Nursery Update: Day 1 Down

Painting my daughter’s play room with my BFF Joey Killeen! Alice In Wonderland theme! Disney inspired for my little princess!!


  1. Whitney Elaine Hunter 

    OMG! I love it Jenni :) Its precious!

    March 24 at 11:19am  / Reply
  2. Karla Ayala 

    Best momma ever!!!!!

    March 24 at 11:24am  / Reply
  3. Marjorie Vanhorn 

    so freeking cute, I would of loved to have a room like that growing up.

    March 24 at 11:28am  / Reply
  4. Nikki Christensen 

    You need a Cheshire Cat!

    March 24 at 11:47am  / Reply
  5. Carrie DeCosta 

    Absolutely adorable I love the theme! Very unique

    March 24 at 11:48am  / Reply
  6. Kristin Joe Zuniga 

    Aww i love your gonna be great parents with al your passion in life you will have more as a parent so happy for you both !!!

    March 24 at 11:49am  / Reply
  7. Noneofyourbusiness 

    ^^^ you mean ‘would have liked’?

    March 24 at 12:03pm  / Reply
  8. tashadiane1981 

    So freaking cute your going to make a great mom :)

    March 24 at 12:11pm  / Reply
  9. Katie Ringland 

    What a great job Jenni. I am happy for you.

    March 24 at 12:56pm  / Reply
  10. Katie 

    Love it & y’all did an awesome job with the art work. She will love it!! I have a play room for my Twin Girls & should have done a Theme. Never to late right?? But mine will not be as good as urs but its ok. Roger & U will make wonderful parents. With all the love & compassion y’all each have ur Baby Girl is so blessed. CAN U PLEASE POSTA BBABY BUMP PICTURE SOON????? WE ARE ALL DYING TO SEE UR BUMP :-)

    March 24 at 1:17pm  / Reply
  11. we ♥ jwow 

    Jenny ur gonna be the best mommy in the world ..♡♥ you can see how much compassin u have in making everything perfect for ur little diva!! Love lpve love the theme good choice its not the same as everyone elses perfect hun!!

    March 24 at 1:39pm  / Reply
  12. Geovanna 

    What will you name her? The best name will be michelle, Jilliana, and violet, and etc chose a great name!

    March 24 at 8:05pm  / Reply
  13. Lorine 

    I love Your baby room it is so pretty..

    March 24 at 8:43pm  / Reply
  14. Carmen 

    Mia would be nice, it means “mine” in Spanish :)

    March 24 at 8:53pm  / Reply
  15. catrina 

    i love it is pretty for little girl.

    March 24 at 9:10pm  / Reply
  16. Alice 

    You call your daughter Amelia, Aria, Gelsomina

    I’m Alice

    March 24 at 11:11pm  / Reply
  17. Alice 

    Mia is also in italiano

    March 24 at 11:13pm  / Reply
  18. Anita Miller 

    I think its cute…i also painted my daughters room inspired by disney princesses! Check out my fb and Instagram page

    March 25 at 4:36am  / Reply
  19. Emily Martinez 

    Omg dat is so fukin cute crazy kuz dat was my lil gurl theme!!!!

    March 25 at 5:52am  / Reply
  20. adan aguilar 

    I love your show jenny big fan im in love with you since I saw Jersey shore I love you jenny.

    March 25 at 6:58am  / Reply
  21. Vilma 

    Beautiful…so excited for you guys…best of luck on your new baby!

    March 25 at 11:26am  / Reply
    • Jeff 

      Thanks Aaron! Very kind of you to say so. Things are just bear bones so now the process of piuttng some meat on the bones! I did want to just slap something together just so it was there. As I add new information I really want it to be meaningful, helpful and significant. I would love to write about anything you are interested in. Let me know! If you haven’t get on the email list. I did a lot of work to make it quality. Every time I write you will get a quality email about it.

      August 16 at 6:44pm  / Reply
  22. Monique 

    know someone that is a party planner,will able to use this theme for a baby shower.

    March 25 at 5:15pm  / Reply
  23. Kayleen Taves 

    I love it it is spot on!! Mybfav movie btw u did great

    March 26 at 4:55am  / Reply
  24. krystal 

    Omg soo adorable!!! I didnt even know u were pregnant wow what episode do we us fans see an hear about u having a baby im lost I watch all ur shows seriously love u an snooki!!lol though what episode do us fans find out when ur prego??? An how far along r u? If u found out its a girl then uve git to be a few months thats crazy!!! How does roger feel about it? R yall def pushing marriage now?? Sorry alot of questions lol im just interested how u got on jesery shore like was it a random tv interview or what? Bc u turned famous off that show an fyi I saw all of those to lol wish there was a reunion with the old crew new eps would be great to see all of yalls changes in life!! Any ways congrats again ur so beatiful inside an out love ur biggest fan krystal!! Xoxo

    March 31 at 9:11pm  / Reply
    • Candy Olson 

      I want to see the show where her and Snooki r on there both pregnant and happy.

      April 4 at 6:17am  / Reply
  25. Candy Olson 

    I have been a follower since jersey shore first cameout Jenny with ur the love and care that u put Iin ur dogs / babies and how u and Roger always care for ur god son that love alone besides ur fiestyness and Rog’s well driven ways u both have a beautiful baby not to mention the love of fam and friends to support u and all of us viewers out here just waiting to see the new precous baby good luck and god bless!

    April 4 at 6:15am  / Reply
  26. JoyLovesJwoww  

    When I was 2 i had Winnie The Pooh on My Wall..
    I got bit by a Hamster so Winnie had red blood Spots all over Him.. But he was still beautiful..

    July 24 at 8:29am  / Reply
  27. Open 

    I hope all this calms down soon, as it is not in anyone’s inrteest for it to continue. That, I believe, is why the French prime minister called Nick Clegg on Friday afternoon [to build bridges].

    August 16 at 1:27pm  / Reply


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