Nursery Update: My Baby’s Room Is Painted!

JWOWW - Nursery Update Painted The Walls Pink
Yay her room is painted!

Now all I need is her furniture, pictures, and chair!!! So excited to start decorating!!! XOXOX


  1. susie 

    looks good

    March 19 at 11:30am  / Reply
  2. gabby 

    Looks great 8:)

    March 19 at 12:01pm  / Reply
  3. jami 

    What color furniture are you going to choose ? Color is beautiful

    March 19 at 12:04pm  / Reply
  4. Paulene Rines 

    This is really pretty!!! She is going to be so spoiled by u and roger. Not counting all your family and friends!!!

    March 19 at 12:09pm  / Reply
  5. Carrie DeCosta 

    Awww I Love The Color!

    March 19 at 12:16pm  / Reply
  6. Annie Petrie 

    So happy for you Jenni. The Joy of having a child is an experience you will never forget. You and Roger are blessed.

    March 19 at 12:16pm  / Reply
  7. Shana Garcia 


    March 19 at 12:16pm  / Reply
  8. ashley lightning 

    i like it

    March 19 at 12:18pm  / Reply
  9. Lisette Cruz 

    Cute, just make sure the mirror is strapped to the wall!

    March 19 at 12:19pm  / Reply
  10. Tarah 

    awesome I love it!!

    March 19 at 12:19pm  / Reply
  11. angie9 

    Love This color! What is the color name?

    March 19 at 12:20pm  / Reply
  12. yany 

    Beautiful :)

    March 19 at 12:27pm  / Reply

    Love it! The mirror is PERFECT! She will love that mirror!

    March 19 at 12:50pm  / Reply
  14. Rebecca Cardona 

    Awww way cute xxx

    March 19 at 1:15pm  / Reply
  15. emma 

    love it <3

    March 19 at 1:26pm  / Reply
  16. Onelia 

    Your baby is going to be gorgeous like you. God bless u and your family.

    March 19 at 3:17pm  / Reply
  17. Bruno Mouquet 

    She’s beautiful my girl

    March 19 at 5:03pm  / Reply
  18. Heather Truett 

    I have 3 girls and a boy. We painted one of our girls room pink and the furniture was a white pearl color. It was a VERY princess inspired room.

    March 19 at 9:45pm  / Reply
  19. Maycee 

    Paintings or rocking chair

    March 20 at 2:38pm  / Reply
  20. Fallon 

    If you need help from an interior designer…let me know if you need help free of charge!

    March 25 at 8:52pm  / Reply


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