Only Took 6 Years…

jWOWW - Noel's First Puppy

Noel finalllyyyy knows her first trick… When I stick my hand out she gives me a high five… I’ll take it!!!


  1. kitty 

    Hey Jennifer my Carly is two and she still learning tricks she finally speaks when I say speak instead of sitting an walking backwards like she used to do when I said to speak. She is a havapoo their supposed to be one if the smartest dogs if u go on my Facebook yo will see her Carly is her name.

    March 12 at 11:19am  / Reply
  2. koko 

    LOL sorry u have a dumb dog!! my 9 months CAT can 3 tricks so far :P

    March 12 at 11:23am  / Reply
    • Candace 

      Hey koko.. your dumb. Your such a retard. Learn h Kimi w to spell. Your just jelly of jwoww cuz she prettier than u.. hahaha

      March 12 at 11:49am  / Reply
      • fuck you candace 

        ok, candace. first of all, you are a complete fucking imbecile for trying to correct somebody on their spelling and you blatantly cant even spell yourself. please, for the good of humanity. kill yourself

        March 12 at 1:36pm
      • Candace is disgustin 

        Candance you are disgusting. Please play in some traffic, you disgusting prick. You are trash.

        March 12 at 2:37pm
      • Koko 

        <3 :* i know 4 different languages and my cat is still smarter than her dog :D hahaha u comment on my spelling then writes ''Jelly''!! at least try to act intellectual and smart and write proper!
        I pity u ;)

        March 12 at 2:49pm
      • Mature adult 

        Really? do y’all even know what maturity is? Telling some one to die or play in traffic or downgrading some one or their dog at all is down right idiotic. My 1 1/2 year old son behaves better then that! Don’t be a Hipocrite, because saying something like that is trashy! So please for the good of humanity shut your mouth!

        March 12 at 2:54pm
      • Koko 

        maturity : is leaving ur 1 1/2 yer old kid to sit online and stick your nose in other ppl’s arguments that doesn’t concern u :D !!
        next time do what u preach and shut up!

        March 12 at 3:11pm
      • Dionna 

        How can u say that the person is jealous That dog is dumb if it’s just learning to shake hands. When I got my dog she was 4 months and in 2 weeks she learned to show us to go outside speak roll over shake hands dance play frisbee and to not leave my side

        March 12 at 3:11pm
      • Me 

        You all are a bunch of immature ass adults! Do the world a favor and grow up!

        March 12 at 4:14pm
      • Candy Marie Knox 

        You guys are all dumb because she’s talking about her baby in her belly not her dog. And you are all fighting about

        March 12 at 4:35pm
      • Me 

        She’s not talking about her baby in her belly. She’s talking about her dog.

        March 12 at 5:15pm
      • Jackie 

        Candy: She is NOT talking about her baby. How the hell can a baby high-five you when you reach your hand down if IT’S NOT BORN YET?! I swear you were “Born stupid.” Also, dogs and cats learn tricks based on age, not on species so that argument is pointless. That’s all. Point and Case closed.

        March 12 at 5:17pm
      • Do you know maturity 

        Kook if it concerns you my son was taking a nap, and I’m not the one cussing people out because of ignorance and no home training, dear, grow up. The world doesn’t have patience for people like you, step back and realize how dumb you are

        March 12 at 5:31pm
      • Kate Sharp 

        If you’re all going to fight over the most unreasonable bullshit, you all need to grow up.

        March 12 at 9:30pm
      • Jordan 

        You both are dumb for fighting over something so stupid. One of you can’t spell; the other one doesn’t know “proper” punctuation. Fighting over a picture! Lmao!

        March 12 at 10:08pm
  3. Lovely Tucci 

    She just needed a little push, okay maybe a few little pushes, lol but she was she’s a cutie. Friend requested you, thanks. Hope all is well, feel great :-)

    March 12 at 11:28am  / Reply
  4. justina 

    Bis be nice to each other cyber bullying aint gonnanfucking get u no where.

    March 12 at 2:06pm  / Reply
  5. Angela 

    Haha aww yay!! My Holl is 6 too and a Pom like your Bella, but she don’t know how to do anything either! Lol good thing they’re cute

    March 12 at 2:56pm  / Reply
  6. Rj 

    Wow so why do you even own dogs if none of you were willing to put the time in to train them my dogs just over a year wirjing the first few months I had him sitting speaking laying down staying and fetching if you had no intention of proper training your dog why do you have one?? There not children dogs spend their entire lives looming for a purpose and when you own a dog they look specifically to you for that purpose so give it to them that’s like having a child and never giving it an education and it’s because of this lack if training so many damn dogs end up in pounds and being put down

    March 12 at 3:00pm  / Reply
    • Koko 

      Well said! Dont u hate ppl who gets pets just to have them then they use them as accessories and never actually give the pet time or attention!!

      March 12 at 3:06pm  / Reply
      • Rj 

        Oh with and extreme passion its not that these people are bad people it’s just really unfair to the animal and these people don’t understand that concept dogs are dogs no matter what shape or size and every breed has different traits/ behaviours any one reading this page thinking of getting a dog please I encourage you research breeds before rushing out and getting one find one that fits your life style and your level of activity be sure to assert your dominance I’ve them plenty of training and keep in mind these are living animals not ragg dolls for you to dress up and parade around In your purses

        March 12 at 3:13pm
      • Aimee Amodol Guzman 

        My dog is very loved and shown attention. This does not mean I have to train him like a circus animal to make him feel that way. Learn the difference between a well behaved pet and a pet you taught how to roll over and you call intelligent!

        March 12 at 5:11pm
  7. Tina Missinmyboy Carter 

    ok well if you are going to be negative towards JWOWW being happy that her dog learned a new trick. then u should take your negativity somewhere else and not on JWOWWs page….. some dogs just take longer to learn things, just like some people take longer to learn manners than some… your comments are very negative and should be taken elsewhere… on another note: Congrats on your dog learning a new trick, im sure there will be more to come.. xoxoxoxoxoxoxo

    March 12 at 3:41pm  / Reply
  8. Nikki 

    Why don’t we all just argue about a dog. Smh.

    March 12 at 3:49pm  / Reply
  9. MamaKelli 

    You have money invest in a trainer! School for dogs

    March 12 at 3:59pm  / Reply
  10. fuckyall 

    yall be talking hard over this internet huh? loll

    March 12 at 7:05pm  / Reply
  11. Heather 

    What is wrong with some of you? 1) your verbally abuseing animals.
    2) your telling other people to kill themselves.3) you know whom I’m talking about and you all really need to take a step back and think first before you say certain stuff, is it for attention good or bad some of you have major issues!

    March 12 at 9:16pm  / Reply
    • Jordan 

      Well said…
      Some people are very bored with their own lives; so they have to bring down others. Normally a grown adult would just take a look and move on.

      March 12 at 10:12pm  / Reply
  12. Carrie 


    March 12 at 10:39pm  / Reply
    • Edward 

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  13. Lots o Hugs 

    Unless your a pregnancy test., I suggest you all take your negativity elsewhere!
    Hopefully jenny laughs at this! Keyboard warriors indeed!
    Glad your happy with your dog finally doing some trick for you.

    March 13 at 8:09am  / Reply
  14. Lots o Hugs 

    It a shame the page is spoiled by silly comments!!
    Hope your doing ok xx

    March 13 at 8:11am  / Reply
  15. Blessing 

    LAMO, I’v had some similar isuses with this 12 week work out plan iv had; so far a lot more beer then any one trying to get in shape needs

    August 16 at 5:10pm  / Reply


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