 

    Jenni you go girl! I wish you would talk to your fans in Oklahoma Tulsa we love you and can’t wait to see that precious child! Got that awesome gear :D stay proud girl love you Jwoww

    April 1 at 5:49pm  / Reply
  16. Dakota 

    There is not muh basket space

    April 1 at 8:28pm  / Reply
  17. kelly alia 

    Good point dakota and far as ime concerned after having had four angels thatvis the most important point too consider when purchasing ypur bubbas stroller cause no matter what more space for storage the better I found :)

    April 1 at 11:22pm  / Reply
  18. Katie 

    Super cute!! Can u post a baby bump pic SOON PLZ!!!! We are all dying to see your bump :-)

    April 2 at 5:31am  / Reply
  19. Jo Anne 

    Pretty sure she got it for free, or at least better have after endorsing it! :)

    Congratulations on the baby!!! :)

    April 2 at 10:47am  / Reply
  20. nicole 

    Hi im in australia what sort of pram is it please

    April 3 at 9:05pm  / Reply
  21. ☆♥ Nani ♥☆ 

    I have seen this all over the place, wish they made these when I was having bby’s…….happii 4 u jenni wish u all tha best ♥♡

    April 4 at 9:12am  / Reply
  22. Lola 

    Just make sure you educate yourself in car seat safety. Google Car Seats For The Littles

    April 7 at 6:43pm  / Reply
  23. Tawny 

    I’m having a baby too, 22 weeks here, and I’m super excited. I wish I could have a celebuzz page too…..I wanna show the world my purchases! Facebook it is then! LOL anything that will last forever and grow with baby is a smart buy. I have plenty of time to save for this! Thanks for the heads up! You need to bedazzle that thing! :)

    April 7 at 7:09pm  / Reply
  24. Jessica 

    How much did they pay you to say that? Lol

    April 8 at 8:22am  / Reply


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